Drink REIZE, then exercise!

Dimity-Lee Duke

Lose the hangover and some weight. This is an ode to caffeine.

Who has not, in a hungover stupor, reached (stupidly), for a coffee? We know what’s going to happen - dehydration, nausea, pounding headache etc – but that elusive pick me up makes it worth the risk. We love our coffee. We love our caffeine. Shameless promotion here but REIZE is basically just great tasting caffeine, without the sugar and headaches. Full of B group vitamins, mix it with ice-cold water and that hangover is as good as gone.

As for the weight - well multiple studies - such as the one conducted by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that athletes who took caffeine pre-exercise burned about 15% more calories for three hours post exercise, compared with those who took a placebo. Another advantage of REIZE here is that (unlike other typical sources of caffeine like Red Bull and coffee) is that it mixes with water, and tastes great without needing sugar. This means you get the double whammy of hydration plus caffeine. Not only this, but it means you can easily experiment and see what’s right for you. Don’t just take our word for it. Next time you work out, try it for yourself!

REIZE athletes Blake Thornton (Professional surfer, elite surf coach, and lifeguard) and Dimity-Lee Duke (Ironman Triathlete) both use REIZE to prepare themselves for big events, as well as incorporating it into their training regimes. They were asked to provide some tips and insights into how to get the most out of REIZE as a product, and this is what they had to say…

- “I don't drink coffee so REIZE is my main form of caffeine. This way my body reacts to it and I get the maximum boost I need” (Blake)

- “Too much caffeine is bad for you so I merely try to use it to help me perform better. As I have minimal caffeine in my daily diet, I use it sparingly and only use it when I know it will help i.e for racing or workouts where I need that extra lift. I don't use REIZE every day as I don't want to build a tolerance to it and so I can keep it being effective. Too much caffeine will leave me feeling shaky and anxious. I will generally only use one sachet of Reize in the morning and that will keep me going until at least lunch-time!” (Dimity)

- “I drink REIZE on big days of surfing or when I am under the pump at work lifeguarding. I helps me maintain focus and gives me the boost to keep pushing when the waves are on!” (Blake)

- “Depending on the distance of my race or how I am feeling I will use REIZE before my events. The most recent event was Regent 5150 Ironman Subic Bay Philippines (Olympic distance triathlon) where I came 2nd professional female” (Dimity)

- “My training consists of surfing as much as possible. Some days it may only be once but on the days it's pumping I could be in the water for 8-9hrs so I always use REIZE to get me through the session” (Blake)

- “I will use REIZE in training especially in the morning when I have a high intensity workout or just feel a bit sluggish and need to get me going. I don't drink coffee so this is my source of caffeine in the mornings” (Dimity)

- “I drink REIZE icy cold. I love the taste!” (Dimity)

Written by James Booth

Blake Thornton