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Buy Rogue Energy Drink Canada (Sincere Review)

Buy Rogue Energy Drink Canada (Sincere Review)

Since 2017, Rogue Energy has positioned itself as one of the most popular energy drinks among gamers. It boasts a fruity flavor profile and nutritious components and provides a nice energy boost.

It contains no sugar and only five calories. Every serving contains the appropriate number of nootropic pills to help you become more imaginative, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients.

Because of these possible benefits, Rogue is appropriate for gamers, students, athletes, businesspeople, and anybody who requires improved focus and mental power.

Is Rogue, on the other hand, loyal to its word? In this essay, I’ll look at Rogue’s benefits, downsides, and whether you can buy Rogue Energy Drink in Canada or not.

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Ingredients of Rogue Energy

A normal Rogue Energy Drink typically contains the following ingredients, although the exact components may vary depending on the flavor:

Energy ComplexL-Carnitine Tartrate, Glucuronolactone, L-Citrulline, Taurine, Glycine, Caffeine Anhydrous.
Focus Complex N-Acetyl Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Theanine, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Herb.
Ingredients of Rogue Energy.


An amino acid called taurine can be made by humans and is present in some foodstuffs.

All flavors of the powdered energy drink Rogue possess taurine. Fish, meat, and dairy products contain taurine, a crucial amino acid.

To improve the nutritional range of energy beverages like Rowdy Energy, taurine is added.

It has several health advantages, such as retaining calcium cells, bile salt regulation, electrolyte balance, and nervous system process regulation.

The use of taurine has this paper‘s approval, and daily doses of up to 3000mg are considered safe.

The excessive ingestion of taurine can be harmful, causing:

  1. Nausea
  2. Dizziness
  3. Headache
  4. Difficulty walking

L-Carnitine Tartrate

L-Carnitine helps you supervise your low blood levels, tartrate is frequently utilized as a supplement. Recognize that meat and dairy products are employed to make the chemical known as carnitine.

It helps your body use molecules like fatty acids to produce energy and maintain prevalent health.

L-carnitine tartrate has been demonstrated to enhance athletes’ somewhat quick recovery. Research on the longer-term influences in the general population is lacking, though.


A naturally occurring chemical called glucuronolactone enables your body’s tissues and overall structural makeup.

It’s mainly utilized in energy drinks to elevate mood and boost attentiveness. Additionally, it helps to reduce the likelihood of developing brain fog brought on by several medical disturbances.

Although glucuronolactone is frequently counted to “energy” beverages to boost alertness and enhance athletic performance, solid research isn’t enough to back up this practice.

N-Acetyl Tyrosine

Meat and dairy products frequently include the amino acid tyrosine and are often utilized as an added source of protein.

Tyrosine is additionally employed to treat alcoholism and cocaine addiction. It permits you to sharpen your memory and thinking abilities.

Your body employs it to create proteins, enzymes, thyroid hormones, and the skin pigment melanin.

It also assists in the body’s synthesis of neurotransmitters, which facilitate nerve cell communication. Tyrosine plays a crucial role in synthesizing adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine hormones.

Nutrition Facts of Rogue Energy Drink

A typical Rogue Energy series has 175mg of caffeine, 5 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and substantial amounts of beneficial components such as Choline L-Bitartrate and Vitamin C.

It’s easy to see why Rogue is regarded as the best energy drink in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the vitamins and supplements in Rogue Energy.

NutrientsRogueRecommended Daily Intake
Total Carbohydrates1 g300 mg
Sugar0 g24-36 mg
Sodium70 mg2400 mg
Vitamin C185 mg60 mg
Vitamin B315 mg33 IU
Vitamin B613 mg20 mg
Vitamin B12400 mcg6 mcg
Caffeine175 mg400 mg
Nutrition information of Rogue Energy and RDI chart.
Nutrition facts of Rogue Energy.
Nutrition facts of Rogue Energy.


Rogue Energy includes five calories per serving.

You only get five calories from a 6.9g serving of Rogue energy drink, which is a mediocre and manageable number of calories that won’t significantly impact your diet.

Compared to Rockstar’s 122 calories and Monster’s 240 calories, Rogue appears to be a saint of an energy drink.

You get the energy you need from calories to stay open-eyed and feel energized. You get the power you require for all of your day’s activities from it.

For reference, it’s recommended that a healthy adult ingest no more than 2400 calories per day for males and 2000 to 2400 calories per day for women.


Our bodies use tiny portions of organic compounds called vitamins for various metabolic processes. In essence, they help our bodies function and keep us nourishing.

Do you know that vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant that strengthens our immune technique, also aids in reducing muscle soreness and discomfort?

Your mood, energy level, focus, and even cerebral procedure are all enhanced by vitamin B12.

Let’s examine their roles in more particular.

