Everyday Fitness: Health Habits to Level Up Your Life

Everyday fitness and improving one's health habits are all the rage. It’s almost like people actually want to be healthy. If you are mesmerised by the constant influx of Instagram #cleaneating posts and fitness journeys, don’t be. Leading a healthy and happy lifestyle is not as difficult as it may at first appear. Making simple changes to your lifestyle can set you on the right path, every little bit helps. You just need to get going if you want to level up your life.

Your Are What You Eat: The Best Health Habits

health habits to level up your life: healthy eating

There are lots of advice blogs, websites, podcasts, apps, and Instagram accounts dedicated entirely to this very topic. It turns out, you sort of are what you eat. We all know the basics: fruit and veggies good, sugar bad. But, sugar is damn tasty. Finding alternatives to unhealthy foods in your diet can set you up for success. All that’s required is a little googling and patience.

Forget about counting calories. Checking every nutrition label before chowing down is annoying (to say the least). Instead focus on meals that include a variety of nutrients, colours, and fresh ingredients. Think about the kinds of food that you have every day, and sub out certain ingredients for healthier alternatives. Do you love those quick oats pre-made porridge or oatmeal mixes? Make a healthier version: overnight oats. For snacks, swap store bought (and full of sugar) peanut butter for homemade nut butter. Have fruit instead of lollies. A fistful of almonds instead of a fistful of chips. Every little bit counts. 

To make your new healthy-eating habit even easier on yourself, plan ahead. Buy in bulk and divide into portions. Buy whole grains and low sugar foods. Steer clear of processed foods, if you can’t grow it, don’t eat it. Monosodium glutamate doesn't grow on trees. Neither does high fructose corn syrup or Yellow No. 5. Don't fall for reduced fat or low-fat promises on labels. Turns out, a lot of fats are good for you. And, those 'reduced fat' items fill in the lack of flavour with sugar which is actually what packs on the calories, not fats.

Best Source of a Healthy Lifestyle is Hydration

stay hydrated


It might seem a little obvious, but actually, we are probably all a little dehydrated right now. Scientists say you should drink when you are thirsty, so that whole 'eight glasses a day' thing is rubbish. It is critical to stay hydrated. Now, that doesn't mean you should constantly be pouring water down your throat, but you should keep a glass of water on hand nearby for sips. Or invest in a reusable water bottle. Not only will this keep you hydrated, but often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Plus, water helps fuel your body so you can reach your everyday fitness goals.

Let's get this straight, dehydration is not fun.  Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can have negative effects on your mood and energy levels. That headache you get when you wake up, that's your brain telling you it is drying out. Have a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate and eliminate that headache it will also help moves things along for your morning deuce. 

Other side effects of dehydration include bad breath, dry skin, muscle cramps, and food cravings. Keep all this at bay with a simple glass of water. Not that tough, is it?

Everyday Fitness Starts with Exercise

exercise tips

It is a truth universally acknowledged that daily exercise is a good thing for your health. It's impossible to talk about 'everyday fitness' without talking about how to get fit. I'm not saying you need to head out for a daily 5K run, but it is really easy to make some small adjustments to your everyday lifestyle to level up your fitness, health and overall well-being.

Walk More

It may seem like a too simple to be true, but that's why it's the first step on your way to upping your everyday fitness levels. Instead of catching the bus to your local supermarket for your grocery shopping, walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If it is within your means, walk to work, or get off a stop early on your bus or train commute and walk the rest of the way. Adding in a little light exercise can reap wonders on your fitness levels.

Also, bonus tip, don't spend your entire day sitting at your desk. Invest in an adjustable standing desk (or a sit/stand desk) so you can alternate between sitting and standing. If that doesn't appeal, take a walking break to the kitchenette or break room to brew a cup of REIZE, or step out for some fresh air. Give your brain a break, and your legs a stretch. There are many habits that shouldn't be part of your day, but walking more is one of the health habits we can support!

Find Your Exercise

There are billions of different sports out there from basketball to surfing and weight-lifting to Quidditch. You're not going to love all sports or be good at all of them. Some people love working out in the morning on a treadmill, some people like to sweat it out in an HIIT course after work; others love to get a run in during their lunch break. Try out a few different ones that you might actually like. There is no point pushing yourself through an exercise that you do not enjoy. You will most likely suffer through two weeks and then promptly forget about it.

Listen to your friend's suggestions or check out some fitness centres or gyms nearby. Often, gyms will provide free passes for potential new members to check out their premises and try a couple classes. And contrary to popular belief gyms are not just havens for eight-pack wielding muscles masquerading as humans, you will find people of all ages, genders, and fitness levels. People are there to level up their lives, it's the place for you if you want to level up your fitness.

It can be difficult to actually motivate yourself to workout. Your work day can be long and stressful and not everyone is a morning person. If you find you always need a boost to get you going, then don't forget to pack some REIZE to get you going in the morning, afternoon, or evening to ensure you get that workout and push yourself to your everyday fitness goals.

Get a Work Out Buddy

This suggestion doesn't work for everyone, but if you need a little encouragement or healthy competition, get one of your friends to try out a new class with you. Before you know it the two of you could be racing each other in the next Tough Mudder competition! Alternatively, you could interpret your new working buddy as a PT. Personal Trainers are a great resource if you can afford them and are willing to listen to them. Gyms often employ or recommend personal trainers if you are interested in having a more directed work out. However, getting a PT is a bit like accidentally locking yourself into a sauna with an angry cat - intimidating, scary, sweaty with a high chance of tears. 

Try an App

What an age we live in! Nowadays you don't necessarily need to join a gym or get a PT to level up your everyday fitness. In today's world, you can download numerous (and free) apps from the Google Play and Apple Store that will provide you with straightforward workouts. If you love a good story - especially one with zombies why not try out Zombie's Run!? A running app that simulates zombies chasing you so you pick up the pace! Or any of the numerous 7 minute HIIT apps that involve 7 minutes of high energy workouts, including planking, jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, and triceps dips to give you a quick all body workout that will make you break a sweat. You could knock out one of those during your lunch break. Make exercise a priority in your goal for everyday fitness. 

Creating Better Work-Life Balance

exercise tips

All work and no play make you a very dull person. Your new health habits should include enabling a healthy balance between your work and your personal life. If you have found a job you love and a career that you are flourishing in, that's great, but it shouldn't define your entire life. Unless you are on the brink of a cure for cancer or diabetes. Or are solving world hunger. Or are Elon Musk. Actually, if you are Elon Musk you can do whatever the hell you like. Thanks for the Teslas, batteries, and making sci-fi dreams of space travel real.

A work-life imbalance can be a huge source of stress. And while a healthy diet and exercise can help relieve stress, if you are really looking for new health habits to level up your life and everyday fitness, then you should aim to minimise stress in all avenues of life.

First of all, don't bring your work home with you. This is one of the most crucial health habits. If you work from home, have a designated working area, like an office or a desk. Leave the spreadsheets and emails alone when you are on your off hours. Catch up with your friends and family, surf the web, head to the gym, or binge on Netflix. On the flip side of that tip, respect work hours. Someone is paying you to show up on time, do what you promised, and be reasonably pleasant to everyone. Do not let your personal life take up your work hours with calls to friends or family for hours, or taking extra long lunches.


This is the First Step to Everyday Fitness

Being the best version of yourself is a great thing to strive for, but don't wear yourself out. You are human, you are not perfect. No one is. But, as you've already clicked on this article you already know that you want to begin practising healthy habits and upping your everyday fitness. With some of these health habits and tips circulating your consciousness, maybe you can just level up your life, one little step at a time.

written by Orlaith Costello