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Can Energy Drink Make You Throw Up? (Honest Facts)

Can Energy Drink Make You Throw Up? (Honest Facts)

Energy drinks are widely consumed around the world. They provide you with just enough energy to carry you through the day. In fact, energy drinks are the second most popular dietary supplement in the United States, trailing behind only multivitamins.

But what if energy drinks are your only source of energy?.

Sure, having energy drinks as your go-to source of energy can be appealing. However, if not used properly, energy drinks might show negative side effects. When consumed in excess, the various substances in energy drinks may make you sick and even throw up.

Read on if you wish to know more on this topic.

Do energy drinks make you nauseous?

A lot of Energy drinks are particularly acidic so they can irritate the stomach lining (coffee can also have this effect, but only till you establish a tolerance).

Gastritis does not affect everyone who uses energy drinks, but if you do, you will have symptoms such as inflammation, pain, bleeding, and ulcerations in the small intestine and stomach area.

The likely culprit is the high caffeine content of energy drinks, which promotes acid production in the stomach. Extra acid causes heartburn and irritates the stomach and intestinal lining.

Even if you don’t have a history of GERD or any of its variations, it’s best to neutralize the acidic content of Energy Drinks by limiting consumption.

Can I have energy drinks if I have a vomiting tendency?

I feel you can drink energy drinks in moderation if they don’t aggravate your tendency of vomiting due to acidity.

However, if you have a vomiting tendency caused by acid reflux, I recommend that you consult your doctor before using energy drinks.

Because of the high caffeine level, several doctors advise against consuming coffee, tea, energy drinks, and sodas if you have acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as it can induce vomiting and other health issues.

However, for other people, energy drinks do not cause symptoms of acid reflux or GERD, and they can consume them without suffering any negative effects.

It can be difficult to identify the specific chemicals that cause acid reflux/GERD. As acid reflux can be caused by a single item or a combination of foods, so trying to pinpoint the possible culprit becomes daunting.

A 2019 study looked into whether caffeinated drinks, as well as the addition of milk and sugar, induced GERD. It has been found that drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea, as well as adding additives to them, are not connected with acid reflux symptoms.

Some specialists feel that other substances in caffeinated beverages, rather than caffeine, cause acid reflux.

In my opinion, you might benefit from paying close attention to the beverages that cause you acid reflux and just consuming those that you know you can tolerate.

Typical Ingredients of an Energy Drink and their Effects

When drunk in moderation, energy drinks are unlikely to create any health issues. However, the long-term repercussions of drinking energy drinks are poorly understood.


Caffeine is a popular ingredient in practically any energy drink. It is supposed to aid in the reduction of:

  1. The risk of gallstones
  2. Headache
  3. Certain heart illnesses

However, the caffeine content of an energy drink varies depending on the brand.

The maximum daily dosage of 400mg per day is deemed safe for most healthy people to consume.

Caffeine addiction, high blood pressure, anxiety, and digestive difficulties can all result from exceeding the prescribed dosage. Also, it might increase the acidity level of the stomach resulting in throwing up.

Roasted coffee beans.
Caffeine is the main culprit of the vomiting caused by acidity.


Because of its high caffeine level, guarana is a popular energy supplement.

Guarana is mostly utilized in energy drinks to boost energy levels and athletic and mental performance.

During my investigation into guarana, I discovered that:

  1. It was never mentioned that the maximum daily guarana dosage is regarded as safe.
  2. Guarana is regarded safe in little amounts, however minor adverse effects such as insomnia, anxiety, elevated heart rate, and gastrointestinal irritation may occur even after minimal use.
  3. In higher amounts, it is dangerous and perhaps lethal.
  4. It can cause an increase in heart rate and high blood pressure at large levels.
  5. Seizures can result from an overdose.

As it contains caffeine, consuming too much of it can also induce vomiting.


Taurine is found in several energy drinks and it enhances both mental and physical performance.

There isn’t much to say about taurine’s adverse effects based on available evidence. However, little is known regarding taurine’s long-term adverse effects.

As a result, France initially prohibited Red Bull due to its taurine (and caffeine) level, but the prohibition was overturned in 2008.

One thing is known about the long-term benefits of taurine: Japanese people have taurine-rich diets and are recognized for having long life spans.

However, some people reported vomiting just after their taurine intake. So, taurine is also related to vomiting indirectly.


Who hasn’t heard of sugar? It’s wonderful, sweet, and used in practically anything you can think of, including energy drinks.

If you consume too much sugar, you will most certainly have health problems.

Too much sugar has been linked to:

  1. Skin damage
  2. Tiredness
  3. Bloating
  4. Weight gain
  5. Diabetes


Ginseng has been proved to boost the immune system, reduce weariness, and increase energy levels, to name a few of its many benefits.

The word “ginseng” comes from the Chinese word “renshen,” which means “ginseng root.” Ginseng is mostly found in North America and eastern Asia, including Korea, Bhutan, and East Siberia.

