Five minutes with: Dylan Wills

Dylan Wills   Dylan’s a pretty busy guy at the moment, and this is not surprising having just been crowned the 2014 Australian SXD Champion! We managed to catch Dylan on the phone for a quick 5 minute chat. So how did you feel when going into this race, did you feel like you had it? There’s no reason I couldn’t do it, but I definitely didn’t go in to it thinking I was going to win. I hadn’t won a round for a whole year, so I was kind of like the underdog of the race – I just used that to my advantage and rode my own race. How do you feel now it’s over? It’s definitely a big confidence boost. I’ve struggled so much with injuries over the past 3 years, so to get back on it has been hard work. So I’ve just kept working towards it, which has been the goal, and now it’s back on training for next year. You partied right? Hah, yeah I partied! So are you going to take any time off now? How do you chill out? I’m still training, I’ll probably have my last training session around Christmas Eve, and then have 3 weeks off just to relax – I’ll hang with my mates and just gives me time to be a kid again! What’s next? After that it’ll be 3 weeks of training off the bike to prep, as I don’t want to risk any injuries, then back on the bike again after that. It’ll be training for the Pro Lite MX Nationals. It’s the same concept of training as before, just different preparation as the races are longer, so it’s just about getting the prep and training in and to keep doing what I’ve been doing.