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Can You Drink GamerSupps GG Every Day? (Thorough Guide)

Can You Drink GamerSupps GG Every Day? (Thorough Guide)

GG GamerSupps Energy drink is a popular energy drink among Esports players.

This nootropic energy drink supplies players with a steady energy supply throughout the game. It promotes the development of an active mind, which is required for better and more consistent performance in games.

GG GamerSupps Energy drink is a popular energy drink among Esports players.

Can you, however, drink this energy drink every day without worrying about possible health implications?

You can safely consume one serving of GamerSupps GG Energy every day. Each serving contains 100 mg of caffeine as well as brain-boosting nootropics. It has no calories or sugar. It also contains enough vitamins and minerals to satisfy your daily micronutrient needs.

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What is GamerSupps GG Energy every day?

GG Energy is a zero-calorie energy formula that claims to be the perfect everyday energy and health supplement to help you get through whatever life has in store for you.

GG Energy contains organic caffeine, seven vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and nootropics to help you function better for a more extended period and improve your body and mind.

GG Energy’s active ingredients begin working almost immediately, providing smooth, continuous energy and focus for hours. Unlike other sugar-loaded bottled energy drinks or competitors, there are no worthless filler ingredients, no insulin response, and no crash.

Things I Like About GamerSupps GG

I have added a list of things I like about GamerSupps GG Energy Drink.

  1. Sugar-free
  2. Tastes delicious
  3. Includes a few necessary vitamins

Things I Don’t Like About GamerSupps GG

I have added a list of things I don’t like about GamerSupps GG Energy Drink.

  1. Provides a mild boost
  2. Not appropriate for use as a pre-workout

I have added a youtube video reviewing GG Energy Drink.

GG Energy Drink review.

Can you drink GamerSupps GG every day?

You can drink GamerSupps GG every day as long as you consume it responsibly.

GG Energy has a low caffeine content, no calories, and no sugar, making it ideal for weight loss. It contains a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients to keep your body in peak condition.

You may use this as your daily energy drink, but remember to drink in moderation and never consume too much.

GG Energy still contains a significant amount of caffeine, which, if consumed in excess, can result in a caffeine overdose. Caffeine content can be tailored, but there is a daily limit of 400mg.

I recommend starting with half a scoop and working your way up to a full scoop.

How many GamerSupps GG can you have in a day?

One serving of GG Energy should keep you awake and alert throughout the day. That is the safest consumption level.

If you have a high caffeine tolerance, such as if you drink caffeinated beverages every day, two glasses of GG Energy should suffice. After all, the FDA recommends that you limit your daily caffeine intake to 400 mg.

If you want to be extra cautious, start with half a scoop and work your way up.

Nutrition facts of GG Energy Drink

The GG Energy supplement facts are provided in the table below.

NutrientsGG EnergyRecommended Daily Intake
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl)5mg20mg
Vitamin B12 (Mecobalamin)200mcg6mcg
Vitamin C100mg60mg
Nutrition facts of GG Energy along with RDI chart.

A closer examination of the table reveals that GG Energy contains no sugar, calories, or carbohydrates in its formulation. So, if you’re on a low-carb diet and trying to get in shape, GG Energy could be a good choice for you.

This beverage also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Although vitamin B6 is well below the researchers’ recommended limit, vitamins C and B12 have exceeded them.

However, there is no need to be concerned because both vitamins are water-soluble and will be eliminated by your body via urine.

Nutrition facts of GG Energy Drink.
Nutrition facts of GG Energy Drink.


There are no calories in GG Energy.

A calorie is a unit of proportion for the amount of energy in the foods and beverages you consume. While it is necessary for proper function, it is easy to overconsume this nutrient because it is almost always present in your meals and snacks. Choosing zero-calorie foods and beverages can help you manage your daily calorie intake.

As you are all aware, eating too many calories contributes to the development of obesity and diabetes.

