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Good Health

No matter your age, good health habits and fitness will improve your quality of life, helping you live longer and happier. We all want to be healthier, leaner, smarter versions of ourselves, and although a magic pill can’t give you that, a good balanced exercise regime and a healthy diet can. There is PLENTY of information on how to form good health habits and improve your health but how do you filter through them all? Here are the best tips we've found to help you supercharge yourself.

Health habits

Habit can be a scary word for some people. I mean let’s face it, your unhealthy habits probably exist because you took the easy way out. Short on time? Pick up some take out. Feeling tired after work? Bum out on the couch for hours on end. Slipped up on the diet? Eat a whole bar of chocolate, a family bucket of KFC and small family (not really, but you get me?). You get the drift; our unhealthy habits are just that. Unhealthy. In fact, most people don’t even realise that some of the simplest changes in their every day routine can get them on the good health bandwagon. Sometimes the simplest of notions, like taking the stairs over the lift, can improve our health. Other times more drastic measures may need to be taken, like starting a regular exercise routine or changing our diet. Think about your daily habits. Do they need to be changed? Are they impacting your health in a positive or negative way? Whatever unhealthy habits you’re trying to kick, we’ve got you covered.


The golden key to good health is nutrition. It is often touted as being the major player in improving our body functioning. And no, we promise that it’s not all about meal prep. I mean, don’t get us wrong, planning your weekly meals go a long way. It helps you get the right foods and nutrition when on a training regime. And heck, even if you’re not training, planning out your weekly meals avoids those unnecessary slip ups. Eliminating those fast food trips and suppressing the ‘anything goes’ mindset when the hunger kicks in. However, there’s more to nutrition than just meal prep and calorie counting. In order to improve our health we must first understand what exactly we consume and what it does to our bodies. It’s about knowing what your body needs, how much it needs, what is good and not so great for you and how all of these things work to get your body at an optimal functioning level.

Gym tips

Do you even lift bro? Well do you? We’ve all seen those gym fail compilations where some un-suspecting guy is doing his thing at the gym, seemingly working out his head (what?) on a completely irrelevant machine, all the while being unknowingly filmed, waiting to become the next accidental, viral internet-meme. Sucks to be him, right? We can’t blame him. The gym can be a daunting place. With all the machines, classes and work outs out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Whether you’re a regular at the gym and can bench your mate with your eyes closed or are just thinking about joining your local gym, we’ve got some tips and tricks to get you to the next level.

Types of exercise

There are plenty of different ways to exercise out there, but whether you’re running, dancing, kayaking or doing yoga it’s bound to fall under the 4 over-arching types of exercise listed below. Aerobic/endurance exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. This type of exercise improves your overall fitness as well as your health of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. This includes the likes of jogging, sports, swimming etc Strength exercises make our muscles and bones stronger. It tones our body as well as burning fat whilst a muscle ratio improves. Examples include lifting weights and using resistance machines at the gym. Balance exercises work on making us feel more steadier and helping us later on in life. Examples include tai chi and yoga. Flexibility exercises work on stretching our muscles and help in keeping our body limber as well maintaining a wide range of motion. The obvious exercise of stretching is one of the most effective in this. What exercises have you tried? Which type of physical exercise is best suited for your lifestyle? We've tried A LOT, and if you're after good health, you should too.

Training tips

Do you even lift? Do you though? Or more accurately are you doing it right? Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised at how many people get it wrong. Way wrong. But it’s not always about the wrong. It’s about improving your workout, being efficient and getting the most bang for you buck, or muscle for you hussle if you like, to maximise your gains. There are so many things to consider when training. Some of these include food intake, training schedule, types of exercises, work out supplements, energy boosters, work out gear and so on. Small changes go a long way and if you’re in it to win it, then why not check out some hot tips from us here at REIZE.
There’s always some new trend hitting the fitness industry, and now, more than ever before we as a society have options too when it comes to picking how we want to work out. Only in the last few years has high intensity interval training become mainstream among the public. Specialist work out centres like cross-fit and F45 have gained momentum and have become a common fixture within the fitness industry. Who would have thought that wearable technology would be so intertwined with fitness? From Fit Bits to calorie tracking apps, technology has found a way to integrate into the most physical aspects of our lives. Here at REIZE we love getting amongst it and figuring out which fitness trends are here to stay, and which ones boast more than they’re worth. Join us on our fitness adventures below.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise. Some of us hate it, some of love it, but no matter which way you flip the coin, the health benefits of exercise are unparalleled to any quick fix notions out there. Although it may take a while for us to start noticing the health benefits of our exercise regime, we often feel them straight away. Your heart is pounding, your muscles tighten up and your breathing feels shallow. This is your body reacting to everything happening inside our body whilst we’re working out. As our heart beats quicker to get more blood to our muscles we see an increase in oxygen flow, elimination in metabolic wastes and elimination of heat resulting in ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Apart from the commonly perceived benefits of exercise including losing weight, getting fit and increased mental performance there are plenty more reasons as to why you should start focusing on working up a sweat. Check out some of them below.


"Gaming - Powered by Reize Energy Drinks A few years ago, the thought that gaming was anything but a pass-time for children was unheard of. Sure, most people in the news media shared fond memories of bashing bricks with Mario, but calling it an industry was, in their mind, ludicrous. How the times have changed! Gaming is now acknowledged as the multi-billion dollar industry that it is. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, from professional gamers to retrogamers. The world of gaming is multifaceted and nuanced. Raking in more money than most Hollywood blockbusters, video games cover a massive spectrum of genres, for PC gamers and console gamers, seeking online games, MMOs, or just a solid experience, locked away with your favourite MMO at home. Whether you’re a n00b or a pro gamer, looking for tips and tricks, the best games, the newest gear, the latest console, or the sweetest platform, we’re here for you."

