Get back into uni with ease

Uni 2

After a long summer of endless days at the beach, countless nights living large, and fewer worries than Bob Marley, getting back into the rhythm of university life can be deflating and a little bit daunting. Luckily, REIZE is here for you, and with the help of our best tips, you’ll wonder why you were ever troubled in the first place.

  • Get Ahead Early



Depending on the subject, you’ll probably have access to the syllabus for all your classes a couple of weeks beforehand. Take an hour or so at some point just to go through your syllabi (yes, that’s a word), so that you’re not going into your classes blind. Try and get a grasp on the overall direction of the subject area early to anticipate what’s coming in the next few months.

  • Escape the Crowds



On a similar note, those who leave getting all their books and supplies until after uni has started inevitably find themselves in the swarm of humanity that inhabits university book stores during the first week back. If you can, try and get in the week before to avoid the queues and disappointment. Watching someone else take that last copy of Intro to Psychology is the last thing you need right before your first class

  • Sort Out Your Sleep



Although sleeping in til midday and staying up until the wee hours of the morning doesn’t affect you so much during summer, those 8am classes, and general real-life responsibilities aren’t going to allow for that same sleep-in. Try and set a schedule where you’re able to go to bed every night and wake up every morning at the same times as often as possible. Make every effort to get 7-9 hours sleep per night, to avoid that zombie-like, early-morning malaise so many get caught up in.

  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up



As great as it would be to be the model student that many of us promise ourselves we will be, it’s important not to fall victim to unrealistic expectations. While being on top of every reading, making every class and getting perfect marks are fantastic things to aim for, take it easy on yourself if you fall short once every so often. Getting knocked down occasionally is okay, as long as you don’t let it keep you down.

REIZE to the challenge, fuel up, and study early Study after study after study has shown that while cramming might work short-term, you’re only hurting yourself in the bigger picture. It’s key to be hitting those study sessions from day one, and to ensure that you’re properly switched on for every session by being properly fuelled. By drinking REIZE before a session, you can boost your energy levels and improve your focus, ensuring that time is spent effectively and efficiently, and that not a second with your nose in the textbooks is wasted.

Written by James Lamb