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"Gaming - Powered by Reize Energy Drinks A few years ago, the thought that gaming was anything but a pass-time for children was unheard of. Sure, most people in the news media shared fond memories of bashing bricks with Mario, but calling it an industry was, in their mind, ludicrous. How the times have changed! Gaming is now acknowledged as the multi-billion dollar industry that it is. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, from professional gamers to retrogamers. The world of gaming is multifaceted and nuanced. Raking in more money than most Hollywood blockbusters, video games cover a massive spectrum of genres, for PC gamers and console gamers, seeking online games, MMOs, or just a solid experience, locked away with your favourite MMO at home. Whether you’re a n00b or a pro gamer, looking for tips and tricks, the best games, the newest gear, the latest console, or the sweetest platform, we’re here for you."

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Gaming consoles and platforms

"Know what you want to play, but no idea the best way to play it? We've got you covered. Long gone are the days of the bitter animosity of the console versus PC wars, where you had to pick a side and stick with it to the death. Now days, most gamers diversify themselves across a range of different platforms - consoles ranging from state of the art performance machines, all the way back to the re-released classic NES system. Not your speed? Never fear, PCs still lead the way on high performance games and graphics. They present your favourite First Person Shooter hundreds of mods to give you 4k camera quality. Now you can enjoy the scenery while you visit the bloody battlefields of God knows where. On top of all of that, both consoles and PCs offer healthy, and well-established, online formats. You can play your favourite first person shooter any time! That's living the dream, right?"


"Think of the most amazing icecream parlour you've ever walked into. The kind of thing that would blow Willy Wonka's sweet little mind. The variety of flavours in that shop barely covers a fraction of the variety of video games that are available to modern day gamers! First Person Shooters range from the high gloss, team based endeavors of Overwatch, to the gritty, every man for himself model of PUBG. MMOs go from first person to birds eye view strategy simulations, with so many different characters in any given MOBA, you could never play them all! And if that's not enough, it's not like anything ever really goes out of style anymore! Retrogamers, and retro gaming, is a huge slice of the market, with old consoles being met to standing ovations on their re-release, featuring hundreds of bulk-packaged games. Do you miss a simpler time when Sonic the Hedgehog was cool, and gameplay was eye bleedingly difficult? Well, despair no longer, your salvation is on sale now! Whatever your preference, we'll do our best to make sure you know what's out there, and how best to go about stuffing your face full of gaming goodies!"
"Clearly, getting into gaming and keeping up to date with innovations can be a full-time job. That’s why we’re here to take the work out of job for you! Our articles range from advice for new gamers, to hints and tips for pro gaming. We write for a variety of genres, covering all platforms so PC gamers and console gamers will have something to enjoy. As gamers ourselves, we know that there’s a big difference between people who love their MMOs, and those who are obsessed First Person Shooter addicts. But it’s not enough just to write them – you know that articles come out fast and furious. What matters is that the articles that really matter are the easiest ones for you to find."

Gaming Events

Once upon a time, you could sit in the corner of your house, and congratulate yourself with how brilliant you are at your video game of choice, and no one could argue with you. Now? Well, things have gotten a little bit more sophisticated! Thanks to a little thing we like to call the internet, the world has found its way into your home. And thanks to that new found connectivity, the world of gaming has exploded! Gaming events, like the DotA2 championships at Madison Square Gardens, book the venue out regularly. Crowds for Hearthstone and League of Legends make most professional sporting matches look like a school swim carnival! And because they're online, these massive championships get live-streamed to cinemas the world over! But it doesn't stop there! Gaming is now a social experience, dragging you out of your basement and into the world! Rooster Teeth and Penny Arcade have RTX and PAX. These amazing expos see pro gamers and amatuers of any stripe coming together. They promo the latest innovations in online games, MMOs, and sweet new tech. Heck, even just turn up for the cosplay competitions - you'll see your favourite characters on display like never before! It's a big world out there, and we're doing our bit to bring you a little closer to it.

Gaming Equipment

In this day and age, it's not enough to be the best gamer, you need the best gaming equipment. When fractions of a second mean the difference between life and death, you can't afford to have a delay in your LAN or PC performance (frames per second). What is the point in having amazing hand eye coordination if you are under-gunned with a mouse that belongs in the 1990’s. Here we cover everything from keyboard settings to PC performance benchmarks to CPU to memory to graphic cards. Even heart rate monitors to gauge intense times and clutch plays. Basically, anything that can improve your performance as a gamer lives here. For the latest and greatest, unbiased source of information and opinions on gaming equipment look no further.