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Hell no: Overcrowded shopping malls, endless queues, awkward conversations about which colour tape best matches your wrapping paper – all to find a Christmas gift? Not happening this year.

‘Tis the season for your yearly festive purchasing! You know what that means – overcrowded shopping centres, people senselessly squeezing themselves through the masses dramatically buying things they don’t need, crying babies, queues from here to the parking lot, approximately 15 lost children and four dropped ice creams. And all in the name of hunting down those perfect Christmas gift ideas for men and women and children and your distant cousin’s friend named Larry. Hooray! Not.

Let’s be real: ‘Tis ain’t the season to be jolly – well, not when stuck in shopping centres anyway.

‘Tis actually the season for subtly masking very apparent feelings of resentment and annoyance that arrive with the dreaded task of Christmas gift shopping for a whole array of friends, family and long lost relatives, who are all probably very difficult to buy for. (Also to be masked: tenacious mental images of rather sticking pins in eyes –  a seemingly more enjoyable activity than Christmas gift shopping.)

If you’re anything like us at REIZE, you’ll likely understand that venturing into any kind of shopping mall in December to find a suitable Christmas gift is akin to the reality of hell. First, there’s the very real threat of suffering a near fatal Christmas carol overdose (made even more life-threatening by Christmas carol medleys). Then, there’s being involuntarily coerced to participate in what seems like an adaptation of the Running of the Bulls in the parking lot. It’s you versus a buttload of vicious mini-vans and aggressive sport utility vehicles, where the only escape is somehow managing a 13-point turn. Promising.

In case our sentiments aren’t clear, we’re pretty convinced that shopping for Christmas gifts might just be one of the worst activities to endure in the history of ever. Right up there with folding underwear. And sock-matching. While we can only assume that there are many of you like us out there, REIZE has put together a unique list of Christmas gift ideas for men and women – that can all be purchased from the comfort of your chair.

So rest (and stuff your stocking) assured, fellow traumatised Christmas gift shopper! Whether it’s for the woman in your life, the man, your pet, that annoying friend you secretly don’t like, or even the mistress – we have you covered. Now keep calm and click away! Christmas can still be a cracker as REIZE takes the pressure off your fear-inducing shopping pursuits this festive season.

1. A RedBalloon adventure of a lifetime

A popular RedBalloon Christmas gift experience: Helicopter flight over the picturesque Sydney.

We’re all too familiar with those dull and disappointing Christmas gifts that scream a lack of preparation or inspiration: Perfume, an iron, pricey jewellery that will never be worn. And hey, how many pairs of socks can one person have? Boring! Thanks to RedBalloon, however, finding a memorable and matchless Christmas gift has never looked easier. And it can all be done with a single click. As Australia’s leading online gift destination, RedBalloon boasts a myriad of adventure and experience packages available country-wide and suitable for just about anyone. From relaxing getaways to adrenaline-fuelled activities, and even a carefully curated selection of Christmas gift ideas for men and women, the retailer will ensure that you are in your recipient’s good books on Christmas Day – and well into the new year. And if you can’t decide what kind of experience to purchase and want to leave the fun of choosing to your Yuletide beneficiary, RedBalloon also offers the option of Gift Vouchers. Consider this as currency towards anything on the company’s website, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Santa approves – and so does REIZE!

2. Book your loved one’s car in to be detailed and cleaned professionally

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: Mercedes looking shiny and protected after detailing and cleaning service.

Loyal metal companion looking clean, shiny and protected after professional detailing and cleaning service with Car Care

In a world overwhelmed with tough daily decisions to make like whether to buy the crunchy peanut butter on special or just go with the smooth at full price, life offers very little time for us to look after our beloved cars. Yet these loyal metal companions of ours offer us unconditional commitment and kilometers when it comes to getting us places.

This Christmas, why not gift your special someone (or even yourself) by booking their car in to be detailed and cleaned professionally? Every person’s significant vehicle deserves to look clean, shiny and protected after all. We recommend booking with Car Care – Australia’s largest mobile car dealer with operations running Australia-wide. And with a tag line asserting, “Why Queue – We Come to You”, these definitely sound like our kind of people. No waiting in long lines to buy your Christmas gift here! With nearly 30 years’ experience in mobile car detailing, Car Care is committed to high quality detailing and cleaning services to satisfy the demands of even the most selective automobile enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a meticulous hand wash or an extensive full car detail, Car Care’s technicians, equipped with only premium tools, are there to visit you and get the job done so you get more time to enjoy Christmas – and life.

