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Ghost Gamer Review (How is It?)

Ghost Gamer Review (How is It?)

Every gamer out there needs an energy drink to get them pumped and focus. While energy drinks, in general, do the job of providing an energy boost, there are a few brands that cater specifically to gamers.

Ghost Gamer is one such brand, containing 21g of carbohydrates, 4.2g of sugar, and no calories! It’s formulated with nootropics designed to enhance alertness and reaction time, perfect for do-or-die games. But is the brand all it’s cracked up to be?

Here’s my honest opinion: I was won over by Ghost Gamer’s smooth blend and flavor, and the product’s pretty effective too! Although, I’d have to say that its energy boost isn’t that different from most brands.

Whether you’re a gamer who’s looking for something to gulp down during a tournament and other whatnot or someone who wants to check out this brand, then look no further and get to know Ghost Gamer in my no-holds-barred review.

Ghost Gamer Nutrition Facts

Ghost Gamer boasts of various kinds of vitamins and minerals alike. It may not bring something new to the table, but what they selected does the job. The brand focuses on better bodily and cognitive function, especially since gamers have to have quick reaction time.

Here’s a sneak peek of what lies inside Ghost Gamer:

CaloriesHelps the body to operate smoothly & stores energy
CarbohydratesThe main source of the body’s energy
Vitamin CHelps strengthen the immune system
Vitamin DBalances calcium & phosphate levels in the body
Vitamin EElevates immune system & skin health
Vitamin B6Regulates present amino acids within the bloodstream
Vitamin B12Manages blood and nerve health
NiacinBoosts cognitive function
ZincLessens the risk of age-related disorders
Nutrients inside Ghost Gamer and their functions.

Ghost Gamer Ingredients

When you think of powdered energy drinks, it’s mainly in sachets or tubs. You get to dissolve a scoop or whole sachet in at least 80 mg of water. But with Ghost Gamer, you are encouraged to use two scoops!

I think that when it comes to the supplemental department, this brand brings a lot to the table.

nooLVL (Inositol-Enhanced Bonded Arginine Silicate)Enhances Nitric Oxide production for better blood flow & more oxygen supply
TaurineRegulates water and electrolyte levels of the body
L-TyrosineProduces enzymes for the better hydration process
Cognizin CiticolineEnhances eye health & reduces the risk of eye-related disorders
Raw Coconut Water PowderStabilizes blood sugar levels & supplies antioxidants to the body
Natural CaffeineStimulates the brain for alertness and better reaction time
AstraGin Root ExtractsReduces inflammation & neutralizes fatigue
TheobromineImproves respiratory system & a blood vessel widener
Here are more benefits you can get!

The addition of Cognizin Citicoline is also a massive plus since their target audience usually sits in front of a screen for at least an hour or two. It shows that they are keen on helping the body improve and reduce the possible risks of ailments that may come with gaming.

Caffeine Content

You get to have 150mg of caffeine for every two scoops of Ghost Gamer which can be quite a lot if you’re caffeine sensitive.

Although it isn’t as high as those in mainstream brands such as Bang, it can still cause nervousness, nausea, stomach irritation, and irregular heartbeats. Electrolyte imbalance is a considerable risk when consuming caffeine, so it’s essential not to go overboard.

Some caffeine-related adverse side effects such as anxiety and depression can also occur, which is why adults should strictly follow the FDA‘s 400mg daily recommended caffeine intake. While research has revealed that the appropriate caffeine intake is less than 200mg, I personally think that 100 mg is enough to supply the energy boost you may need for the day without risking side effects.

Labels at the back of Gamer Supps tub.
Fact Check!

Sugar Content

Ghost Gamer is a sugar-free product. It uses Sucralose, a calorie-free sweetener that is commonly known as Splenda.

Sucralose is FDA-approved and safe for consumption. The use of sweeteners in energy drinks makes it an ideal choice for diabetics, and it won’t cause a sugar crash too.

However, the presence of sweeteners doesn’t mean that you can’t get addicted to sugar. Excessive sugar intake can cause weight gain and problems, so watch out!

Watch the video to know more about energy drinks’ side effects!

