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Do Energy Drinks Make You Angry? (Truth Revealed)

Do Energy Drinks Make You Angry? (Truth Revealed)

Energy drinks are a good example because they are frequently marketed as beverages that increase energy and enhance both physical and mental performance.

Unfortunately, it has risks and difficulties when consumed improperly, much like most things on Earth. To prevent negative effects, it’s best to limit your usage.

In summary, excessive usage of energy drink powders may result in mood swings and stronger emotions like rage, which might trigger aggressive behavior due to the presence of caffeine, sugar, and guarana in them.

Let’s examine the possible causes of rage or violence that may be brought on by energy drinks. Continue reading until the end!

Do Energy Drinks Cause Anger Issues?

Unfortunately, excessive energy drink consumption might lead to anger problems.

One of the key ingredients in energy drinks, caffeine, can cause mood swings when used in significant doses.

A study found that drinking energy drinks is linked to suicidal thoughts, depression, and unsatisfactory sleep. Additionally, this poll reveals that junk food eaters are more likely to experience mental health issues.

Additionally, this study contends that consumption of energy drinks is harmful and strongly linked to changes in mood, particularly when done over an extended period of time.

Nevertheless, do not let this revelation deter you. You shouldn’t be concerned about mood swings or temper problems brought on by energy drinks as long as you consume them in moderation and are generally healthy.

Can Caffeine in Energy Drinks Cause Anger Issues?

coffee beans
Excessive caffeine is bad

The short answer is YES if you consume too much caffeine.

You ought to be aware that caffeine is a potent stimulant. It not only gives you more energy and makes you more alert, but it also makes your anxiety symptoms worse.

Anxiety symptoms brought on by too much caffeine can make you feel irritated in circumstances that ordinarily have no bearing on you.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to monitor your coffee intake in order to prevent euphoria and mood swings. And naturally, benefit from caffeine!

Can Energy Drinks Cause Mania?

Mania can be brought on by consuming too many energy drinks.

Unfortunately, the high levels of caffeine found in energy beverages might lead to psychotic relapse. An energy drink intake before a manic or depressed relapse was observed in a clinical study of bipolar illness patients.

We can all presume that even if energy drink powders contain less caffeine than coffee, excessive consumption can nevertheless result in mania. Nevertheless, it would be a better option than liquid energy drinks.

What are Mood Swings?

A mood swing is a quick or significant change in one’s emotional state. It’s possible for someone’s mood to change suddenly from upbeat and excited to sad, irritable, or angry.

Among the things that typically cause mood swings are:

  1. Stress
  2. Not getting enough sleep
  3. Change in lifestyle
  4. Too much traveling
  5. Unhealthy diet 
  6. Hormonal issues
  7. Allergies
  8. Medications
Balanced diet.
A healthy diet may help in anger management.

On the other side, mood fluctuations that are regular and severe could point to a deeper issue.

Here are a few strategies to use if you feel like your mood swings are becoming too much to handle:

  1. Seek medical help
  2. Exercise
  3. Meditate
  4. Eat healthily
  5. Find support

What Can Make You Angry?

Everyone has experienced anger in their lives, and it’s a sensation that’s frequently associated with being hostile or depressed.

Your rage might be anything from mild annoyance to full anger in intensity. It’s normal to experience such a feeling, particularly when you’re angry or dissatisfied about anything.

It’s crucial that you understand how to manage your anger and deal with it constructively.

These are some instances of what typically sets off anger:

  • Bad experience
  • Traumatic memories
  • Events
  • Personal issues 

In other cases, a person’s personality may have been shaped by early trauma or significant life experiences, which may have contributed to anger issues. Some people may experience fury as a result of hormonal changes or certain mental health problems.

Additionally, if not managed, anger has a negative impact on your relationships and shows a part of you that could be harmful to you in the future.

I’ve added a youtube video showing more about anger.

Depression, anger, and anxiety.

How to Control your Anger?

This particular study does not offer a particular diagnosis for rage difficulties because anger is not a mental disorder in and of itself.

If you don’t deal with your anger problem, it can eventually push you to act in an extreme and undesired way, with violence being a likely result. You can grow so furious that you unintentionally hurt yourself or a loved one.

