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G Fuel vs Reign: Battle of the Energy Drink Titans

G Fuel vs Reign: Battle of the Energy Drink Titans

G Fuel and Reign have been around for a couple of years and are consistently one of the top energy drink brands out there. 

Both drinks claim to be free of calories and sugar and that they are a much safer option than other energy drinks filled with lots of sugar. However, G-Fuel is calorie-free while Reign has 10 calories. G-Fuel also contains more nutrients, supplements, and amino acids than Reign.

Most energy drinks in the market don’t have that much in a single can, not even Reign!

Before continuing, I just want to say that these two, G Fuel and Reign, are both my favorites. However, every competition has to have a winner. Mine is G Fuel and doesn’t necessarily have to be your winner too.

You be the judge. Read further to find out which one really stands out!

G Fuel vs. Reign Variants

G Fuel and Reign are two of the most well-known energy drink brands commercially available.

G Fuel is currently offered two variants: a powder that you can dissolve in water to create a refreshing energy drink and another in 16fl oz cans.  Reign, on the other hand, only has 16 fl. oz cans to offer.

G Fuel vs. Reign Flavors

The said energy drinks are accessible in an enticing range of flavors, making it difficult to narrow down your preferences.

So, in this section, I present you with what I believe to be the most popular flavors from each of the brands listed below:

Blue IceOrange Dreamsicle
Bahama MamaRazzle Berry
Wumpa FruitSour Apple
Sour CherryMelon Mania
Ragin’ GummyLemon HDZ
Bobby BoysenberryPeach Fizz
FazeberryCarnival Candy
7 Highest Rated Flavors of G Fuel and Reize Energy drinks

The majority of their flavors are loaded with natural antioxidants derived from different fruits, which are good sources of natural sugars.

Nutrition Facts

For a bunch of reasons, G Fuel and Reign are very popular among online gamers, trainers, and bodybuilders. Both drinks include a low-sugar composition and the ability to provide wellness for almost 6 hours after consumption.

Here is a table that allows you to quickly compare the nutrients that Gfuel offers in comparison to Reign:

Calories0 cal10 cal
Vitamin B34mg21.6mg
Vitamin B60.4mg2.0mg
Vitamin B120.0006mg0.00625mg
Comparison table of G Fuel and Reign Energy Drinks in terms of their nutrients.

Numerically speaking, both drinks have the same amount of Caffeine, but Reign has more calories, carbohydrates, sodium, and b-vitamins. Not to downplay the number of vitamins on both drinks, but the difference in their values isn’t really that significant.

Both drinks help increase your hydration levels, energy levels, and concentration. But these should not be the only factors to consider in determining which is the better energy drink; they also have numerous ingredients that make them unique.

The following section will explain why I think G Fuel is the better drink.


Both brands claim to use natural ingredients to create what they believe is a healthy energy drink; True enough, I have provided you with a list of their contents so that you can make an informed decision about which drink is better.

G Fuel

Here is the list of ingredients in the G Fuel energy drink:


While here are the Ingredients in Reign Total Body Fuel:

The fact that G Fuel and Reign have no added sugar is the major selling factor for both products. These energy drinks include many nutrients that have been shown to enhance one’s mental capacity.

To give a sweet taste to their drinks, both brands utilized artificial sweeteners, which can be a major turn-off for some of you, especially those who are trying to eat healthy foods. Rest assured, they’re safe, and they taste like regular sugar. Moreover, all of their fruit-flavored extracts are sourced from fresh fruits.

Both G Fuel and Reign are safe for consumption, but you can see more about their benefits and possible harmful effects below.

Nutrition facts of Reign energy drinks printed on the side of the can.
Overview of Reign’s Nutritional Content

Advantages and Disadvantages of G Fuel

The following points are some of the benefits and drawbacks that you may expect to encounter when you drink G Fuel energy drink:

The Good

Good Source of Energy 

G Fuel is a powdered energy mix that provides high amounts of sustainable energy while improving your sensory comprehension and concentration. Taking it according to the directions and drinking it as advised improves your overall performance.

Easy to Prepare 

You can make this energy drink in minutes with few ingredients. Scoop out the suggested amount from the tub of GFuel and mix it with water on a tumbler, shake until it is completely dissolved, and then enjoy!


If you are always on the go, they are also available in cans! So you can have it fresh from your refrigerator, chilled.

The Not So Good

Caffeine levels 

G Fuel includes significant quantities of caffeine (150mg), which is responsible for keeping you awake and energized. Excessive use of the formula may interfere with your sleeping habits and cause you to become less active than usual.

