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Extra Joss Caffeine and Ingredients (Full Facts)

Extra Joss Caffeine and Ingredients (Full Facts)

Energy drinks are without a doubt one of the best partners you can have to accompany you on a tiring day, giving you the boost you need to power through your tasks. One of the popular energy drinks in Asia is Extra Joss, and it’s known to be a refreshment that will surely give you a boost that can last for a day.

But, you might be wondering: what exactly is included in a serving of Extra Joss?

Extra Joss was created to help your body keep up with your active lifestyle. It’s beneficial, especially for a long working day. You can also match it up as pre-workout drink. It is rich with B-vitamins, taurine, Korean ginseng, and caffeine. It’s effective in boosting your senses, physical endurance, and even fighting body fatigue.

If you’d like to learn more about the nutrients and ingredients in Extra Joss and how it affects you, read on.

Nutritional Value of Extra Joss Energy Drink

For starters, let’s take at look at the nutritional value of a sachet of Extra Joss Energy Drink:

(Standard Serving)
Extra Joss Energy Drink
Red Bull 
Calories0 calories10 Calories160 Calories240 Calories
(Of which Sugars)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)3mg0.54mg3.5mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)16mg36mg51.5mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)5mg10mg5.6mg
Vitamin B61.5mg2mg7.9mg10.7mg
Vitamin B9100μg
Vitamin B121μg6μg7.2μg13μg
Nutritional Value Comparison of Extra Joss to other Top Energy Drinks

Extra Joss Ingredients

Extra Joss is equipped with essential ingredients. Here is the quick list of Extra Joss energy drink.

  • 35 mg Ginseng Extract
  • 2 mg Royal Jelly
  • 1000 mg Taurine
  • 50mg Caffeine
  • 3mg Vitamin B2
  • 16mg Vitamin B3
  • 5mg Vitamin B5
  • 1.5mg Vitamin B6
  • 100μg Vitamin B9
  • 1 μgVitamin B12

You can also see the ingredients at the back of Extra Joss sachet.

Extra Joss Ingredients at the back of a packet.
Extra Joss Ingredients

Caffeine in Extra Joss

Caffeine is one of the essential ingredients in energy drinks. It helps you stay alert, improve your senses, and increase your overall productivity. Caffeine is also the reason behind the extra energy boost. It also gives your body an essential boost that improves your physical and mental performance.

Extra Joss is a 4.6g powdered energy drink, and it contains 50mg of caffeine, which is a sensible amount of caffeine for an energy drink. Personally, I always stick to energy drinks with 50mg to 100mg caffeine, so the caffeine in Extra Joss is just the right amount for giving you a boost without any side effects.

For reference, the FDA suggests a 400mg daily caffeine limit. It’s the safe level for a healthy adult to consume. Note that overconsumption of caffeine can lead to health problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Acne Problems
  • Caffeine Addiction and Dependency
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High blood pressure

If you’re caffeine-sensitive or can’t handle caffeine at all, there are also caffeine-free energy drinks, which you might be interested in.

Sugar in Extra Joss

Brown Sugar
What can sugar provide your body?

Extra Joss doesn’t have any sugar, which makes it a healthier choice than most other classic energy drinks available in the market.

Note that the AHA recommended a daily sugar consumption of 25g for women and 36g for men. And Extra Joss is perfect because it’s completely sugar-free. It gives you total refreshment without causing problems in your health. Note that excessive intake of sugar can lead to unwanted health problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Obesity
  • Sugar Crashes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin Aging

Too much sugar can also lead to sugar crashes, leaving you with a lower energy level than when you’ve started, which is something you’d like to avoid, especially if you need to finish something or chasing a deadline.

The good news is, you don’t need to worry much about sugar because Extra Joss is completely sugar-free and healthy. If you’re interested in exploring other sugar-free energy drinks available in the market, check out this article here.

Other Essential Ingredients

Ginseng Extract

It’s traditionally a herbal medicine that is widely used in China. It’s one of the common ingredients in energy drinks. It gives you a variety of benefits that surely improve your overall health.

Ginseng extract is rich in antioxidants that combat inflammation. It also improves your cognitive functions that develop your memory, mood, and overall behavior. It’s also good for boosting your immune system, which fights tiredness and boosts your energy.

Royal Jelly

While this ingredient is rarely seen in energy drinks, Royal Jelly is known as a healthy ingredient produced by honey. It is widely used as traditional western medicine. It is oozing with nutrients that improve the overall function of your body.