Although Ginseng may have minor side effects, you should not be concerned. To be more specific, they could range from restlessness to anxiousness.

However, this is only true if you take them in high quantities or over a lengthy period of time. Nonetheless, I don’t find the side effects to be too annoying.

I have added a youtube video showing the benefits of Ginseng below.

The benefits of Ginseng.

Effects of Energy Drinks on Your Body

Energy drinks may be considered dangerous if used in excess rather than in appropriate amounts. This means you’ll be consuming more than indicated due to caffeine, sugar, and a variety of additional substances.

Excessive usage of energy drinks can have serious consequences, including:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Insomnia
  3. Shaking
  4. Chest pains
  5. Vomiting

These are just some of the mild negative effects, but there are more serious difficulties that can occur as a result of prolonged and excessive energy drink intake, such as:

  1. Kidney stones
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Death
  4. Miscarriage
  5. Caffeine overdose

With these risks in mind, keep track of how much you’re drinking and make sure you’re not over the daily limit of caffeine or sugar.

What is the cleanest drink for energy?

Clean energy drinks are frequently made with naturally-sourced components and are intended to improve mental and physical performance, which is exactly what the Yerba Mate brand hopes to do.

It has a range of additional nutrients, like antioxidants, that may help keep you awake and attentive throughout the day, in addition to caffeine.

Yerba mate tea contains around 90% more antioxidants than green tea, making it one of the healthiest liquids to consume when you need a boost.

Best Energy Drinks to avoid throwing up

Now that we’ve covered all of that, here are the greatest energy drinks that I believe will not harm your health. Check out REIZE, my personal favorite beverage.

Energy DrinkCaffeine SugarCalories
Zipfizz100 mg0 g20 cal
Advocare Spark120 mg0 g15 cal
Celsius200mg-300mg0g10 cal
REIZE (10 out of 10)50 mg0 g11 cal
A table of the best healthy energy drinks with their caffeine, sugar, and calories.


Zipfizz has just 100 milligrams of caffeine and no added sugar, making it a better choice than other energy drinks. 

With a moderate amount of caffeine and no sugar, it is less likely to generate acidity and induce vomiting.

The best part is, that it comes in those cute little tubes that are easy to carry anywhere.

With a lot of vitamins in it, Zipfizz is an excellent accumulation for your regular vitamin consumption. For $2.25 per serving, it isn’t the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive, either.

Zipfizz Energy Drink.
Zipfizz Energy Drink.

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark, another powdered energy drink, is rather healthy in terms of ingredients and overall taste with 120mg of caffeine and no sugar.

However, the caffeine level is still acceptable and far within the suggested range, and you are less likely to face any health-related issues such as acidity and vomiting.

This is due to the fact that an individual’s daily caffeine limit is 400mg, and 120 mg is slightly more than 25%.

Advocare Spark is also sugar-free and contains artificial sweeteners such as sucralose.

Even though it is more potent than Zipfizz, it is less expensive, costing around $2.20 per serving minus shipping. Advocare Spark is thus a really decent price for an energy drink.

Advocare Spark Energy.
Advocare Spark Energy.


Celsius is an energy drink that comes in three varieties, each with a unique flavor. Celsius is also available in ready-to-drink cans and powdered form in sachets.

Celsius also has high caffeine content, ranging from 200mg to 300mg depending on the category. Celsius has a low-calorie count that will not interfere with your total diet, and it is also sugar-free.

I’ve only tried a couple of varieties of Celsius energy drinks so far, but they haven’t disappointed me. The fruity flavors are fantastic, and there was no odd aftertaste, which I normally get with a lot of energy drinks.

Celsius costs roughly $2.50 per can, which isn’t the cheapest option available, but it’s also not outrageous.

Celsius Energy Drink.
Celsius Energy Drink.

REIZE (Top Favorite)

REIZE is, in my opinion, the healthiest option on this list. This is because it provides several perks and advantages.

For starters, it only includes 50mg of caffeine, which is ideal for everybody because it is exactly the correct quantity, neither too much nor too little.

Not to mention that you’d have to consume 8 cups of REIZE to exceed your daily caffeine allowance. That’s the quantity of water you should drink every day, so I doubt you’re drinking that much.

REIZE is also sugar-free, which means you never have to watch your sugar intake. In addition, it has some really wonderful components, such as Ginseng and taurine, which I just stated.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

Final Verdict

  • A lot of strength Drinks are extremely acidic, causing irritation of the stomach lining (coffee can also have this effect, but only until tolerance is established).
  • Gastritis does not affect everyone who consumes energy drinks, but if you do, you will have inflammation, pain, bleeding, and ulcerations in the small intestine and stomach.
  • The high caffeine component of energy drinks, which encourages acid production in the stomach, is most likely to blame. Heartburn is caused by excess acid, which irritates the stomach and intestinal lining.
  • A few refreshing liquids that can soothe your stomach and help you to prevent vomiting are
  1. Ginger ale
  2. Lemon-lime water
  3. Sparkling water