Here are some techniques for managing your rage:

Relaxation ExerciseBreathe deeply into your lungs and concentrate on your breathing.
Positive ThinkingChanging your mindset can influence how you express your anger. Focus on communicating sensible rather than illogical assertions.
Solution-OrientedWhen confronted with a scenario that makes you bitter, the best response is to focus more on the resolution rather than the problem.
CommunicationWhen you’re having a heated debate, take a moment to calm down and consider your opportunities before retaliating. Keep in mind to pay attention at all times.
Methods for controlling fury.

Do Energy Drinks make you Angry?

If you drink too many energy drinks, you might get furious.

Energy drinks include considerable amounts of caffeine and guarana, both of which can alter one’s mood and increase irritation and wrath.

The human body quickly absorbs caffeine and other stimulants, which stimulate the brain and neurological system. Caffeine can have a detrimental effect on your mood, even in small amounts.

Additionally, mood fluctuations have been connected to sugar, another ingredient in energy-powder beverages. Not at all unexpected!

Diabetes has the negative effect of causing mood swings. You’ll see a lot of diabetics who easily become angry about little matters.

Energy Drinks You Can Try To Stay Calm

I’ve added a few energy drinks for you to enjoy without inducing anger.

Energy DrinkAmountSugar (g)Caffeine (mg)Calories
Guru Lite (sugar-free)8.4 fl. oz010010
MatchaBar’s Hustle series12 fl. oz0 to 412010 to 40
REIZE Energy Drink4g sachet05011
Energy drink ingredients

Guru Lite

Guru, which contains 98mg of caffeine from green tea and guarana extract, is one of the less caloric energy beverages on the market.

A can of Guru
Guru Energy Drink.

Additionally, there are 21g of sugar per 8.4 fl. oz. can, which is less than the daily maximum advised by the AHA. Additionally, Guru’s ingredients are vegan-derived, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO certified.

While the Original version might look appealing, Guru Lite, their sugar-free alternative, offers the same advantages while having only 10 calories and 100 mg more caffeine than the Original.

MatchBar’s Hustle

With calories ranging from 10 to 40 and a sugar level of 0 to 4g, MatchaBar’s Hustle line of energy drinks is one of the healthiest on the market.

Due to the minimal sugar level and the fact that all of the caffeine in MatchaBar’s Hustle’s 12 fl. oz. cans is generated from plant-based sources, there is almost little possibility that you’ll experience the post-energy drink jitters.

Additionally, it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, making it ideal for fans of energy drinks looking for energizing yet nutritious options.


To produce an energy drink, combine Zipfizz, a powdered energy drink that is sold in tubes with water.

Each Zipfizz serving offers 20 calories, 100 mg of caffeine, and no sugar.

Zipfizz Energy Drink.
Zipfizz Energy Drink.

In addition, Zipfizz contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and certain natural substances, including guarana and green tea extract. The fact that Zipfizz offers a wide variety of tastes is one of its benefits.

It doesn’t taste horrible, and I discovered that it provides me a wonderful energy boost, but it also made me really thirsty afterward.

Even while Zipfizz tubes cost around $2 each, there are undoubtedly more cost-effective alternatives.

REIZE (The Best)

Of course, REIZE Energy Drink, which is a particular favorite of mine, is the greatest energy drink with minimal sugar.

A 4g sachet of the powdered energy drink REIZE is available. Each sachet has just 11 calories per serving, no added sugar, and a very reasonable 50mg of caffeine.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

In addition, REIZE has various healthy components like taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins. This clever combination aids in providing you with the necessary energy boost without the unpleasant crash later.

The wonderful part is that REIZE may be shipped to your door for just $1 per drink.

You’ll probably agree that REIZE is the greatest energy drink with less sugar than some of the top brands if you Give REIZE a TRY today!


  • While it’s easy to get stimulants from energy drinks, many medical professionals are worried about the amount of sugar and caffeine in them.
  • It is thought that consuming these chemicals in excess might lead to a number of problems, including irritability and mood swings. To avoid negative consequences, you shouldn’t consume too much energy drink powder.
  • To learn the long-term effects of energy drinks and energy mixes on mental health, more research is still required. Yet, the ingredients you need to be wary of to stay calm and steady are as follows:
  1. Caffeine
  2. Guarana
  3. Sugar

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