Royal Jelly found in honey

Royal Jelly is rich in antioxidant properties that support your body against inflammation. It also reduces the risks of having heart disease by regulating your cholesterol level. It’s effective in skin repair and even wound healing. Its protein content can lower your blood pressure level.


Taurine is an amino acid that’s produced naturally in your body. It serves as a building block for proteins that are primarily responsible for the growth and repair of your tissues. It also regulates the calcium levels in your body and balances your bile salts. It also aids in providing electrolytes to your body.

Taurine plays an important role in the improvement of your immune system, as well as the central nervous system. It also regulates the minerals in your body and enhances the antioxidants functions in your body.


B-vitamins are a group of essential vitamins that plays an important role in the development of your body, helping your body convert the food that you eat into energy. It also handles your body’s metabolism.

Here are the essential B-vitamins in Extra Joss and their primary functions:

Extra Joss ContentRole and Functions
Vitamin B2
3mgRelease energy from food; promotes eye and nerve health; boosts absorption of minerals and vitamins
Vitamin B3
16mgHelps the body release energy; keeps the skin healthy.
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)5mgIt’s a water-soluble vitamin that assists your body in managing proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Vitamin B9
100μgPromotes cell growth and DNA formation; works with other vitamins to create new proteins
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)1.5mgStore energy from protein and carbohydrates; formation of red blood cells
Vitamin B121 μgRelease energy from food; forms red blood cells; keeps the nervous system healthy
Summary of the roles and functions of B-vitamins in Extra Joss

Is Extra Joss Good for You?

Extra Joss is a complete package of vitamins and minerals that isn’t bad for you if consumed in moderation. It’s also convenient because you can have a sip of energy whenever and wherever you are.

Extra Joss’s mix of ingredients makes it a relatively healthy choice among energy drinks, which often contain a lot of sugar or too much caffeine. Its active ingredients work best in assisting your body’s metabolism. It also increases your endurance that can overcome body fatigue. You can also use Extra Joss to sharpen your senses and enjoy the other physical and mental effects of caffeine.

With the benefits and essentials that Extra Joss can provide, the recommended consumption a day is once or twice. A 4g sachet is equivalent to one serving. It would be great if you will not exceed the recommended dosage to avoid potential health problems.

If you’d like another opinion on Extra Joss, check out this video below:

Is it Okay to Drink Extra Joss Every day?

Extra Joss is good for a workout

Drinking Extra Joss every day is perfectly fine so long as you take note of your caffeine consumption and limits. It gives you an energy burst that can help you survive the day. It’s also a refreshing drink that can clear your mind during stressful situations.

Extra Joss also assists your body during a workout., enhancing your senses and strengthening your muscles and body. It also helps decrease body fatigue, which is why it serves well as a pre-workout energy drink. Besides that, as Extra Joss comes in a convenient packet, you can have a boost whenever and wherever you want.

Is Extra Joss Healthy?

Like most energy drinks, Extra Joss isn’t particularly healthy, but it also isn’t very bad for you either. It comes with an amazing blend of taurine, b-vitamins, royal jelly, and ginseng extract. It’s equipped with sensible 50mg of caffeine, and totally sugar-free. It’s a perfect refreshment that boost the overall capability of your body.

It’s a sweet treat for your body. It also helps you give all your best, and achieve every set goals for the day.

However, in my opinion, energy drinks aren’t really “health drinks”, so keep that in mind next time you’re choosing between Extra Joss and a glass of water.

REIZE (10 out of 10)

A glass of REIZE energy drink.
Perfect Blend – REIZE energy drink

While it’s undeniable that Extra Joss gives you a nice boost, if you ever want to try another energy drink that gives you a more refreshing boost, you can also try REIZE.

REIZE energy drink is a 4g powdered energy drink equipped with B-vitamins, ginseng extract, taurine, caffeine, and completely no added sugar. These ingredients are all sensible that can effectively provide nutrients to your body. It gives you enough energy that you needed for a day.

REIZE energy drink and Extra Joss are very similar in a lot of ways because you can have your drink wherever and whenever you are. It’s also very versatile because you can mix it with almost any beverage that you like.

You can get REIZE shipped right to your door for only around $1 per drink. That’s great value for money.

So, try REIZE today, and you might also find that you prefer it to Extra Joss.

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