Good Health

Good Health

No matter your age, good health habits and fitness will improve your quality of life, helping you live longer and happier. We all want to be healthier, leaner, smarter versions of ourselves, and although a magic pill can’t give you that, a good balanced exercise regime and a healthy diet can. There is PLENTY of information on how to form good health habits and improve your health but how do you filter through them all? Here are the best tips we've found to help you supercharge yourself.


Health habits

Habit can be a scary word for some people. I mean let’s face it, your unhealthy habits probably exist because you took the easy way out. Short on time? Pick up some take out. Feeling tired after work? Bum out on the couch for hours on end. Slipped up on the diet? Eat a whole bar of chocolate, a family bucket of KFC and small family (not really, but you get me?). You get the drift; our unhealthy habits are just that. Unhealthy. In fact, most people don’t even realise that some of the simplest changes in their every day routine can get them on the good health bandwagon. Sometimes the simplest of notions, like taking the stairs over the lift, can improve our health. Other times more drastic measures may need to be taken, like starting a regular exercise routine or changing our diet. Think about your daily habits. Do they need to be changed? Are they impacting your health in a positive or negative way? Whatever unhealthy habits you’re trying to kick, we’ve got you covered.


The golden key to good health is nutrition. It is often touted as being the major player in improving our body functioning. And no, we promise that it’s not all about meal prep. I mean, don’t get us wrong, planning your weekly meals go a long way. It helps you get the right foods and nutrition when on a training regime. And heck, even if you’re not training, planning out your weekly meals avoids those unnecessary slip ups. Eliminating those fast food trips and suppressing the ‘anything goes’ mindset when the hunger kicks in. However, there’s more to nutrition than just meal prep and calorie counting. In order to improve our health we must first understand what exactly we consume and what it does to our bodies. It’s about knowing what your body needs, how much it needs, what is good and not so great for you and how all of these things work to get your body at an optimal functioning level.

Gym tips

Do you even lift bro? Well do you? We’ve all seen those gym fail compilations where some un-suspecting guy is doing his thing at the gym, seemingly working out his head (what?) on a completely irrelevant machine, all the while being unknowingly filmed, waiting to become the next accidental, viral internet-meme. Sucks to be him, right? We can’t blame him. The gym can be a daunting place. With all the machines, classes and work outs out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Whether you’re a regular at the gym and can bench your mate with your eyes closed or are just thinking about joining your local gym, we’ve got some tips and tricks to get you to the next level.
Fuel Your GOALS

Types of exercise

There are plenty of different ways to exercise out there, but whether you’re running, dancing, kayaking or doing yoga it’s bound to fall under the 4 over-arching types of exercise listed below. Aerobic/endurance exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. This type of exercise improves your overall fitness as well as your health of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. This includes the likes of jogging, sports, swimming etc Strength exercises make our muscles and bones stronger. It tones our body as well as burning fat whilst a muscle ratio improves. Examples include lifting weights and using resistance machines at the gym. Balance exercises work on making us feel more steadier and helping us later on in life. Examples include tai chi and yoga. Flexibility exercises work on stretching our muscles and help in keeping our body limber as well maintaining a wide range of motion. The obvious exercise of stretching is one of the most effective in this. What exercises have you tried? Which type of physical exercise is best suited for your lifestyle? We've tried A LOT, and if you're after good health, you should too.
There’s always some new trend hitting the fitness industry, and now, more than ever before we as a society have options too when it comes to picking how we want to work out. Only in the last few years has high intensity interval training become mainstream among the public. Specialist work out centres like cross-fit and F45 have gained momentum and have become a common fixture within the fitness industry. Who would have thought that wearable technology would be so intertwined with fitness? From Fit Bits to calorie tracking apps, technology has found a way to integrate into the most physical aspects of our lives. Here at REIZE we love getting amongst it and figuring out which fitness trends are here to stay, and which ones boast more than they’re worth. Join us on our fitness adventures below.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise. Some of us hate it, some of love it, but no matter which way you flip the coin, the health benefits of exercise are unparalleled to any quick fix notions out there. Although it may take a while for us to start noticing the health benefits of our exercise regime, we often feel them straight away. Your heart is pounding, your muscles tighten up and your breathing feels shallow. This is your body reacting to everything happening inside our body whilst we’re working out. As our heart beats quicker to get more blood to our muscles we see an increase in oxygen flow, elimination in metabolic wastes and elimination of heat resulting in ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Apart from the commonly perceived benefits of exercise including losing weight, getting fit and increased mental performance there are plenty more reasons as to why you should start focusing on working up a sweat. Check out some of them below.