Happy REIZER – Abdullah Traljesic


When Abdullah Traljesic called at 9:10am on a Sunday morning asking for more REIZE because he’d run out our initial reaction was to point him to the website to reorder. When he said that he couldn’t buy online and wanted to pay cash we decided to hand deliver a bunch of REIZE to him later that afternoon. We met in a nice little cafe not far from his home. Here’s how it happened…

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from Bosnia, but because of the war I left there when I was 19 and moved to Italy for a few years. After that I came to Australia and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve got 6 children and I work in the building industry.

Can you speak Italian?

Of course! Although these days I don’t get a chance to practice with anyone, but I can still remember how to speak.

How did you discover REIZE?

Last Sunday I bought a box just to try and I loved it. I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with some tough young boys and usually I lose my energy quickly and they beat me, but with REIZE I am OK.

You mean you beat them all?

No, I don’t want to say that I beat them haha! But usually if I don’t win quickly I lose because I get tired, after I have REIZE I can compete with them for a long time. It’s good!

What’s your favourite REIZE mix?

Just water. I haven’t tried it with anything else, but I’m happy with how it tastes with water.

When’s your favourite time to have REIZE?

Usually in the afternoon when I’m feeling a bit down on energy and also before Jiu-Jitsu training.

Anything else?

I usually take energy drinks to work with me, but my workmates steal them if I put them in the fridge. It drives me crazy! REIZE is great because I can keep them in my pocket and no one knows that I’ve got them so they can’t steal them!