3. Pet Portrait Photo Shoot

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: Portrait of pet pug.

Can’t handle the cuteness: Portrait of a precious paw pal by Houndstooth Studio Look at that exquisite expression and pose.

ATTN: Pet parents! We know you don’t need convincing on this one: You’ve probably always felt that your furry friend makes for a better lifelong companion than any human. From not minding if you smell bad, to being great listeners, your precious paw pal is perhaps the most important part of your life. So, it would be pretty wrong to neglect them from your Christmas gift list, right? That goes for any fellow pet owners too. This Christmas, why not show your cuddly companion (and/or your pet owner peers) that you care with a pet portrait photo shoot designed to capture your favourite fluffy friend at their fetching best. For a professional pet photography service carried out by award-winning photographers, look no further than Houndstooth Studio. Catering for all pets including dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, birds and even fish, the company prides itself on recognising the hallmarks of your pet’s individual personality. This is achieved with the help of specialist lighting, and an abundance of toys and tricks that make your fur child feel comfortable in front of the camera. The reward? A timeless pet portrait of exquisite detail and full colour. Making matters easy, Houndstooth Studio offers this sentimental experience from anywhere within Australia. Convenient much? It’s hard to resist: Photographed artistically by animal specialists, your character-filled pet portrait will act as a delightful talking point and treasured memento for the festive season – and many years to come.

 4. Send someone on a cooking class experience 

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: People attending cooking classes carried out by the Essential Ingredient cooking school

Keeping hope alive: The Essential Ingredient cooking school offers failing home-cooks a wide variety of cooking classes. No more burning down the house (we hope)!

We all have that one friend or family member who miserably fails when it comes to being domesticated in the kitchen. Cooking meals is basically the equivalent of burning the house down and what transpires is the all too familiar case of 2 Minute Noodles for dinner every night.

But there is hope!

Sending your struggling chef-to-be on a cooking class experience is both a unique and helpful Christmas gift idea for men and women and resisting home-cooks in general.  And, fingers crossed, it will likely have them returning the favour by hopefully creating blaze-free dishes for you in no time!

The Essential Ingredient offers a wide range of cooking classes that vary in cuisines, skills and experience levels, teaching its apprentices how to turn any ingredient into a delicious meal. Operating in various areas in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, the Essential Ingredient’s cooking schools are led by some of Australia’s most highly-regarded chefs and cooking identities. Ultimately, the cooking programs aim to inspire better home-cooks and better food.

Check out some of the Essential Ingredient’s upcoming cooking classes and events here. Bon Appetit!

5. Inflatable Pool Toys 

So much fun: Inflatable “Tiki Bar” pool toy from Pool Toys Australia Never leave, summer!

Summer has officially arrived in Australia, and with the countdown to Christmas quickly closing, many of us are probably dreaming of long, holiday season days spent lazing around in our wet wonderlands to beat the heat.

Let’s face it though: In the pursuit of a fun-fuelled summer, a swimming pool without inflatable pool toys to ride, lie in, float by on, or play with, is only half the fun.

Sorted. One of this season’s essential Christmas gift ideas for men and women and of course children is as simple as purchasing some exciting pool accessories that offer entertainment value, high quality and affordable price. Pool Toys Australia provides this solution with its vast range of inflatable pool toys that are guaranteed to bring Christmas joy to any pool-goer and promise a memorable summer for you and the whole family. Even better, you can take advantage of online ordering and prompt delivery. From balls and games, to boats and floats, Pool Toys Australia has your Christmas gift arranged this summer so that your loved ones can stay cool and entertained throughout the heatwave. And hey – how could anyone say no to a giant inflatable seal ride on?

 6. Naughty or Nice Christmas Hamper 

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: "Naughty or Nice" Christmas hamper featuring an array of sweet treats available from Hampers With Bite

Laters, Oprah! We got all our favourite things right here in this “Naughty or Nice Christmas Hamper”. (Will probably not share.) Mmm.

Move over, Oprah! (And all of her Favourite Things too.) Because this “Naughty or Nice Christmas Hamper” from Hampers With Bite officially has it all! Presented in a glossy presentation basket with tissue and decorative ribbon, this festive feast-in-a-box comes with an array of delicious Christmas gifts that even the most difficult of people couldn’t say no to. Gourmet pretzels, nougat wafer, jam swirls, milk chocolate hearts, lollies – yes, these all sound like everyone’s favourite things to us! And fret not if they aren’t up your alley: Hampers With Bite also offer buyers the ability to create your own Christmas gift basket and pick treats to your beneficiary’s taste. Delivered within days and not pushing the budget with a price of $30, we’re pretty certain that this is one of those Christmas gift ideas for men and women that might be hard to resist.

