Do these 5 things to get the most out of music festivals

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Festival Season is upon us and you should be getting ready to roll around in the dirt like a filthy hippy and let loose. The anticipation is building, you’ve bought your tickets, and you have the perfect group of friends to form your tent circle.  In all the excitement and party planning, the essential preparations can slip your mind. Fear not, REIZE has your back. Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran of the scene, here are our Top 5 tips for getting you festival ready.


If you’re headed for a camping festival, it’s a good idea to bring a lock up box. Keep the valuables you bring to a minimum. These days everything is on your smartphone, so as long as you have a secure place to keep your wallet and iPhone, you should be fine. Maybe swap your smartphone for an older version that is basically for texting and calling and taking the odd photo, if you’re concerned about losing it.

If you’re going to a one-day festival, you’ll need a hands-free way to carry your essentials. Whether it’s your pockets, a tote bag or one of those fancy festival utility belts, you’ll need something that won’t get in the way of your groove.


We hate to sound like your parents, but stay sun safe! There’s little downside to slathering up, plus this way you’ll stay burn free. Who wants to be sunburnt at a festival? Burnt, red, blotchy and peeling: none of those sound like fun scenarios, do they? The best way to kill your groove, and permanently damage your skin, is to not use sunscreen, so be like Shia Labeouf and “just do it”.

The First Aid tents will most likely have sunscreen, but it’s still important that you bring your own. Gazebos, trees and that hat you bought thinking you could pull off the easy hippy look,  will be your only refuge from the blazing heat. Even if you’re one of those lucky people who rarely ever burn, a music festival will be the one place you do. So lather up those shoulders.


festival 3 Aka the dark side of summer festivals. When nature calls while you’re camping, it’s never going to be glamorous. Portaloos will most likely be the only available option at festivals. For the first few hours they are a welcome place of relief and solitude. A few hours in,  and with excessive use, they become the place of horrors. No soap or toilet paper, massive queues, plus weird unknown lumps on the floor which may or may not be someone’s faeces or hotdog bun. There isn’t much you can do about the portaloos, but you can make the situation a bit better. Bringing all the right toiletries is vitally important! Toilet paper, soap, baby wipes and hand sanitizer are all an absolute must. Whoever invented hand sanitizer is an absolute genius. Plus, we bet you’ll be the most popular person at the festival if you’re the one with the fresh stash of clean toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

There will also most likely be portable showers, but you’ll probably only use them in the most dire of situations. But hey, it’s all part of the festival experience. Avoid greasy locks by braiding your hair or hiding it under a hat. Everyone is going to arrive home looking like they spent the last three months roaming the outback, so be prepared for some looks you might get on the trip home and as you re-enter civilization.


Food can be seriously expensive at camping festivals, so most people bring their own. However, it’s important that you bring the right food. Muesli bars, crackers and meal replacement shakes are all great options. You don’t want to be bringing anything that has the potential to go off and stink up your tent. Or melt. Chocolate melts. Remember that. Not everyone will believe that the brown goop at the end of your tent is chocolate….think of the portaloo problems...

If you spend money on the right food in your pre-festival grocery shop, you will still have some spending money when you get there. No matter how well prepared you are in terms of camping-style meals, there will always be those mornings you feel like something fried, fat and greasy from the festival vendors.


The major artists will be performing at night, but most camping festivals have acts and other awesome things happening during the day. You need a way to stay on your party game all night, and still REIZE the next morning firing at all cylinders. If you’re in a tent, the sun will turn it into an oven and wake you up in the process. Not the nicest way to be woken up, but REIZE can help make the morning a little sweeter with a nice energy boost.

REIZE is the perfect re-energizer for these situations. It’s an ideal mixer and the perfect pick-me-up to help start your day. It’s also a hundred times better than any over-priced coffee you will find at the festival. Plus, you will get that vitamin hit your body so desperately needs to rejuvenate from the night before.

Seeing as it comes in handy little sachets, it will take up next to no room in your bags. Plus, you can have it cold (just with water), fizzy (soda water) or warm (ask one of the vendors for some boiled water, if they’re the decent sort they might let you off with it for free!).

These are our tips...what are yours? Happy Festival Season REIZERS, see you there!

Written by Amber Jacobs