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Celsius Vs Alani Nu (Which is Better?)

Celsius Vs Alani Nu (Which is Better?)

After its launch in 2005, Celsius energy drink has come pretty far in offering energy boosts to athletes and their fans alike. Meanwhile, Alani Nu Energy was more recently launched in 2018, but it has also been making headway in establishing a name for itself. 

Despite their big gap, Celsius and Alani Nu have some similarities and only a few differences. You can use both before a workout but not before your bedtime. They both have 200mg of caffeine, and with that amount, you can expect yourself to get energy for around 3-4 hours. 

Just imagine the alertness it could give you with its caffeine level. They can be an excellent alternative to coffee because they could help get you alive and kicking for your day. Although Alani Nu has a more trendy appeal, they both have neat packages. 

It can be difficult to determine which is better since we all have different needs and tolerance. Still, this article can give you an in-depth look at what both of these brands can offer so you can make the decision yourself!

Let’s dive in.

Celsius and Alani Nu Nutrition Facts

I’ve summarized their nutrition facts in the table below:

ContentCelsiusAlani Nu
Total Fat0g0g
Total Carbohydrates0g4g
Sugar Alcohol0g1g
Vitamin B126mcg2.5mcg
Panthothenic Acid10mg5.3mg
Vitamin C60mg
Nutritional Information Comparison.

As you can see, they both have B Vitamins that are good for your nerves and cognition. However, Alani Nu has electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. This two can help your muscles contract while also balancing your blood pH.

List of ingredients for a can of Celsius Originals.
The caffeine content is stated on the latter part of ingredients.

Celsius and Alani Nu Ingredients

Taurine is the common ingredient inside Celsius and Alani Nu. Although they don’t specify the amount, this article states that energy drinks most likely use 1g of taurine in a single can or sachet. 

This element can help reduce stress in your muscles. It can also help you become more physically active as well.

Because Celsius or Alani Nu have taurine and there are other ingredients you can find inside them.

CelsiusAlani Nu
Guarana extract, Glucuronolactone, Ginger extract, green tea leaf extractSodium Citrate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Sucralose, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) Sodium Benzoate (Preservative) L-Carnitine, Tartrate, Acesulfame Potassium, Gum Acacia, D-GlucuronolactoneInositol, Guarana Seed Extract, Fruit and Vegetable Juice For Color, Sodium Chloride
Celsius and Alani Nu Ingredients.

Based on the table, you can see that both Celsius and Alani Nu have naturally-derived ingredients. However, Alani Nu does have much more than Celsius.

Celsius vs Alani Nu Caffeine Content

These two energy drinks both contain a whopping 200mg of caffeine. It can definitely give you an additional push for your workout.

Besides, with 200mg of caffeine, you can go on for a pretty long time. 

Here’s a video that’ll show you how caffeine works in your body.

It explains how it works from the moment you take it.

However, it’s not a good idea to consume too many servings of them. According to the FDA, you should only take up to 400mg of caffeine every day. They find out that going over this limit could lead to adverse side effects. 

Some caffeine overdose side effects involve:

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Anxiety
  • Palpitations

Always make sure to track how much caffeine you’re taking for a day. This is important because it’s a practice of discipline and accountability to your health. 

Celsius vs. Alani Nu Sugar Content

They are both sugar-free as well. According to this study, sugar-free products won’t lead to obesity and diabetes because they won’t have glycemic effects on your blood sugar.

Moreover, these two energy drinks use artificial sweeteners that benefit persons with diabetes. Alani Nu uses sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, while Celsius uses sucralose only.

These two artificial sweeteners are approved by the FDA for general use, even if you use two kinds of artificial sweeteners in a single product. 

Alani Nu Nutrition Facts
Alani Nu Nutrition Facts

In addition, it doesn’t contain any additional calories, which makes it perfect for your diet goals. The only thing I don’t like about artificial sweeteners is the tendency to create tooth problems. It could be in a form of tooth decay when you overconsume products that use such.

Just a quick trivia, according to this article, you should only allow 30g of sugar inside your body every day. The effects of consuming a lot of sugar are somehow identical to the impact of caffeine crashes. 

I think Celsius and Alani Nu are wise not to use natural sugar. How does this affect their taste, though?

Celsius Vs. Alani Nu Flavors

Because of artificial sweeteners, they’re both tasty. Celsius flavors are refreshing, light, and without any annoying flavor that you find in other energy drinks.

The best one for me is the Sparkling Orange flavor because you can taste the orange citrus flavor, plus the carbonization makes it even better. 