Vitamin B-3Part of an enzyme required for making new cells; is important to nerve function.
Vitamin B-6Red blood cell production is assisted by this segment of an enzyme required for protein metabolism.
Vitamin B-12Essential for nerve operation and an enzyme component required for cell division.
Positions of B-Vitamins.


The absence of sugar in Rogue energy drinks benefits health-conscious someones.

Energy drinks typically contain sugar as a sweetener and energy origin. In the case of Rogue, it retains caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

This analysis suggests a daily sugar limit of 36g for males and 25g for women.

The following health issues can be sidestepped by controlling your sugar intake:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. Aging skin
  4. Weight gain
  5. High blood pressure

Sucralose is employed by Rogue Energy to provide a sweet savor because it doesn’t include conventional sugar. One of the most favored artificial sweeteners on the market is sucralose. It’s around 600 times sweeter than sucrose; as a bonus, it retains no calories.

Too much sugar can cause your skin to age early, and thankfully Rogue includes none of them.

How much Caffeine is there in Rogue Energy?

Rogue Energy incorporates 175mg of caffeine per serving.

Compared to other potent energy drinks on the market with 300mg or more of caffeine, Rogue’s 175mg is a sensible dose.

However, I find that 50 to 100 mg of caffeine in an energy drink is sufficient to give me the boost I require to keep working.

Though, you must exercise caution because this investigation advises against consuming more than 400mg of caffeine daily. It would help if you heeded this suggestion to avoid adverse side effects like:

  1. Anxiety
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Rapid heartbeat
  4. Nervousness
  5. Restlessness
  6. Dehydration

Additionally, you should be aware that consuming highly caffeinated energy beverages while pregnant or as a child isn’t advised.

To prevent caffeine toleration, you should also keep an eye on your body. To get the proper dose of caffeine, be sure to comprehend your level of caffeine sensitivity.

I’ve added a youtube video showing more about caffeine.

The functioning of caffeine in keeping us awake.

Price of Rogue Energy

A tub costs around $34 CAD, and five sachets range from $10 to $11.

A 5.9g pack of Rogue formula costs between $10 and $11. You can select the taste because each pack contains five sachets. Each sachet technically costs roughly $2.

Another variant is available in 204g to 207g tubs with 30 servings for $1 per serving. Rogue is a fifth of the price of comparable energy drinks.

Even if the price may be a bit costly for most people, I believe the vitamins and nutrients make up for it. Of course, you’ve complete control over the pricing of your beverage.

Where to buy Rogue Energy in Canada?

Purchase of Rogue Energy can be made via the company’s websites, Ubuy, and desertcart.

If you’re purchasing a Rogue Energy drink online, these are the securest and dependable places to do it.

Given its cost, Rogue is undoubtedly justified, in my opinion. Keep an eye on online marketplaces since, occasionally, you might find incredible deals there.

Rogue Energy is available at online stores from where you can purchase it, even if you are in Canada.

Official Website

Rogue Energy Drink is the most trustworthy website where you can get Rogue energy powder without bothering about quality.

Rogue Energy Drinks’ official website gives updates on new flavorsnew discounts, and Rogue Energy Drinks information.

The following are the payment procedures available through its website:

  1. Shop Pay
  2. Amazon Pay
  3. Google Pay
  4. Paypal


Ubuy offers over 100 million brand-new, one-of-a-kind products from the best international brands in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries via its website and app.

Ubuy facilitates seamless and limited payment methods, as well as faster checkouts, all while enhancing the shopper’s experience. As it’s an International Shopping portal, you can easily find your desired flavor of Rogue, and they will ship them to your region.


With over 100 million products cataloged on the Internet and supplied from all over the world at previously unfathomable delivery speeds, we’re pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished by combining cutting-edge technology and effective supply chain management.

You can find your desired flavor of Rogue Energy here, and like Ubuy, this website ships goods to Canada.

Best Alternative to Rogue Energy- REIZE

REIZE is my favorite energy drink because it encloses no sugar and only a small amount of caffeine.

Each REIZE sachet has 50mg of caffeine, which I consider adequate.

REIZE also contains a wide range of important nutrients, including ginseng, taurine, and B vitamins, which work together to provide a sustained energy boost with no crash.

 REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

You may also combine it with your favorite beverage and alter the concentration of your energy drink by adding or subtracting liquid from the REIZE powder.

REIZE can be delivered to your door for as little as $1 per drink, not including delivery.

If you test REIZE right now, I’m convinced you’ll agree it’s a better option.


  • Rogue energy drinks are a popular beverage that retains a well-balanced mixture of various ingredients, the most essential of which is caffeine. It’s a caffeine-free energy drink holding 175 mg of sugar.
  • However, whether it’s Rogue or another energy beverage, always read the nutritional information and keep in mind that exceeding the prescribed daily limits can be unhealthy for your health.
  • If you live in Canada, don’t worry; you can always get Rogue Energy Drink from the websites listed below.
  1. Rogue Energy Official Website
  2. Ubuy
  3. Desertcart

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