The fact that GG Energy is calorie-free makes it ideal for an everyday beverage, not to mention if you’re trying to maintain your current weight.


GG Energy is a carb-free energy drink.

Carbohydrates, like calories, are a source of energy, but they also pose several health risks. Carbohydrates can be found in a variety of foods, including bread, pasta, and certain vegetables and fruits. These foods may be staples in your daily diet, which means that consuming too many carbs in a day is always a possibility.

Using a carb-free energy drink daily can help you manage your total carb intake.

Although, Carbs are the primary source of energy for the body and are always needed in specified quantities depending on the build, height, muscle mass, and activity of a person. Consuming more than necessary would always lead to weight gain and cause obesity.

How much sugar does GamerSupps GG have?

GG Energy contains no sugar in its formulation.

GG Energy, on the other hand, makes use of artificial sweeteners. Organic Erythritol, Sucralose, and Acesulfame K are the ingredients. Because these are low-calorie but high-intensity sweeteners, you don’t need a lot of them to taste as sweet as sugar.

Is it true that sugar-free food and drink taste just as sweet as sugar?

Medical professionals have warned us about the dangers of sugar consumption, so cut back on consumption as soon as possible to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

Personally, I appreciate how energy drinks evolved from being sugar-loaded to being sugar-free—yet still tasting sweet as if they had sugar—making drinking energy drinks today less frightening.

How much caffeine does GamerSupps GG have?

GamerSupps contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is relatively a low level of caffeine for an energy drink. It is still quite enough to give you that much-needed boost; however, it pales in comparison to heavy hitters such as BreinFuel and RedLine.

According to the FDA, 400 mg of caffeine per day is considered a safe amount.

You are far from caffeine overdosing with GG Energy by FDA’s recommendation. The 100 mg of caffeine in GG Energy can already stimulate your central nervous system with minimal side effects.

So, GG Energy has a suitable amount for an everyday energy drink in terms of caffeine content.

If you’re used to caffeine, this may have a lower content. With that amount per serving, simply increase the number of scoops you have to two at the most to get the boost you want while remaining within the limit.

Ingredients of GamerSupps GG

Let us now go over the remaining components of GG Energy. These are the nitrifying ingredients that make Gamersupps GG a good beverage option.


Vitamins are essential components that your body requires for average cell growth, development, and function. GG Energy has a few examples:

  1. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Vitamins B6
  4. Vitamin B12
  5. Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

Drinking GG Energy daily gives you a daily dose of the vitamins listed above, with benefits such as increased metabolism, immune system support, and cell growth and development.

Vitamin pills.
GG Energy Drinks includes a moderate amount of vitamins in its formula.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Minerals and electrolytes are also present in GG Energy to support a variety of bodily functions.

  1. Potassium
  2. Zinc

Potassium aids in fluid regulation, while Zinc aids in immune system maintenance. These two nutrients are an excellent addition to your daily nutrient requirements.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are another beneficial nutrient. Protein is formed when these organic compounds combine, and GG Energy contains two of them.

  1. L-Theanine
  2. L-Tyrosine

Caffeine is blended with amino acids such as L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine to improve its cognitive and energy-boosting properties.

Ammino acids, as aforementioned, make up proteins, which are the building block of your body; all your cells, muscles, and connective tissues are majorly made up of proteins.


Antioxidants have many benefits, but the most well-known is that they fight free radicals, which damage your body cells and make you susceptible to various chronic diseases, including cancer. Fortunately, GG Energy contains a large number of them in its formula.

  1. Organic Coffee
  2. COQ10
  3. Acai Berry Extract
  4. Goji Berry Extract
  5. Ginseng Root Extract
  6. Mangosteen Fruit Extract

The majority of these are superfoods that are also natural, making them ideal for daily consumption.

Other Ingredient of GamerSupps GG

The food additives in the GG Energy mix are listed here. Food additives are in charge of keeping a product looking, smelling, and tasting good.

