Happy REIZER – Josh Muser

josh pic

Josh Muser first tried REIZE at a pop-up stall at Wollongong University where we made him a freshly brewed hot REIZE with lemon and honey. We recently ran into Josh for the second time ever, here’s what he had to say.

“Guys, I’m so glad you’re here, ever since I had that hot drink you made me a couple of weeks ago I’ve been looking forward to my next one.

I’ve got a pretty high tolerance to caffeine. I can have double and triple shots and they don’t do anything for me, but after I had that tea last time, which tasted AMAZING by the way, I was so focused for hours. I just wanted more right away.

Can you please give me another one, just like last time, and give me a box to take away for later?!”

Josh works at the uni as a Human growth and nutrition tutor. We want to thank Josh for sending half a dozen of his students our way over the next few hours. No doubt he went to class and before opening any text books told his students that their first task for the day was to go and get themselves some hot REIZE goodness from us while we were on campus!