Happy REIZER – Lejae Surch

Lejae-Surch-picture-for-family-page November 2014 My name is Lejae Surch. I am the owner of Admissive Clothing and I also ride Mini fmx demos all around Australia. In my free time I also like to mix it up with all action sports so I need an energy drink that is convenient enough to have in my pocket and be able to mix it up and drink it whenever I need it! Since I first tried REIZE I have been hooked on it and always make sure I have some with me to keep me pushing. Whether it be promoting Admissive or riding a demo REIZE helps me perform at my best! What I love about REIZE is how convenient it is to drink it on the run which is great for someone like me who is always travelling, not to mention it tastes great. You can mix it with anything from water, soft drink, even alcohol giving you a range of options and getting a real energy hit that will keep you going no matter what you are doing for a fraction of the price you would pay for another energy drink.