Age Range 

G Fuel is not advised for children under the age of 12 and pregnant women due to the chemicals included in the product.

Watch the video below to know why energy drinks aren’t good for children.

If you want to know more about the dangers of energy drinks for kids, here’s an informative video.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reign

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you can find in Reign.

The Good

Wide Range of Flavors 

They have the most delicious flavors, and you just can’t get enough of their pleasant, subtle taste. Since they don’t have the acidity that most other energy drinks have, it’s just like drinking fresh fruit juice. Moreover, they don’t cause you to slump when the boost wears off.


Reign’s electrolytes can replenish the sodium in your body that was lost through sweat and physical activities. 

The Not so Good

Well, I couldn’t deny that drinking Reign is a fantastic experience for some people, but I couldn’t keep a few of the negative reviews a secret from you. 

High Caffeine Levels 

Reign has 300mg, which is close to the daily recommended amount for normal people. So if you are caffeine sensitive, you might want to consider other energy drinks that have less caffeine.

Weird Flavor Taste

Some of the tastes, such as the Jalapeno Strawberry and the Inferno flavors, did not appeal to me at all, and I would not recommend them.

I would say that the flavor combinations were an unpleasantly disappointing drawback. Unless you are really into some eccentric flavors, then feel free to try those two.

Is G Fuel healthier than Reign?

Given that the target market for G Fuel and Reign is teenagers and young adults in their twenties, the primary issues we must consider are their health and adverse reactions. In this regard, G Fuel outperforms Reign by a wide margin. On the few times that I consumed both drinks, I didn’t notice any adverse side effects from GFuel.

That said, I am simply a regular guy who isn’t particularly sensitive to coffee. Few individuals I know have negative reactions to either beverage.

Their caffeine levels seem to be very high, 300mg for each, so if you’re extremely sensitive to this stimulant, you may have unpleasant side effects such as palpitations.

However, if you are a coffee drinker or are used to energy beverages such as REIZE, this is uncommon.

G Fuel also contains a healthy blend of B vitamins, essential for the body’s energy generation and nutrition distribution process. Those nutrients, like potassium and Vitamin C, assist you in maintaining your energy levels without feeling dizzy or uncomfortable.

Nutrition facts of GFuel energy drinks printed on the side of the can.
GFuel’s Nutritional Content

Alternatives to G Fuel and Reign


Rockstar is a relatively decent energy drink, one that you can sometimes consume in large quantities. It provides a welcome change of pace to help you power through the late afternoon slump.

Several customers have expressed satisfaction with the consistency and quality of the product.

It has a high concentration of sugar sources, making it a good choice for those with a sweet craving. Rockstar also has a large amount of caffeine in a single can, which is advantageous for coffee addicts who do not want to consume less than 100mg of caffeine in one sitting.

Full Throttle

For those of you who like something a little sweeter, Full Throttle is an excellent choice! Full Throttle is a fantastic energy drink if you’re ready to spend a few more bucks than usual.

Additionally, it includes high fructose corn syrup and sugar, which increases the sugar content and sweetness of the beverage while having it derived from corn.

You Might Also Want To Try:

REIZE (10 out of 10)

As an alternative to not-so-healthy energy drinks, I recommend that you choose an energy drink that has just a reasonable amount of caffeine and has no sugar – and one that you can take in moderation at all times. And it is in this situation that REIZE will shine.

REIZE Energy Drink is an entirely new kind of energy drink with a high concentration of stimulants. It also contains a balance of B vitamins, Taurine, and Ginseng, which do wonders for your body.

It contains a moderate 50mg of caffeine, which means you will be energized without risking your health. It’s also sugar-free, so rest assured you won’t be subjected to a sugar crash.

And have I mentioned that REIZE comes in very convenient 4g powder sachets that you can take anywhere? Just add water and voilà!

Whether you are a gamer, athlete, office worker, or a student, who needs an energy boost with additional vitamins and nutrients, REIZE is the perfect energy drink for you. Get it now for just around $1!

A pack and a glass of REIZE energy drink
REIZE Energy Drinks

Our Final Verdict

The prices for both drinks are fair and a good value for your money. But personally, G Fuel stands out more in terms of its overall effects.

It contains more nutrients and has a safer amount of caffeine than Reign. G Fuel’s flavors are also more appealing, in my opinion.

So, which energy drink do you think is better when it comes to boosting your energy levels? If you already tried both, do you have a favorite flavor that you really enjoy?

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