7. This oversized pencil

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: Giant pencil in red colour

Making all giant crosswords and puzzles a reality: This gigantic pencil.

The lead writes. The eraser erases.

And at 38cm in length, it will always be noticed if it rolls on the floor underneath a chair or behind that filing cabinet. (Added benefit: You can probably just fit it behind your ear.) I.e. This Giant Pencil is awesome. Functioning just like a real pencil (because, well, it is), it’s handy, unconventionally effective, and may just encourage your mate who’s always looking for a pencil to do twice as much work (or giant crosswords) in one go. Christmas gift worthy? We think so.

8. Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: Water Resistant Shower Speaker available from Little Bird Electronics

May not even need to go to any Christmas parties after all with this Water Resistant Shower Speaker: Endless fun belting out tunes to be had in the shower. Every morning. Every night.

The holiday season is all about the beach, pool parties, and singing and dancing the nights away. But why does the fun have to stop there? The ultimate Christmas gift for your party-goer friend, this water resistant shower speaker from Little Bird Electronics means the fun can continue – even in the shower! Bringing your favourite tunes to the bathroom, this waterproof wonder allows you to listen to music wirelessly and sing along to songs as you shower away. Even better, boasting Bluetooth streaming, you can answer phone calls hands-free. Double the fun! Stick it to any flat surface, indoors or outdoors, and you’re ready to get your groove as you please – anywhere, anytime.

(NB: REIZE’s ideal song choices for belting out in the shower: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.)

9. Personalised Photo Mug 

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: Personalised photo mugs featuring images of friends, family and pets. Available from

Making mornings magical: Mugs with personalised photos. So much personality.

Let’s be real: Christmas time means it’s dreaded extended family time. And it’s also likely that after the festive period, you probably won’t bother to see those long-lost relatives again until you’re forced to the same time next year. Unless you’re plotting to fake your own disappearance in fear of this, why not leave that distant relative a way to remember you every day until the next Christmas arrives? A personalised photo mug filled with personality may just be your perfect solution to this. Not only can you leave behind a unique and useful Christmas gift, but you can also vacate the next 364 days with a lovely morning reminder of, well, yourself. Photobox provides a quick and easy way to create your own personalised mug. With a myriad of designs, themes and colour assortments to choose from, the possibilities for creating memorable mugs are endless. As for the process, it is straightforward – simply add your photo and away you go! And you can even add your own text if you wish to depart with a thoughtful message. Little gifts. Big smiles all round. And mug-nificent mornings for days! (Pun intended. Terrible, we know.)

10. A Stash of REIZE

Christmas gift ideas for men and women: A stash of REIZE Energy Drinks

A stash of REIZE Energy Drink sachets. Now that’s a Christmas gift to smile about.

Look, it’s been a long year for most of us. And we’ve all still got things to do. Getting through the festive season alone is going to require some serious rejuvenation. Let’s not even get into drudging through the new year ahead.

So, if all else fails, well, you could always just buy your Yuletide recipient (or yourself) a colossal stash of REIZE. What better way to remain revitalised through the ongoing festivities and get ready for the new year than with the Christmas gift of energy? Did we mention that you can mix your sachet of ingredients with just about anything, and have it cold or hot too? Oh, and about that rumour – we assure you there’s definitely no bull sperm in it. Value for money, however? Indeed. If you’re anything like us, we’re pretty sure that some REIZE sachets will do the trick to giving you that extra boost of delicious vitality to make sure you survive the holiday season – and beyond. (NB: Not suitable for pets.)

Making smart decisions: Santa very much over congested shopping centres, queues and screaming toddlers. Christmas gift shopping done from the comfort of his chair this year.

So, there you have it! For all you shopping-mall-loathing, last-minute-Santas out there like us, there’s no need to fret at the daunting thought of having to venture to the shops this December as dramatic Christmas-gift-shoppers go Noel nuts. Instead, we hope this list of unique Christmas gift ideas for men and women has you somewhat sorted – and feeling reassured that you can get everything organised from the comfort of your chair. After all, nothing shatters festive cheer quite like having to waste your time stuck in sweaty crowds, hopelessly searching for your ideal Christmas gifts – and your lost sanity.

Jingle on, now!

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