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Celsius On-the-go Review (Surprising)

Celsius On-the-go Review (Surprising)

Celsius On-The-Go is your go-to drink that is accessible whenever you need an additional lift to your energy. It’s a powdered energy drink that comes in sticks identical to the canned version of Celsius. You can mix a stick of Celsius On-the-go with 12 fl. oz. of water.

It can help you speed up digestion and burn fat with the help of its 200mg of caffeine per serving. Many fans and athletes use Celsius On-the-go because it only has ten calories for every serving. On top of that, it won’t make you gain any extra weight.

But let’s get into more detail! In this article, I’ll be discussing my experience in drinking Celsius On-the-Go and I’ll even tell you what’s my favorite flavor.

Let’s dive in!

Nutrition Facts of Celsius On-the-go

You may not pay attention to the nutrition label of a beverage. You might prefer the taste of a beverage over the nutrients, however, I think you should check what nutrients you’re consuming.

For a good start, here are the nutrients of Celsius On-the-go:

ContentAmount per stick (3.5g)
Vitamin C60mg
Vitamin B62mg
Vitamin B126mch
Pantothenic Acid 10mg
Calcium 50mg
Meta Plus Proprietary
Nutritional Information of Celsius on-the-go

Ingredients of Celsius On-the-go

As stated in the table above, here are the ingredients of Meta Plus Proprietary Blend of Celsius On-the-go:

  • Taurine
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Green tea Leaf Extract
  • Gluconolactone
  • Ginger Root Extract

For the coloring it uses:

  • Beta Carotene
  • Beet Powder

Artificial Sweeteners:

  • Sucralose
  • Erythritol

Celsius on-the-go cannot be completed without the following too:

  • Biotin
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Silicon Dioxide

Are Celsius On-the-Go Sachets Good For You?

Celsius on-the-Go is a decent energy-boosting beverage. It has zero sugar, and there’s no trace of aspartame.

This energy drink is also gluten-free. Just for a quick trivia, gluten-free products are good for you if you have celiac disease. Those who have this mean that ingesting gluten can trigger severe reactions.

You also need gluten-free products if you’ve been experiencing bloating or if you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing discomfort after eating products such as bread, milk, and nuts, which usually contain gluten.

A great thing about Celsius is it is certified vegan. Celsius On-the-go is also vegan. Therefore, if you’re vegan, rest assured that the drink will fit your needs!

Celsius On-the-Go pack
Celsius on-the-go Stick.

How Much Caffeine Is In Celsius On-the-Go?

I think the caffeine amount in Celsius On-the-Go is relatively high. The FDA only recommends a maximum caffeine intake of 400mg daily. If you consume a pack of Celsius On-the-Go, you will automatically have half of that amount, which is 200mg.

Going past the recommended level suggested by the FDA can make you suffer from the following side effects:

  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Chest Pain

The side effects mentioned above are just a few out of many symptoms of caffeine overdose. For your information, there were also cases where caffeine overdose lead to death. 

To stay safe, I suggest you drink only one serving of Celsius On-the-Go in a day. 

How Much Sugar Is In Celsius On-the-Go?

While Celsius on-the-go has lots of caffeine, it doesn’t contain any sugar. Celsius On-the-Go uses sucralose and erythritol to give the beverage a sweet flavor. 

The good thing with sucralose and erythritol is that they can prevent you from obesity and might help you maintain your weight. This is because it doesn’t have any extra calories.

Sucralose is a few hundred times sweeter than regular sugar. Plus, it doesn’t interrupt your blood sugar levels, which means it is safe to take even if you have diabetes.

Meanwhile, erythritol is considered one of the safest sugar substitutes. If you consume it responsibly, you shouldn’t encounter any side effects.

For your information, these two are artificial sweeteners are approved by the FDA for general use in food and drinks. However, you should also remember that all artificial sweeteners can be harmful to you if consumed irresponsibly. 

How Many Calories Are There In Celsius On-the-go?

There are around ten calories per stick in Celsius On-the-go. The more calories an energy drink has, the more energy it can give you.

However, it also has disadvantages. It’ll increase your weight if you don’t burn the calories you consumed within a day. As per AHA‘s suggestions, you have to get at least 1600 calories per day if you are a woman, and if you’re a man, you need 2400 calories

I know ten calories is a meager amount; however, you may also be taking other products along with energy drinks. So, it would be beneficial to your health if you keep track of your daily calorie intake, especially if you want to keep your body fit.

