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The drink X Gamer, which is made of powder and dissolves readily in water, can heighten your senses and excite your palate. For gamers, it offers the ideal formula for concentration and energy.

The X-Gamer energy drink has a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex, as per the website’s FAQ section. There are also other additions, including sucralose, caffeine, colorings, and taurine.

It is easily available in Sweden through the access of online websites that make an online purchase and doorstep delivery easy and accessible.

It is less sugary than other drinks, but because it still contains 200 mg of caffeine, you shouldn’t consume more than one serving daily or do so frequently.

If you’re still unclear about whether the X-Gamer energy drink is useful or not, keep reading for a comprehensive analysis.

Nutritional Facts Of X-Gamer Sweden

X-Gamer has a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex to help protect your body, nootropic amino acids to help focus your mind, and no sugar, so each 500-ml serving only has 31 kcal.

Let’s examine its nutrition table to determine whether or not its nutrients are healthful.

NutrientsAmount Per
Serving (10g)
Energy31 calories
Vitamin E3.2mg
Vitamin B60.6mcg
Vitamin B126.8mcg
Pantothenic Acid2.4mg
These are the various nutrients present in X-Gamer


Calories in excess may cause weight gain.

The calories in a 10g pack of X-Gamer are 31.

When compared to comparable energy drink brands like Monster (210 calories per 16 fl. oz. can) and Rockstar, X-Gamer has fewer calories (250 calories per 16 fl. oz. can).

A low-calorie energy drink is called X-Gamer. Additionally, X-Gamer is beneficial for those who are on a low-calorie diet.

1,200–1,500 calories per day are consumed by a low-calorie diet, resulting in a calorie deficit and weight loss. Normally, women should consume 2,000 calories per day and men should ingest 2,500.

B Vitamins

For general health, X-Gamer has 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex.

Multivitamins provide vitamins that are not obtained through diet. Additionally, they are used to treat vitamin deficiencies brought on by disease, pregnancy, inadequate nutrition, digestive issues, and a variety of other problems.

The benefits of each of the multivitamins in X-Gamer are listed in the table below.

Types Of VitaminsFunctions
Vitamin CThis essential vitamin can prevent anemia, improve mood and protect your heart
Vitamin EIt supports the maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, and immune systems
Vitamin K1It helps produce a number of proteins needed for blood clotting and bone development.
Vitamin B6This necessary vitamin can protect your heart, enhance your mood, and prevent anemia.
Vitamin B12It supports the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, the metabolism of amino acids, and the growth of the brain and immune system.
Vitamin B3It helps maintain both the neurological system’s and the mind’s regular functioning.
Vitamin B2It is necessary for the growth and operation of the skin, digestive tract lining, blood cells, and other essential organs.
Vitamin B1It might make the immune system stronger and make the body better able to handle stressful situations.
Vitamin B9It plays a crucial role in the body’s genetic material, DNA and RNA, which is produced as cells and tissues expand quickly.
Vitamin Complex Found in X-Gamer


3g of carbohydrates and 0.2g of added sugar are present in X-Gamer.

Sweets and desserts are common food items that contain sugar.

Given that people should consume no more than 37.5g of sugar per day for men and 25g per day for women, this amount for one meal is often seen as safe.

X-Gamer’s modest sugar content only meets 0.5–0.8% of your daily sugar requirements.

If you’re interested, sucralose, maltodextrins, and dextrose monohydrate are the sources of these carbs and added sugar.

Sucralose, a calorie-free artificial sweetener, replaces sugar in the X-Gamer energy beverage.

It is widely marketed under the name Splenda and is around 600 times sweeter than sugar. It is believed to have no effect on our insulin or blood sugar levels, unlike sugar.

Ingredients In X-Gamer Sweden

Energy drinks are sold by the Swedish firm X-Gamer. You know you can’t complain about the energy boost you’ll get from it because each serving contains 200 mg of caffeine.

Also included in the supplement are “nootropic amino” such as L-tyrosine and L-carnitine, which improve mental and cognitive function. Furthermore, it has more than 20 different flavors available.

Let’s have a look at its full ingredient list:

  1. Taurine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Dextrose Monohydrate
  4. Vitamin and Minerals Complex
  5. Maltodextrin
  6. Malic acid
  7. Citric acid
  8. Ascorbic acid
  9. Flavorings
  10. Sweetener (sucralose)
  11. L-carnitine
  12. L-tyrosine


Meat and fish are good sources of taurine.

The sulfur-containing amino acid taurine is seen in rather elevated concentrations in a number of bodily organs, including the heart and brain.

Taurine functions as an antioxidant, aids in energy metabolism, maintains healthy gene expression and shields your cells from many forms of stress.

Early research indicates that taurine may support good cognitive function, especially as you age when it comes to memory and learning.

A diet lacking in taurine had an effect on retinal health in trials including both people and animals. It might aid in protecting the retina’s photoreceptors, or light-sensitive cells.

Taurine in energy drinks

L-Tyrosine And L-Carnitine

The ingredients in X-Gamer’s nootropic blend include L-Carnitine and L-Tyrosine.

