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About Energy Drinks

Do you want to know all there is to know about energy drinks? You’ve come to the right place. We here at REIZE are committed to sharing all the relevant info you need to know about your favourite go-to beverage. Why? Because it’s our favourite go-to beverage as well! Whether you want to know all the nitty-gritty facts about energy drinks ingredients, origins of energy drinks, varieties and brands, or are just interested in whether or not they do contain bull sperm (spoiler: they don’t), we have the facts for you! Energy drinks, mind and body stimulating beverages loved the world over, come in a range of flavours, styles, and brands. We aim to share all we know about them in our blog posts. Including totally titillating tidbits about taurine - a major ingredient in energy drinks, and not made from the spunk of a bull. Or find out all about how energy drinks give you their signature boost by getting to know the health benefits and side effects of caffeine - both the good and the bad. REIZE are all about balance. REIZE should be your go-to for all things relating to, and about, energy drinks.

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Energy drink ingredients

Have you ever wondered what is actually in your energy drink? Is it just some flavourings, water, and a dash of magic? Of course not! REIZE has all the answers, not just about our own energy drink, we investigate other leading brands enjoyed the world over. Find out all you would ever need to know about energy drink ingredients with our articles on the most common ones. Including taurine, guarana, ginseng, B-vitamins, amino acids, preservatives, to name a few. The most common and most effective ingredient, found in basically every ingredient label, is the world’s favourite psychoactive drug: caffeine. Love it or hate it, caffeine is one of the most contested substances in the world. Scientists cannot decide whether they love it or hate it. It has countless health benefits, but devastating side effects if you ingest too much, too frequently. REIZE wants all our consumers to be wise and informed. Which is why we aim to provide all the information and give it to you. Learn about the different side effects and health benefits of these ingredients. Find out what their sources are - both natural and synthetic - and why they were chosen to be included in so many of the world’s favourite energy drink brands.

Facts about energy drinks

How much do you really know about energy drinks? If there was a trivia night focused on the beverage would you be the quizmaster? No? Well, that’s where we come in. We are obsessed with energy drinks, to the extent where we just assume that everyone else is. To that end, we have gathered up all our knowledge about energy drinks and poured them into our blog posts. We've included every fact we believe you’d like to know. Factoid one, and common misconception, the bull semen thing. We have covered this topic again and again and again. It’s like people just love drama and intrigue. Who knew? No energy drink, to our knowledge, contains the semen of a bull. It’s really a myth, taurine gets its name from Taurus like the bull, and taurine can be found in proteins like bull semen, but trust us. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to synthesise taurine in the lab than to try to get it from a bull. Also, not morally wrong. And probably a lot safer - fewer horns and hooves and less excitement. Do you still not accept it? Read up on our articles and then see if the urban legend holds up to the facts.

Types of energy drinks

The energy drink market is massive, and it is growing year after year. The rising popularity of the beverage and the increased demand from society to be ‘on’ all the time ensures this. There are so many energy drinks brands and styles. And we see that as a checklist for us to go out and explore and compare different styles of energy drinks. In our blog, you’ll find our personal (and honest) reviews of energy drinks, the side effects, flavour, and price range, and more. You can be assured that we will not hold back. We aim to be as unbiased as possible and will give you all the information we can about other energy drink brands and REIZE itself. If you’re interested in the powdered energy drink brands and how they differ from the standard cold fizzy cans, we can think of a few reasons (versatility being the first to come to mind). We want to give our customers all the real info they need to make the best decisions about their favourite energy drinks. From their personal tastes to their budgets. REIZE has you covered.

Energy drink health info

If you have a caffeine intolerance or sensitivity, it should come as no shock that energy drinks are not for you. However, energy drinks can be taken safely as part of a healthy diet. We here at REIZE are all about giving our consumers all the information they want and need to make good decisions about their health and well-being. We know that a healthy lifestyle is all about balancing work and play and being your best self. Energy drinks can give you the boost you need before an exam or to begin your day. Energy drinks can bring an extra oomph to your workout, and give you a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon. How? With the specialised ingredients selected for their mental and physical boosting properties. Some energy drinks include excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar and some are consumed more than the recommended daily intake. Energy drinks can help improve your lifestyle, and well-being, but they shouldn’t be seen as a healthier version of your veggies and fruits. Always read the label and get to know what’s right for your body and your lifestyle. Find out more in our lifestyle blogs and informative articles on the ingredients and side effects of energy drinks. We’ve done the research on energy drink health info, now it’s your turn.