Here’s what food additives Gamersupps GG retains:

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Organic Erythritol
  3. Malic Acid
  4. Natural and Artificial Flavors
  5. Silica
  6. Sucralose
  7. Acesulfame K
  8. FD&C Blue #1

These ingredients were listed last in the ingredients list, indicating that they contribute the least to the formulation of GG Energy. In case you weren’t aware, ingredients are listed in ascending order of predominance.

So you can rest assured that you are not consuming too many preservatives.

Is GamerSupps GG Energy Drink bad for you?

GamerSupps GG is not bad for you as long as you remember to consume in moderation.

Gamersupps GG is a consumable product, just like any other. It is well-intended on its own, as long as it is used responsibly.

But it can be if you abuse your consumption. Remember that GG Energy is a caffeinated beverage, and caffeine is a stimulant as well as a psychoactive drug that, if abused, can result in an overdose.

Among the side effects are:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Insomnia
  3. Indigestion
  4. Muscle spasm
  5. Nervousness
  6. Dizziness
  7. Headache

Other side effects that may necessitate prompt medical attention include:

  • Hallucination
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Trouble breathing

Caffeine overdose can happen in rare cases. Read about the death of an American adolescent boy as a result of excessive caffeine consumption here.

While these may sound frightening, they can be avoided by drinking GG Energy drinks in moderation. Consider your other caffeine sources, such as coffee and soft drinks.

Flavors of GamerSupps GG Energy Drink

The flavors of GamerSupps GG Energy Drink have been given below.

  1. Guacamole Gamer Fart
  2. Pineapple Cocktail
  3. Waifu Candy
  4. Misfits Melon
  5. Mango Meta
  6. Citrus Lemonade
  7. Blue Razz
  8. Dragonfruit Punch
  9. Acai Blueberry
  10. Sour Apple
  11. Watermelon Ice
  12. Strawberry Burst
  13. Lemon Limeade

The Pineapple Cocktail flavor, in my opinion, is the best tasting. It’s tasty, and I can definitely taste the pineapple, and the sweetness is tolerable. This one has a nice balance of sweetness and sourness. There’s also no bitter aftertaste, so I highly recommend it.

The Citrus Lemonade flavor is my least favorite. Even though I usually enjoy sour flavors, I think the highly sour taste was overkill. This one was also difficult to mix and took a long time to dissolve in water. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback about this flavor on Reddit, so check it out for yourself.

Alternative Energy Drinks

If you’re looking for more fantastic energy drinks, here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Amino
  2. Red Bull
  3. Rockstar
  4. Reign
  5. Celsius
  6. C4 Energy
  7. Game Fuel
  8. Xyience
  9. Raze
  10. 3D Energy
  11. C4 Energy

Best Alternative to GamerSupps- REIZE

This is a powdered energy drink that can be consumed hot or cold. REIZE contains B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and inositol in a 4g powdered sachet.

Not only that, but it tastes deliciously sour with a hint of sweetness and will definitely satisfy your tastebuds. This enhances the drinking experience!

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

I like that REIZE comes in handy 4g sachets that I can take with me wherever I go. Furthermore, it contains only 50mg of caffeine, 11 calories, and no sugar, making it an effective drink with no adverse side effects!


One serving of GamerSupps GG Energy is sufficient to increase your energy and focus. However, if you have a high tolerance for caffeine, two servings per day should be adequate.

A serving of GG Energy contains 100 mg of caffeine, brain-boosting nootropics, and vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work together to help you perform well in gaming, workouts, business presentations, and studies.

If you’re trying to lose weight, a serving of GG Energy can be a great addition to your daily diet because it’s calorie-free, carbohydrate-free, and, most importantly, sugar-free!

Also, the benefit GG Energy can provide has been added below.

  1. Provides a boost in energy
  2. It can be consumed even if you are on a diet

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