Do these 6 things to make the most of weekends!

How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Two days a week really isn’t a lot of time to unwind from a stressful working week; especially when you have to factor in all the laundry! Luckily for you we have compiled a few tips and tricks to make those precious 48 hours last as long as possible.

1. Leave work at work:

If you have to stay back an extra hour on Friday to avoid lugging home a mound of paperwork, push yourself to do just that! Your future self will thank you dearly and you’ll feel truly accomplished all the way home.

2. Travel local:

Perhaps you don’t have enough leave saved up for an international trip or you just came back from one and are suffering withdrawals. Either way two days really doesn’t leave much time to travel; particularly when you include flight times. An easy-fix would be to explore your surroundings. It’s incredible how many people overlook their own backyards and miss hidden gems! Head to Google and run a quick search for recreational areas, nature reserves, forest trails or even natural waterfalls and lookouts you never thought to explore.

3. Wake me up before you go go:

Sticking to your current sleep routine is essential for avoiding exhaustion when Monday hits. Sure it may sound nice to wake up at 2PM but that’s well over ¼ of your weekend spent unconscious and, let’s face it, adventuring feels better.

4. Feed well, feel well:

What you put into your body prepares you for the entire day! Start with a large breakfast high in carbs to gradually fuel you throughout the day and remember to stay hydrated. Adding a sachet of REIZE to the mix guarantees maximum productivity no matter what you have planned because, let’s face it, everything is better with REIZE!

5. Slow Down:

Stop watching the clock and go enjoy yourself! While time does speed by when you’re having fun there’s no reason to watch the clock and keep telling yourself ‘only 17 more hours until I have to get up.’ Just sit back and relax to the point where you don’t even care Monday is approaching.

6. Choose your activities wisely:

Deciding to watch Game of Thrones all weekend or gaming in a dark room is all well and good, but keep in mind that’s a HUGE chunk of time spent just absorbing a fictional show and a few graphics. Plan events like a wine tasting or going to a concert, something you can really look forward to during the week and brag about on Monday.

Weekends are beloved for one reason; they are finite. So hopefully you have learnt some valuable tips here to plan carefully and push yourself to the limit, whatever you choose to do.

Written by Christie Coughlan