Ghost Gamer Flavors

Ghost Gamer may not have the biggest flavor line in the market, but its humble list may just be one of the impressive spikes I have personally tested thus far. Here are my thoughts!

Peach: It tastes like it an absolute peach, unlike other brands where the flavor tasted too synthetic. Very refreshing when compared to its competitors.

Sour Patch Kids (Blue Raspberry & REDBERRY): This pair proved that they are crowd favorites! Its sweetness can quickly satisfy cravings while giving nostalgic vibes.

WARHEADS Sour Watermelon: I personally think that it’s a watered-down energy drink version of the candy. It balanced the sweetness and Watermelon flavor perfectly.

SWEDISH FISH: If I didn’t know any better, I would think that they just turned these sweets into a powder and called it a day. It was an amazing yet mind-blowing sensation.

SONIC (Ocean Water & Cherry Limeaide): This pair tastes like a simple vacation. The Ocean Water mimics the taste of a pina colada, while the cherry limeaide ensures that you get to enjoy that familiar yet smooth cherry flavor.

Who Can Consume Ghost Gamer?

Aside from gamers, healthy adults can benefit from Ghost Gamer’s offerings.

The brand’s caffeine content is just enough to power you for a few hours. However, if you’re caffeine sensitive, Ghost Gamer’s 150mg may be too much.

I personally think that this product can be used by individuals who have a fitness lifestyle since they can burn off the stored nutrients and calories to make room for new ones. Moreover, they may just be the ideal candidates besides the intended audience since Ghost Gamer has lots of energy boosters and vitamins that enable better body function.

As such, any healthy person can consume Ghost Gamer, provided that they stick to the two-scoop rule or not force how much they can consume.

How long does it take for ghost energy drink to kick in?

Because Ghost energy drink is a subtle-release formula, it takes about 30 minutes before the caffeine kicks in. Energy is released gradually over time as a result. It takes some time for consumers to feel the effects.

Other distinctions exist between Ghost energy drinks and other energy drinks. Ghost energy drink is pricier than other energy drinks but is also more potent. Ghost energy drink has a distinct flavor, flavored with natural ingredients such as green tea and ginseng.

Ghost Gamer Alternatives

Picking a good powdered energy drink is tough considering how large the industry is. I’ve tailored some of what I personally think is an excellent option besides Ghost Gamer.

G Fuel

G Fuel is one of the standout powder energy drinks in the market.

A single tub is good for at least 20 servings. A single 7g serving is packed with vitamins, minerals, 25 calories, 150mg caffeine with no sugar.

Gamer Supps

This brand is the acclaimed leader in gaming energy and nutrition, whose main target extends to the Otaku community.

A single sugar-free serving of Gamer Supps contains 100mg of caffeine backed up with countless vitamins and minerals that support focus, eye health, physical performance, and cognitive functions.

REIZE (10 out of 10)

Reize Energy Drink
Grab your Reize Energy Drink

Your energy drink experience won’t be complete if you haven’t tasted REIZE.

A single 4g sachet can give you Taurine, Ginseng, B-Vitamins, and a smooth 50mg of caffeine. This blend can give you a good energy boost, enhanced concentration, and alertness without the risk of side effects! It also contains a low 11 calories and no sugar, so the drink is actually suitable for most lifestyles.

But what I really like about the brand is that it comes in handy sachets that you can take with you anywhere. No need to lug around tubs and bottles, right?

You can get REIZE for just around $1 per sachet and have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Don’t miss out on this experience. Try REIZE today!

Other Notable Mentions

You can also opt for these other brands as well:

The Real Score

Ghost Gamer may be a relatively new powdered energy drink, but that doesn’t mean they know little about the industry. In fact, they may just have created a formula that will stick to their motto, a simple yet straightforward way to tell their consumers just how committed they are to their slogan.

They may also have the least number of flavors as of the moment, but their creations are absolute crowd favorites. It also reflects just how both the gaming and energy community has been benefitting from this product.

I personally think that the only dilemma is its 150mg caffeine content as it’s a relatively high amount for just two scoops and may impose adverse side effects if left unchecked.

All in all, Ghost Gamer is an ideal powdered energy drink. However, gamers have won Ghost Gamer’s attention. Whoever, wherever, gamers or not, can generally enjoy this product.

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