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Life Hacker

WHAT ARE LIFE HACKS? There’s a new wave of self improvement and personal development sweeping the internet, and its called Life Hacking. You’ve seen the term “Life Hacks” peppering your social media news feeds for months now, right? These tiny alterations can upgrade your daily lives and increase your productivity. Upgrade your happiness, and ensure good living. But what the hell does that actually mean? Well, life hacking is a skill. Derived from a tech community term, literally thought of as a way of finding the cheat code to life, plugging it in, and boom! Instant self improvement! Here you’ll find a collection of articles and blog entries that encompass the wealth of what we’ve found to share with you, so you too can beat the man, and bypass that real-life end-boss that’s been giving you sleepless nights! Happiness is a few short clicks away!


Cognition, focus and concentration

They say that ignorance is bliss, but true happiness can only be found by understanding the world around us. But how do we think? Over the last few years, it’s become clear that we don’t all think the same, and as a result, we don’t all learn the same. Take the concept of focus. Only a few short years back, kids in school were discouraged from jostling in their chairs. Fiddling with your pen while the teacher was talking was seen as a sign that you weren’t paying attention, and as a result, were a sub-par student! Flash forward to today, and fidget spinners are seen as a route to self improvement and personal development for kids with ADD and ADHD! The world is taking too long to change for you, so you’ve got to think outside the box and change it for yourself! Life Hack the system, push that self improvement, and amaze those around you with your newfound powers of concentration!

Saving money

Goldfish are an incredibly interesting creature (stay with me for a moment). They never suffer from being a 'big fish in a small pond'. There is something inside of them that instinctually responds to the space around them, growing to fill it. That's what money is like. If you don't pay attention to it, you're always going to struggle. Say goodbye to happiness. Bon voyage, good living. Don't believe us? Take five minutes. Go look up your postcode on a real estate website. We'll wait. Done? Have you wiped away enough tears to be able to read again? Good. The life hacking that rich people employ isn't about earning more... I mean, sure, that helps, but the secret is about efficiency. Why pay $100 to get somewhere when you could spend $10? Sure, you're a millionaire, and that money is a drop in the ocean to you... but if you drain the ocean, drop at a time, it's still going to wind up being empty.

Students and study

If life hacking is all about maximising your wealth to upgrade your happiness, then who needs life hacks more than students? Students have always been the poster children for ingenuity in good living. Their efficiency in making meals out of two-minute noodles in order to stretch drinking dollars further is life hacking 101! But is saving $2 to go towards another beer all we’re talking about? What about improving your productivity after a night on the binge? What about personal development? Did you know that there are, and have been for over a decade, more law students than there are practicing lawyers? Marketing students are being taught how to market themselves to companies due to a lack of jobs! So what’s the trick? How do you navigate your way through the system? Life hacking! As a student, you're not just life hacking for good living, your career at this point is all about personal development. So, how can you increase the efficiency of your study time, without sacrificing your happiness, and somehow gain employment when its all over? Well, we’ve got a few life hacks that will help with that.

Work and employment

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5? Man, that sucks. I bet your happiness is at an all time low, and you can’t have a life outside of weekends, right? WRONG! There are 24 usable hours in every day to upgrade your happiness! Instead of looking at how you’re stuck, look at the gaps and see what you can do to maximise your daily potential. First off, take a look at the job you’re currently working. How much personal development are you getting there? It’s easy to get lost in the machine and see yourself as just a cog in the corporate drive for productivity. But remember, you’re the most complex computational device ever developed! So look at your workplace and see what you can get out of it! What can you learn? How can you upgrade? Second off, to quote the quintessential philosophers – Wicked Sister - “What do you want to do with your life?” (and the answer should always be “I want to rock!”). Are you where you want to be? If not, how can you bend your workplace to your needs to aid your personal development, and take that next step? It’s all about self improvement! Maybe the answer isn’t where you’re at, and you need to peace out of this corporate cubicle hell with the know-how to start your own business, and show the world just how awesome your homebrew skills are! That’s life hacking! There are secrets to increasing your happiness in every workplace. We just have to show you the life hacks to find them.