Home Gym VS. Pro Gym: Weighing Up Your Options


Whether you’re dedicated to leg day or just trying to get healthier, choosing the right gym is essential in achieving those desired results. However, there’s another alternative many forget to even consider:

The Home Gym 

With work, transport and financial factors weighing in on the debate, many are cancelling memberships and splashing the cash on cross-trainers and dumbbells in the hopes of attaining the same results. In light of this recent trend, we have sifted through the Pros and Cons of DIY home gyms and listed them below so you can choose the best option for you.

Positives of Home Gyms

    • It’s free
      Whether it’s free shipping or free samples, there’s nothing better than hearing you’re getting something for nothing! Instead of paying $20-$60 a month on a membership you may only use once a week (if that) why not save the money or invest in equipment you’ll definitely use. Because, let’s be real, did you even touch that bench-press anyway?
    • It’s convenient 
      If you work 5 days a week and hate crowded gyms on weekends when are you going to make the time to exercise? After work when you want to relax on the couch with Game of Thrones or early in the morning when you’d rather sleep in that little bit longer?

      By setting up your own workout routine at home, you don’t have to worry about the commute, finding parking, organising to meet friends there, finding a babysitter, forgetting to bring your pre-workout supplements...  You can just stroll into the garage, climb on the treadmill and start!
    • Less intimidating 
      Forget about being in the background of someone’s selfie or singing too loud for the woman beside you or taking too long with the 2kg weights. With a home gym you gain the freedom of going at your own pace with no anxieties while feeling comfortable in your own skin.
    • Accessibility
      Have you ever forgotten your sachets of REIZE, had to buy a towel or your phone went dead simply because you forgot your own stuff? Don’t let situations like these ruin your workout by cutting out the middle man and avoiding these pesky scenarios.

Negatives of Home Gyms

    • Lack of fancy equipment
      Maybe you opted out of buying that $1000 treadmill and chose to stick with Pilates, wall squats, burpees and a jog around the block. Either way you miss the sight of rows upon rows of sleek machinery you only wish you knew how to use. So before you cancel your membership, think, is it worth the lack of variety in your work out?
    • Lack of social outlet 
      By working out with a partner or group of friends, your chances of dropping out of a steady gym routine falls from 43% to just 6% due to the added motivation friends provide. Additionally, 10% of people have found their current partners through a gym while the chances of meeting new people plummets to pretty much 0% when you choose to work-out on your own.
    • No bonuses 
      No more yoga classes, no discount smoothies, no 20% off licensed gym gear, no nutritional info packs.
    • No Personal Trainers
      While the additional guidance and professional nutritional advice does sound like it would help, only 18% of people claiming Personal Trainers have helped them dramatically in achieving their weight-loss goals so it’s no surprise more people are choosing the Home Gym option these days.
    • Maintenance of equipment and making space
      If you do decide to go with the Home Gym option you need to consider the cost factors for maintaining equipment and transforming a space fit for, well, fitness. Working out is more than just placing a treadmill on your back lawn and hoping for the best. It’s keeping machinery out of the elements, transforming a space you never had before, it’s paying for repairs and upkeep… In short, sometimes it may not work out as cost effective as you think to do it yourself if you are a frequent gym-user.

Conclusion? The choice between using a commercial gym vs setting up your own virtually centres around 3 factors. Time, money and dedication. If you don’t go to the gym often, don’t have the money for it or simply can’t find the time, the home gym is your best bet while a more committed workout regime is best paired with a professional membership.

Whichever option you decide suits you best, don’t forget to add a nice cold REIZE to your pre-workout ritual. Drink it 30-60 minutes before you start your workout and feel the difference it makes to your energy and endurance!

Written by Christie Coughlan