Buying Zip Fizz online? How to find the best Zipfizz deals

Zipfizz orange cream can be bought online.

Zipfizz is a powder energy drink sold in single-serving tubes. Zipfizz is available in 11 flavors, with each tube containing 100mg of caffeine.

Zipfizz recommend mixing a single tube with 16-20 ounces of water.

Where to buy Zipfizz online

The best places to buy Zipfizz online are:

Amazon (you can sometimes find great deals)

Sam’s Club

The Vitamin Shoppe


Amazon and Sam’s Club look to be the lowest price, The Vitamin Shoppe looks like it’s the most expensive. It looks like there are some sellers on Ebay that are matching the lower prices found elsewhere online, but some of the sellers are trying to charge almost double.

Shop around to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

Different sellers charge vastly different prices for Zipfizz.
It’s easy to pay too much if you don’t shop around.

Where to buy Zipfizz in stores

If you would prefer to grab some Zipfizz from a store, you can pick some up from your local:



Bartell Drugs


BJ’s Wholesale Club

How much does Zipfizz cost?

Zipfizz costs around $2.25 per tube, but prices do vary slightly depending on where you buy it and how much you buy at a time. There may also be discounted prices that pop up from time to time, but in my experience they are not very common.

At slightly over $2 per serve, Zipfizz energy drink is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive energy drink on the market. It’s about middle of the pack.

It’s far cheaper than some energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar, but it’s more than twice the price of REIZE Energy Drink, which I think is much better than Zipfizz.

The ingredients label on the back of a Zipfizz tube.
The ingredients label on a the back of a tube of Zipfizz. One tube costs around $2.

The best deals on Zipfizz

I’ve spent several hours searching online for Zipfizz and the best deal I could find was Amazon Prime. $36.99 for a 30-pack of a single flavor, which works out to be just over $1.23 per drink.

That’s not a bad deal, but it’s still more than I pay for REIZE.

Does Zipfizz have good reviews?

Like any drink, some people love it and some people definitely don’t. People have very different tastes and it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

To see the good reviews, just go to Amazon and filter to show only the 5-star reviews. You’ll find lots of happy customers. But, to hear from the people that didn’t have such a great experience you can filter the reviews to show only the 1-star reviews.

It seems that the staff at are among the group of people that don’t love Zipfizz.

I also reviewed 10 of the 11 Zipfizz flavors myself, which you might find helpful.

How to save by buying in bulk

Like most items that are available online, it’s often cheaper to buy in bulk rather than just buying a little here and there.

Unfortunately, the largest quantity I could find on Amazon was a 30-pack. Hardly the way to save mega bucks.

This is one of the reasons that I prefer REIZE. Not only is REIZE much more affordable than Zipfizz, but I can buy serious quantities and take advantage of discounted pricing because I’m buying in bulk.

Just because you’re buying in bulk, that doesn’t mean that you should consume them in bulk. Always drink energy drinks in moderation.

How much caffeine is in a Zipfizz?

Each Zipfizz tube contains 100mg of caffeine.

For comparison, that’s about as much as you get in a regular cup of coffee, or slightly more than you get in an 8.4 ounce can of Red Bull.

Zipfizz is at the lower end of the scale in terms of energy drinks with the highest caffeine.

Does Zipfizz give you energy?

In my experience, yes, Zipfizz does give you a nice energy boost.

I noticed an increase in alertness and wakefulness from about 30 minutes after drinking a Zipfizz until about 2 hours later. The energy boost wasn’t overpowering, and I didn’t notice any crash.

I guess that’s to be expected though, because it is sugar-free.

I love that aspect of sugar-free energy drinks – no need to worry about the dreaded “sugar crash”.

But, keep in mind that everyone’s sensitivity to caffeine is different and your experience from drinking Zipfizz might be very different to what I felt.

Does Zipfizz have electrolytes?

Technically, yes, Zipfizz does contain electrolytes.

But, it’s worth digging beneath the surface for a little more information on this point.

Despite the fact that the Zipfizz website says “high electrolytes”, the packaging doesn’t mention anything at all about containing electrolytes.

After taking a closer look at the list of ingredients, I think that the ingredients that might be counted as electrolytes are magnesium and potassium.

However, if you take a closer look at the amount of each of those ingredients inside a tube of Zipfizz you’ll find that they both fall well short of the recommend daily supplementation level.

A tube of Zipfizz contains just 100mg of magnesium, but health experts suggest 300-900mg per day is required to get benefits from taking it.

Similarly to magnesium, a tube of Zipfizz contains just 950mg of Potassium. Health experts say we should be getting at least 4,700mg of potassium each day.

This means that, although both magnesium and potassium can be considered electrolytes, that they are found in such small amounts that you won’t get any electrolyte benefits from drinking a Zipfizz.

Perhaps that’s why they don’t mention “electrolytes” on their packaging. It does seem kind of strange to me.

The Zipfizz website says it contains "high electrolytes"
The Zipfizz website proudly mentions “high electrolytes”, but the product packaging doesn’t.

Benefits of Zipfizz

Zipfizz comes out ahead of many competing energy drinks on a range of points, but falls behind on others.