Where Can You Buy Celsius On-the-go?

Amazon sells each box of Celsius On-the-go for around $21. And one box contains 14 sticks. It means each costs only $1.50, which is pretty reasonable for such an energy drink. 

Aside from Amazon, it’s also available in most convenience stores worldwide. It’s not expensive, but you can also find cheaper options. Later on, I’ll suggest a much more affordable option than Celsius On-the-go that is also effective!

Celsius Box Back
What’s on the back of Celsius On-the-Go?

Flavors of Celsius On-the-go

Here are the unique, equally tasty flavors of Celsius On-the-go that you can choose from:

FlavorHow does it taste?
Kiwi Guava LimeYou’ll taste Guava first and then later on it will have a Kiwi aftertaste. I don’t find this combination appealing. I would try other flavors than this one.
Dragonfruit LimeThis one is pretty strong. I tried mixing it in 16 fl oz of water, and it tasted better. However, the performance was affected a little, but that’s better than wasting the whole stick.
OrangeIt’s just like a typical orange flavor, but I don’t like it. For some reason, it tastes a little bit nauseating.
Cranberry LemonOut of them all, this one seemed the best to me. It tastes light and fun, so I suggest having this with you whenever you are out for a jog. 
CoconutI often love the coconut flavor, but this one left me with a bitter aftertaste.
BerryI’m not fond of berry flavors as they seem a little too sweet for me. But this one gives a very pleasant feeling without any aftertaste.
My take on Celsius on-the-go flavors.

You can watch this video below if you want a review of Celsius On-the-go. It takes a closer at the packaging and the nutrients of the beverage.

This video will show you how the actual packaging looks. It will prevent you from buying fake products by knowing exactly where to look.

Celsius On-the-Go Energy Drink Alternatives

Here are some energy drinks that you can take in case you don’t like the taste and effects of Celsius. The last one on this list is my favorite, so make sure you try that one to find out why. 

Advocare Spark 

If Celsius on-the-go comes in 5.1g, this one is a 7g powdered energy drink. However, it can cost up to $2.75 per stick!

Advocare Spark has lots of nutrient and amino corrosive enhancers. Even though it is known as an enhancement, it is also considered an energy drink because of its 120mg of caffeine. So, if you need a quick energy boost, you can try this one as well.

Aside from that, it has 15 calories and no sugar. Just make sure to stir Advocare Spark to avoid powder residue thoroughly.

One thing to note, Advocare Spark is pretty hard to dissolve, unlike Celsius On-the-Go.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks

I can say that Celsius On-the-Go reminds me of Arbonne Fizz Energy. This powdered energy drink doesn’t have any sugar or calories.

One stick of Arbonne Fizz can give you 55mg of caffeine, 2g of sugar, and 15 calories. It is a decent caffeinated drink with a low measure of sugar and low calories. This implies it’ll not influence your weight and glucose levels.

The advantage I can see with Arbonne Fizz is that it has only a minimal amount of caffeine compared to Celsius On-the-go. Moreover, you can buy one stick for around $1.50.

When it comes to flavor, they both have a minimal yet unique line of flavors. Therefore, I guess you’re going to let your body decide.

REIZE (Fave)

REIZE Energy Drink
Ready to drink REIZE Energy Drink

REIZE isn’t my favorite for nothing. This energy drink comes in 4g sachets, which means it can easily fit into your pocket or your purse.

And even though it’s small, it has a significant amount of vitamins like taurine, ginseng, inositol, and B vitamins. As for its caffeine content, it also has 50mg of caffeine, which makes me love it more. 

Personally, I like beverages with a caffeine content of around 50 to 100mg. It hits just the right spot of a solid energy boost without the pesky side effects. Before I forget, with REIZE, you won’t experience any sugar crashes because it is entirely sugar-free.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Try REIZE today!

Other Notable Mentions


To sum it up, I think Celsius On-the-Go is a helpful energy drink for your workouts. Its high amount of caffeine can help you stay awake and give you a surge of energy.

I’d give the drink an 8/10. The caffeine content is decent and the flavors are all tasty and sweet. Plus, I like the low-calorie and zero sugar qualities of the beverage too. You won’t need to be concerned about sugar crashes too.

Celsius On-the-Go has a lot of flavors to choose from. Now, if you’re determined to try Celsius On-the-Go, you should definitely check out the Cranberry Flavor first! Very refreshing.