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Hemp Berry Caffeine & Ingredients (Explained)

Hemp Berry Caffeine & Ingredients (Explained)

Hemp Berry is made from plant-based ingredients and contains just the right amount of caffeine—enough for a “pick me up” but not one to make you jittery. It also contains vitamin B12 and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids from hemp seed extract.

It is designed to get you through the toughest days at work, with 60mg of caffeine, 55g of sugar, and 237 calories per 500 ml can.

It is a world-known fact, according to many researchers, that an excessive intake of caffeine and sugar can cause health risks that can be life-threatening.

Hemp Berry contains a number of powerful ingredients, including taurine, ginseng, green tea, and guarana, which can benefit human health by regulating energy levels and assisting organs in performing their functions.

Continue reading to learn more about Hemp Berry Energy’s ingredients and their effects on human health.

Ingredients Present In Hemp Berry

Although the ingredients in Hemp Berry can be beneficial, the sugar and calorie content may simply be too high to consider the benefits of other ingredients.

The label on the can of Hemp Berry says it contains guarana. Let’s have a look at its entire ingredient list:

  1. Carbonated Water (Water Carbon Dioxide)
  2. Sugar
  3. Blackcurrant Juice
  4. Citric Acid
  5. Sodium Citrate
  6. Taurine
  7. Preservative (211)
  8. Glucuronolactone
  9. Vitamins (Pantothenic Acid, B3, B6, B12)
  10. Inositol


Taurine is an amino acid-like compound that is found in bile acids, which aid in the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

Taurine can be found in fish.

It also aids in the regulation of the heartbeat, the stability of cell membranes, and the prevention of brain cell overactivity.

It has been shown to improve the response to iron therapy in young women with iron-deficiency anemia by increasing the force and effectiveness of heart muscle contractions.

Taurine supplementation improves endurance capacity by delaying the decline in BGC toward exhaustion during endurance exercise by increasing lipolysis in adipose tissues and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscles.

Blackcurrant Juice

Black currants are native to northern and central Europe, as well as Siberia, and thrive in the cold temperatures found there.

Growing and importing black currants were prohibited in many parts of the United States for more than a half-century. It was thought to spread a fungus that posed a threat to the timber industry.

Black currants contain a wide range of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, with some studies indicating that they contain up to 15 different types.

Anthocyanins may play a role in heart health, according to research, and they may even help with obesity and diabetes.

Other benefits include:

  1. Helps reduce the growth of cancer cells
  2. Promotes eye health
  3. Protects against pathogens
  4. Boosts immunity


Guarana is a tropical evergreen vine native to the Amazon forest. The majority of guaraná is grown in a small region of northern Brazil.

Guarana helps with weight loss.

Guarana gum or paste is extracted from the seeds and used in herbal remedies.

Its caffeine content is approximately three times that of an equivalent amount of coffee; tannin is responsible for the astringent action.

It is high in antioxidants, which aid in the neutralization of free radicals—these have the potential to be harmful to the body and have been linked to cancer and other diseases.


Ginseng is found around the world and has been used as a natural healthcare product for over 2000 years. Ginseng is a delicate plant that must be handled with care from seed to mature plant.

It appears to be beneficial to mood, immunity, and cognition, but it is ineffective for erectile function, testosterone, and exercise performance.

A 12-week study involving Alzheimer’s patients is one of the most promising studies on the benefits of ginseng. In conclusion, the ginseng group tested higher in cognitive performance compared to the control group.

Other benefits of ginseng include:

  1. Lowers blood sugar level
  2. May Improve Energy Levels
  3. Helps Protect Against Cancer
  4. Reduces Inflammation
All you need to know about Ginseng

Caffeine Content In Hemp Berry Energy Drink

Each 500ml serving of Hemp Berry energy drink contains 160mg of caffeine.

Caffeine is sourced from coffee beans.

Caffeine is easily absorbed by the body, and the short-term effects are typically felt 5 to 30 minutes after ingestion.

Increased breathing and heart rate, as well as increased mental and physical alertness and energy, are some of the side effects. The effects have a different duration depending upon the physical state of an individual.

Hemp Berry contains a moderate amount of caffeine, so it may not interfere with your regular intake. The amount is safe to consume.

The FDA advises healthy adults to limit their daily caffeine intake to 400mg, which is sufficient to increase energy levels; exceeding this amount can lead to health complications.

The following negative effects of caffeine can hit you when you overconsume it:

  1. Restlessness and shakiness
  2. Insomnia
  3. Headaches
  4. Dizziness
  5. Fast heart rate
  6. Dehydration
  7. Anxiety
  8. Dependency

Nutritional Facts Of Hemp Berry Energy Drink

A nutrition label can be found on the back of an energy drink can. These are important because they tell you how many nutrients are in your favorite energy drink.

This can assist you in determining which nutrients can harm you and which can promote a healthy internal system. So, here are some Hemp Berry nutritional facts:

Hemp BerryNutrient Value Per Serving (500ml)
Energy995 kJ
Total FatNIL
Carbohydrate55 g
Sugars55 g
Sodium236 mg
Taurine500 mg
Caffeine160 mg
Inositol10 mg
Vitamin B310 mg
Vitamin B610 mg
Vitamin B1210 mcg
Pantothenic Acid10 mg
Glucuronolactone50 mg
These are the nutrients present in Hemp Berry energy drinks.