Celsius has other flavors such as:

  • Originals 
  • Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear 
  • Sparkling Kiwi Guava 
  • Sparkling Wild Berry 
  • Sparkling Watermelon 
  • Sparkling Cola 
  • Sparkling Grape Rush 
  • Peach Mango Green Tea 
  • Raspberry Acai Green Tea 

On the other hand, Alani Nu’s Cosmic Stardust flavor will give you a fruity experience. Its berry taste and cotton candy flavor are sweet and savvy. Here are its other flavors:

  • Cosmic Stardust
  • Witch’s Brew
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice 
  • Mimosa
  • Tropsicle
  • Trippy hippie
  • Electric Tie-Dye Cherry Limeade
  • Watermelon Wave flavor
  • Arctic White 
  • Breezeberry
  • Carnival Candy Grape
  • Cherry Slush
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sour Peach Rings

I have to say that in my opinion, Alani Nu has a more diverse flavor range than Celsius, which focuses more on fruit-based drinks. But then again, if you’re more into that, Alani Nu may be the right brand for you.

Is Alani Nu or Celsius better?

Alani Nu might be the newer energy drink, but both Celsius and Alani Nu are created for a boost in exercise. You might have noticed that they share the same caffeine content. 

They’re also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. This means that they don’t contain a protein called gluten. This protein can irritate the digestive system of other individuals who have celiac disease. 

They may be good energy drinks, but I still prefer energy drinks with only 50-100mg caffeine. In addition, I also love it if an energy drink is available in powdered version. 

This is because powdered drinks can help you control your dose easier. Aside from that, isn’t it much convenient if you can just take a sachet anywhere? 

Before I forget, Celsius has a powdered stick version too. This makes it a little better than Alani Nu for me.

Where Can You Buy Celsius and Alani Nu?

Because Celsius have been around for a long time, it’s available in any convenient stores and online platforms such as Amazon for around $35 per 12-can pack. 

On the other hand, you might encounter some challenges in purchasing Alani Nu. You can only buy Alani Nu in selected areas. Moreover, you can only purchase it via their website or GNC for around $22.50 per 12 cans.

If you have a limited budget, I’d say that Alani Nu is more wallet-friendly, especially if you want to drink them long-term.

Still, there are other energy drinks that can offer the same nutrients and flavor range for only around $1 per serving, so don’t think you’re just limited to either Celsius or Alani Nu.

Alternative Energy Drinks

You might want to try an energy drink with a lower dosage of caffeine. You can check out energy drinks in the next sections.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a strong energy drink, I also have a list for that. Here’s a link to my separate article


Aspire Energy claims to be vegan-friendly too. Aspire uses no natural sugar, and it has only 80g of caffeine, the same amount as what your typical coffee has. 

Even though it has a much lower amount of caffeine than Celsius and Alani Nu, please don’t take it at nighttime to avoid insomnia. This also applies to other energy drinks. 

In addition, it has a combination of vitamins and amino acids that could help you perform better, whether mentally or physically. It also tastes sweet and affordable. For less than a dollar, you can enjoy a can of Aspire without having to worry about sugar and caffeine crashes.


Razorwire has only 150mg of caffeine and doesn’t have any sugar. Aside from that, it’s also made better by its taurine and vitamin B, which could increase your concentration, relaxation, and reflexes. 

The taste also has a natural tropical theme, but it has only six flavors. This means you could instantly decide what flavor to go with. Like Alani Nu, a sachet costs only $2 if you buy its 6-pack sachet for $10.

REIZE (The Best)

REIZE has only one flavor, but it won’t disappoint you. It has a gentle taste powered by 50mg of caffeine. The good thing about this amount of caffeine is that you’re not at greater risk of suffering from caffeine overdose. 

It’s good for you if your caffeine tolerance is low compared to Alani Nu and Celsius’s caffeine content. Besides, it’s also sugar-free with only a few calories. Apart from that, it has B Vitamins, taurine, inositol, and ginseng, which are good for your overall health.

Reize Sachet poured in a glass
Reize Sachet poured in a glass

While you won’t enjoy it if you have high caffeine tolerance, it’s not a problem at all. Simply mix another one in hot or cold water. If you can, I highly suggest you don’t get past two sachets per day to help cut your tolerance to caffeine. 

You can get REIZE for only around $1 and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Get REIZE now!

Other Notable Mentions


It’s pretty hard to choose which one is better. They’re a tie, for me. Alani Nu has these electrolytes that aren’t present in Celsius, and Celsius has vitamin C, which Alani Nu doesn’t have. 

On the other hand, these two have B Vitamins and biotin that have a similar function. Together, they help your body use enzymes and deliver other vitamins throughout your body.

They both offer various flavors with powerful energy. Try any of this energy drink early in the morning or during a weekend workout. You won’t feel any heartburn even though they have 200mg of caffeine, and the power is there. 

You can consume one of them around 30 minutes before your workout for a much better experience. And if you happen to feel some jitters, you can always switch to REIZE. 

Have other questions or want to learn more about Celsius? I’ve compiled everything you could possibly want to know about this epic Celsius energy drink guide.

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