L-carnitine aids in weight loss and has a big impact on how the brain functions. L-Tyrosine supports mental alertness and helps you maintain mental clarity even when you are sleep deprived.

L-tyrosine is a crucial building block in the synthesis of a number of crucial neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

L-carnitine taken in high doses (5 grams or more per day) can make you sick. Other uncommon adverse effects include a rash, body odor, and increased hunger.

Caffeine In X-Gamer Sweden

X-Gamer contains a high caffeine content.

A 10-gram serving of X-Gamer contains approximately 200 mg of caffeine, which is a considerable quantity for a 10-gram pack.

Its caffeine concentration is still less than that of Bang, one of the strongest energy drinks on the market (300 mg per 16 fl. oz.).

Your daily limit should be one pack of X-Gamer caffeinated beverages. Overstepping the FDA’s suggested limit can result in issues like:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Agitation
  3. Sleeping problems
  4. Tremors
  5. Restlessness

When your body eliminates caffeine, you might also feel these symptoms.

The FDA has stated that for fit people, 400 mg per day of coffee is an amount that is not generally related to detrimental or adverse effects.

If you rely on caffeine to keep you awake for an extended period of time, you may experience a caffeine crash. Following a caffeine crash, you could experience extreme fatigue and sleepiness.

Where To Buy X-Gamer Sweden?

Price of X-Gamer Sweden
Price of X-Gamer Sweden

X-Gamer energy drinks are sold on Amazon, GamerBulk, MaxGaming, Energy Drink Shop, and their official website. To find the best bargains on these websites, you’ll need to do some research.

Due to continuing season promotions, these websites have somewhat lower prices than those supplied by the official website. I’d advise you to at least try one tub of X-Gamer or perhaps a sachet.

You will be able to purchase the next tub from the right place if it turns out to be the exact beverage you are seeking. It is advisable to double-check the shipping cost and delivery window before confirming your transaction.

A tub of X-Gamer energy drink typically costs 399 kr, depending on where you get it.

The bulk of available energy drinks is fairly reasonably priced per serving. As an outcome, the X-Gamer energy drink is relatively inexpensive.

Is X-Gamer Sweden Bad For You?

As long as you consume X-Gamer in moderation, it is not harmful to your health.

It contains a multivitamin complex that will support the wellness of your body. The nootropic combination supports brain function.

It contains a high amount of caffeine, which is excellent in terms of providing you with an effective high-energy boost, yet if you stick to a can per day, it is unlikely to hurt you.

It is sugar-free and low in calories, which makes it safe from excessive sugar intake’s side effects like heart attacks, weight gain, and skin issues.

Even though X-Gamer is intended for gamers and people working in the Esports industry, anyone who needs an increase in energy, attention, or physical performance might benefit from drinking it.

To be safe and prevent issues, as I always advise, consume in moderation.

Alternatives To X-Gamer Sweden

FPS Outbreak Nutritional Powder

FPS Outbreak
FPS contains 10 calories and no sugar.

Outbreak Nutrition, one of the best energy beverages on the market, offers just 10 calories, is completely sugar-free, and has a small amount of caffeine.

B vitamins and other healthy ingredients are also included in this energy drink powder. It has between 125 and 250 mg of caffeine, 10 calories, and no carbs.

You can increase your energy levels by using this energy drink powder. This energy drink powder is also convenient to use and comes in a number of flavors.

Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer
Ghost Gamer is specifically designed for gamers who are up all night.

Ghost Gamer Energy is a powdered energy drink created especially for e-sports enthusiasts because it improves mental focus, which enhances performance.

With vitamins, minerals, and other components, it has a small quantity of caffeine. It has 8 calories, less than 1g of sugar, and 75mg of caffeine.

Each serving of this beverage provides a variety of nutrients, and the amount of caffeine is just appropriate. Having said that, Ghost Gamer energy would undoubtedly be beneficial to your health if consumed in moderation.


Nothing beats a glass of REIZE.

REIZE is a powdered energy beverage that comes in small, convenient 4g sachets. REIZE has a reasonable 50mg of caffeine, no added sugar, and only 11 calories per serving.

Additionally, REIZE has a clever concoction of healthy components like taurine, ginseng, and B-group vitamins that combine to give you a smooth energy boost without the dreaded sugar crashes.

The best thing is that REIZE offers incredible value by shipping to your door for about $1 for every drink.

Give REIZE a try, and you might agree that it’s the best pick-me-up to get you energized and awake for school. Try REIZE!


  • You can significantly increase your efficiency and attentiveness for a lengthy gaming session with only one serving of X-Gamer. Additionally, it contains nootropics and a multivitamin complex, both of which are good for your health and cognitive performance.
  • It is easy to find it online; thanks to both its official website and Amazon. Despite being hard to find in Swedish stores, you can order this drink online and have it delivered. A large 600g tub that holds up to 60 servings costs around 399 kr.
  • It provides you with practically nutritious nutrients your body needs each day. Due to the fact that one pack can make your day full, it is not at all expensive to purchase.

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