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Celsius Energy Drink Resources

Celsius Energy Drink Resources

If you’re looking for information on Celsius energy drink, you’re in the right place. If this page doesn’t have the information you’re looking for, don’t worry, it will certainly point you in the right direction.

Celsius Ingredients

A 12 fluid ounce can of Celsius contains 200mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and 1.81 grams of “MetaPlus proprietary blend” which consists of Taurine, Guarana, caffeine, Glucuronolactone, ginger extract, and green tea extract. Celsius also contains 60mg of vitamin C, which is quite rare in energy drinks.

You can learn more about the ingredients of Celsius in this article.

Is Celsius bad for you?

Celsius isn’t bad for you in moderation unless you have a pre-existing health condition. It’s sugar-free and includes healthy ingredients such as ginger and green tea extract, plus plenty of vitamins and 200mg of caffeine. However, Celsius may be harmful in large doses.

I cover everything you need to know about whether Celsius is bad for you in this article.

Celsius Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

A can of Celsius energy drink contains 200mg caffeine, 60mg vitamin C, 1.7mg riboflavin, 20mg niacin, 10mg pantothenic acid, 2mg pyridoxine, 300mcg biotin, 6mcg cobalamin, and 10-15 calories, depending on the flavor. Celsius is sugar-free and contains 1.81g of a proprietary blend, “MetaPlus”.

If you want to explore the nutritional information of Celsius in more detail, this is the article to read next.

Celsius Energy Drink Review

Celsius rates high on my list of favorite energy drinks. It uses natural ingredients, tastes good, and has less caffeine than many other popular brands, such as Bang. I would like to see more transparency on the ingredients and the science, but overall, Celsius earns a 7.5/10 from me.

There’s quite a bit more to consider with regard to the overall review though, so check out the full article for all the details.

Where to buy Celsius

Celsius is available at Target, Walmart, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon, among other places. While it might be convenient to go to your local store to get a can of Celsius, there are sometimes great deals to be found online, so definitely shop around before buying Celsius in bulk.

I’ve covered everything you need to consider to make sure you don’t pay too much in my article on where to buy Celsius.

Celsius vs Red Bull

A 12 fl. oz can of Celsius contains 200mg caffeine, 10 calories, 0g sodium, 60mg vitamin C and a selection of B vitamins. An 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull contains 80mg caffeine, 110 calories, 105mg sodium, 0g vitamin C and a similar amount of B vitamins.

Comparing these ingredients is just part of the story though, for the complete analysis, be sure to check out my Celsius vs Red Bull article.

Celsius vs Coffee

A can of Celsius contains 200mg of caffeine, 60mg of vitamin C and a selection of B group vitamins. A regular cup of coffee contains 95mg of caffeine, 4.8mg calcium, 7.2mg magnesium, 118mg potassium, and other vitamins. Coffee appears to be healthier than Celsius.

For the inside scoop on coffee vs Celsius, check out this article.

Is Celsius Keto-Friendly?

Celsius energy drink is suitable for a ketogenic diet. With no sugar and just 10-15 calories per can, Celsius won’t break ketosis and the vitamins and minerals in Celsius might be a suitable addition to your diet and workout routine.

Read the full details here.

Is Celsius Vegan?

Celsius energy drinks are certified vegan-friendly by Vegan Action. This is proof that there are no animal-derived ingredients, nor was there any animal testing done in the formulation of Celsius energy drink. Celsius energy drinks are definitely vegan.

For a deeper dive into this topic, check out my article where I cover all of the ins and outs.

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