When compared to other high-performance energy drinks on the market, Hemp Berry contains 995 calories, which is quite high.

Calories can be dangerous in excessive amounts.

A healthy adult needs around 2000 to 3000 calories per day.

Women should consume 2000 to 2400 calories per day, while men should consume 2400 to 3000 calories per day, according to a study.

While the calories in Hemp Berry may not appear to be excessive, if you consume too many cans in a day, they can quickly add up.

Calories, while providing more energy for work, can also cause health problems in the long run.


Sugar is the primary source of carbohydrates for Hemp Berry. As a result, it has the same nutritional value as carbohydrates, which is 55 grams.

Regrettably, this exceeds the daily safe sugar intake limit. Hemp Berry has far more sugar than the AHA recommends, which are as follows:

GenderRecommended Amount
The recommended amount of sugar declared by AHA

This, I believe, is the main disadvantage of drinking Hemp Berry, particularly for health-conscious individuals, because other energy drinks have half the sugar content of Hemp Berry.

I could go on and on about the negative effects of sugar on the body, but most of you already have a general idea: sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart complications, and hypertension.

B Vitamins

Eggs contain B vitamins.

The B-vitamin group of water-soluble vitamins is required by the body for a variety of functions, including metabolism and energy production.

The energy source substance ATP (adenosine triphosphate) becomes the driving force for moving the muscles when exercising.

It is critical to get a good balance of B vitamins for your body to be able to break down carbohydrates and lipids and continue ATP production.

The B vitamins present in Hemp Berry are as follows:

B VitaminFunction
Vitamin B3It supports the health of your nervous system, digestive system, and skin.
Vitamin B5It aids in the production of energy by breaking down fats and carbohydrates.
Vitamin B6It has a positive impact on the central nervous system and metabolism.
Vitamin B12It is required for red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function, and DNA production.
Some B vitamins are present in Hemp Berry energy drinks.

Is Hemp Berry Safe To Consume?

Given the sugar and calorie content of Hemp Berry energy drink, it is best to consume it in moderation and not on a daily basis. Generally, it can be safe for you when consumed in small quantities.

It is healthy to drink Hemp Berry on occasion and then experiment with other beverages that may provide the same energy boost.

One can of Hemp Berry is not necessarily harmful if you need extra energy and mental sharpness to pull an all-nighter or do some serious work.

Just remember to avoid consuming other foods with high sugar and calorie content to avoid a calorie overdose or sugar rush.

Moderation is essential. This is because many experts believe that consuming various energy drinks in conjunction with herbal medicines and other supplements that promote alertness may result in caffeine toxicity.

Alternatives To Hemp Berry Energy Drink


Aspire contains natural ingredients.

Aspire energy drink contains natural ingredients that can provide you with energy. It is high in vitamins C and B vitamins.

It contains no calories, no sugar, and only 80mg of caffeine. Green tea and guarana extract are also included.

It’s classified as a calorie-burning energy drink because its ingredients can speed up your metabolism. This energy drink can be your partner before your workout.

Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant
Lotus Plant offers healthy plant-based energy.

Lotus Plant Energy has transformed the “energy drink,” offering a healthy alternative made from the most potent plants on the planet.

Lotus plants are popular ornamental plants in Asia. They are said to symbolize longevity, purity, and beauty. It contains flavonoid and alkaloid chemicals with antioxidant properties.

Lotus energy drink is a natural beverage that is free of artificial flavors and additives, making it safe and healthy to consume.


REIZE is my go-to drink due to its low caffeine content.

REIZE energy drink gets a perfect 10 out of 10. It’s an excellent way to get an energy boost without the added sugar and calories of a soda. It also has a jitter-free caffeine content of up to 50g, which is ideal.

Aside from caffeine, it contains 1000 mg of taurine, which is excellent for athletes and gymgoers. In addition, it contains ginseng and B vitamins, which I look for in energy drinks.

So, if you want to reduce fatigue, go to the gym, or increase your metabolism, REIZE energy drink is for you. Try REIZE!


  • Hemp Berry is a vitamin-rich energy drink with 160 mg of caffeine, 55 g of sugar, and 237 calories.
  • Hemp Berry doesn’t have many ingredients, but the ones it has are mostly healthy, with the exception of sugar. It contains antioxidant-rich herbal ingredients such as ginseng.
  • Taurine and blackcurrant are two powerful energizing ingredients that provide Hemp Berry drinkers with a healthy energy boost.
  • The caffeine content is reasonable for an energy drink, but the sugar and calorie contents can be somehow excessive.
  • I would not recommend Hemp Berry to some people, particularly to those with heart problems—as energy drinks can potentially increase the risk of a variety of health complications.
  • Furthermore, Hemp Berry contains a high amount of sodium; and consuming too much sodium can increase your risk of heart disease.
  • So, consume energy drinks moderately and consider your health when choosing energy beverages.

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