Happy REIZER – Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas1

Tony Thomas aka “Viper” is a well known figure in the online gaming community. The founder and owner of Integral Nation is now retired from competitive play, but is still an avid gamer. He also recently started his own YouTube channel which is well worth checking out.

Tony was introduced to REIZE by a friend and was so impressed by it he agreed to give us his thoughts…

“Having recently tried REIZE for the first time not so long ago, my immediate first impression was to take another sip. Curiosity of the flavour gets the better of you, and the more sips you take, the more you like it.

After my first REIZE I felt a lot more focussed and energised. Gamers spend long hours practicing on various consoles and could definitely benefit from the advantages that REIZE offers.

Overall I would highly recommend REIZE, it really is a great drink!”