These are some of the good things about Zipfizz energy drink:

• Low cost per drink (but still more than double the price of REIZE)

• Good energy boost

• No sugar crash

• Convenient, lightweight packaging

• Ability to mix the powder with as much water as you like to suit your taste

• Wide range of flavors

Side effects of Zipfizz

We’ve talked about the good, but what about the negatives of Zipfizz?

Here are some not-so-great things about Zipfizz:

• It’s questionable as to whether or not it’s actually a “healthy energy drink”, as the label suggests

• The price is more than double some alternatives, such as REIZE

• Ridiculously high levels of vitamin B12

• The way they market their proprietary blend as though it is something magical (Zipfizz isn’t the only brand that does this though)

• Falling short of the clinically effective dose of antioxidants, but still proudly calling their proprietary blend “botanical antioxidant blend”. This is misleading.

• Zipfizz is foreign owned

Is Zipfizz actually healthy?

I don’t think so, but make your own judgement.

I think that Zipfizz puts “healthy energy drink” on their packaging and call their trademarked blend of ingredients something with “antioxidant” in it purely for marketing purposes.

If you look at the ingredients in Zipfizz and compare it to other energy drinks you’ll likely come to the same conclusion that I came to – Zipfizz is no better or worse than any other energy drink on the market.

In fact, in some ways you could certainly argue that it isn’t healthy. Having too much vitamin B12 and vitamin C doesn’t do us any good and can potentially cause a range of health problems.

One thing I will say that is good about Zipfizz is that it only contains 20 calories per serving. But if you’re counting calories you should also take a look at REIZE, which contains even fewer calories than Zipfizz.

One final thought about the idea of Zipfizz being a “healthy energy drink”. If Zipfizz is so healthy, why does the label say “Not recommended for children, pregnant women, people sensitive to caffeine, or people with a health condition”.

Surely, if Zipfizz was the elixir of good health it would be the go-to drink to make us better if we weren’t feeling well, right?

Is Zipfizz gluten free?

Yes, Zipfizz is gluten free.

Well, it’s printed on the label, so I would hope that was true.

But, I certainly have my doubts about some of their other claims, so who actually knows what’s true from these guys.

Can Zipfizz help you to lose weight?

No, drinking Zipfizz without doing exercise will not help you to lose any pounds.

It would be great if it were true, but unfortunately, several studies have shown that drinking caffeinated drinks alone does not cause weight loss.

However, those studies have shown that drinking caffeine in combination with exercise can cause more weight loss than exercising without caffeine.

Bottoms up!

…but, don’t forget to hit the gym afterwards.

Does Zipfizz break a fast?

Most people tend to think that Zipfizz does not break a fast, but it does contain artificial sweeteners which are known to spike insulin levels.

The only way to really be sure is to check your blood sugar levels, which is something that most people wouldn’t be able to do.

I do some regular intermittent fasting myself and I am not willing to have a Zipfizz while I’m fasting, but maybe I’m just being overly conservative.

Do your own research or consult a health professional for a definitive answer.

Is 100mg of caffeine a lot?

That depends a lot on your physical makeup and sensitivity to caffeine.

For some people, 100mg of caffeine will blow their socks off. For others, they won’t even feel it.

In my opinion, 100mg of caffeine is a good amount to include in a drink. I usually like anywhere in the 50-100mg of caffeine range. I feel like any more than 100mg of caffeine and it can be a bit much. I often feel hot flushes and am noticeably thirstier after drinking more than that amount.

But, 100mg of caffeine works nicely for me.

It’s roughly equivalent to the amount of caffeine that you would get in a regular cup of Joe.

The FDA recommends adults should limit their daily caffeine consumption to 400mg. Zipfizz themselves recommend no more than 3 tubes per day, but I think that limit might have more to do with the other ingredients than the caffeine.

After all, if a single tube contains 41,667% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12, just do the math on that!

If you had 3 Zipfizz tubes in a day you would have consumed more vitamin B12 than you should in 3 full months. That sounds pretty risky to me, especially when our bodies can’t extract any additional benefits from surplus vitamin B or C.

Other products like Zipfizz

There are lots of good products like Zipfizz.
There are lots of great alternatives to Zipfizz available.

Zipfizz is good, no doubt about it. But there’s an entire world of great energy drinks out there.

Here’s few of my favorite brands and flavors that I suggest you take a look at:

Ready-to-drink cans:

Red Bull

• Rockstar

Monster Import



Xyience energy drinks


Rip It energy

XS Energy Drink

Bing energy drink

Powder energy drinks

Advocare Spark



Or you could even try caffeine pills or Mio if you’re willing to venture away from regular caffeinated drinks.

The above list are some of the best energy drinks on the market, but there are also many other awesome energy drinks out there too.

What I prefer instead of Zipfizz

I’ve tried 10 of the 11 Zipfizz flavors. I liked some and didn’t really care too much for others.

No matter how many other energy drinks I try (and I’ve tried a lot), I still can’t go past my all-time favorite.

REIZE Energy Drink.

It’s just the complete package. REIZE gives a great energy boost, tastes amazing, is sugar-free, very low in calories, ships right to your door, and best of all – you can get it for around $1 per drink.

Less than half the price of Zipfizz, and much cheaper than other drinks like Rockstar and Monster.

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that you prefer it to Zipfizz.

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