Gaming consoles and platforms

"Know what you want to play, but no idea the best way to play it? We've got you covered. Long gone are the days of the bitter animosity of the console versus PC wars, where you had to pick a side and stick with it to the death. Now days, most gamers diversify themselves across a range of different platforms - consoles ranging from state of the art performance machines, all the way back to the re-released classic NES system. Not your speed? Never fear, PCs still lead the way on high performance games and graphics. They present your favourite First Person Shooter hundreds of mods to give you 4k camera quality. Now you can enjoy the scenery while you visit the bloody battlefields of God knows where. On top of all of that, both consoles and PCs offer healthy, and well-established, online formats. You can play your favourite first person shooter any time! That's living the dream, right?"


"Think of the most amazing icecream parlour you've ever walked into. The kind of thing that would blow Willy Wonka's sweet little mind. The variety of flavours in that shop barely covers a fraction of the variety of video games that are available to modern day gamers! First Person Shooters range from the high gloss, team based endeavors of Overwatch, to the gritty, every man for himself model of PUBG. MMOs go from first person to birds eye view strategy simulations, with so many different characters in any given MOBA, you could never play them all! And if that's not enough, it's not like anything ever really goes out of style anymore! Retrogamers, and retro gaming, is a huge slice of the market, with old consoles being met to standing ovations on their re-release, featuring hundreds of bulk-packaged games. Do you miss a simpler time when Sonic the Hedgehog was cool, and gameplay was eye bleedingly difficult? Well, despair no longer, your salvation is on sale now! Whatever your preference, we'll do our best to make sure you know what's out there, and how best to go about stuffing your face full of gaming goodies!"
"Clearly, getting into gaming and keeping up to date with innovations can be a full-time job. That’s why we’re here to take the work out of job for you! Our articles range from advice for new gamers, to hints and tips for pro gaming. We write for a variety of genres, covering all platforms so PC gamers and console gamers will have something to enjoy. As gamers ourselves, we know that there’s a big difference between people who love their MMOs, and those who are obsessed First Person Shooter addicts. But it’s not enough just to write them – you know that articles come out fast and furious. What matters is that the articles that really matter are the easiest ones for you to find."

Gaming Events

Once upon a time, you could sit in the corner of your house, and congratulate yourself with how brilliant you are at your video game of choice, and no one could argue with you. Now? Well, things have gotten a little bit more sophisticated! Thanks to a little thing we like to call the internet, the world has found its way into your home. And thanks to that new found connectivity, the world of gaming has exploded! Gaming events, like the DotA2 championships at Madison Square Gardens, book the venue out regularly. Crowds for Hearthstone and League of Legends make most professional sporting matches look like a school swim carnival! And because they're online, these massive championships get live-streamed to cinemas the world over! But it doesn't stop there! Gaming is now a social experience, dragging you out of your basement and into the world! Rooster Teeth and Penny Arcade have RTX and PAX. These amazing expos see pro gamers and amatuers of any stripe coming together. They promo the latest innovations in online games, MMOs, and sweet new tech. Heck, even just turn up for the cosplay competitions - you'll see your favourite characters on display like never before! It's a big world out there, and we're doing our bit to bring you a little closer to it.

Life Hacker

WHAT ARE LIFE HACKS? There’s a new wave of self improvement and personal development sweeping the internet, and its called Life Hacking. You’ve seen the term “Life Hacks” peppering your social media news feeds for months now, right? These tiny alterations can upgrade your daily lives and increase your productivity. Upgrade your happiness, and ensure good living. But what the hell does that actually mean? Well, life hacking is a skill. Derived from a tech community term, literally thought of as a way of finding the cheat code to life, plugging it in, and boom! Instant self improvement! Here you’ll find a collection of articles and blog entries that encompass the wealth of what we’ve found to share with you, so you too can beat the man, and bypass that real-life end-boss that’s been giving you sleepless nights! Happiness is a few short clicks away!

Cognition, focus and concentration

They say that ignorance is bliss, but true happiness can only be found by understanding the world around us. But how do we think? Over the last few years, it’s become clear that we don’t all think the same, and as a result, we don’t all learn the same. Take the concept of focus. Only a few short years back, kids in school were discouraged from jostling in their chairs. Fiddling with your pen while the teacher was talking was seen as a sign that you weren’t paying attention, and as a result, were a sub-par student! Flash forward to today, and fidget spinners are seen as a route to self improvement and personal development for kids with ADD and ADHD! The world is taking too long to change for you, so you’ve got to think outside the box and change it for yourself! Life Hack the system, push that self improvement, and amaze those around you with your newfound powers of concentration!

Saving money

Goldfish are an incredibly interesting creature (stay with me for a moment). They never suffer from being a 'big fish in a small pond'. There is something inside of them that instinctually responds to the space around them, growing to fill it. That's what money is like. If you don't pay attention to it, you're always going to struggle. Say goodbye to happiness. Bon voyage, good living. Don't believe us? Take five minutes. Go look up your postcode on a real estate website. We'll wait. Done? Have you wiped away enough tears to be able to read again? Good. The life hacking that rich people employ isn't about earning more... I mean, sure, that helps, but the secret is about efficiency. Why pay $100 to get somewhere when you could spend $10? Sure, you're a millionaire, and that money is a drop in the ocean to you... but if you drain the ocean, drop at a time, it's still going to wind up being empty.

Students and study

If life hacking is all about maximising your wealth to upgrade your happiness, then who needs life hacks more than students? Students have always been the poster children for ingenuity in good living. Their efficiency in making meals out of two-minute noodles in order to stretch drinking dollars further is life hacking 101! But is saving $2 to go towards another beer all we’re talking about? What about improving your productivity after a night on the binge? What about personal development? Did you know that there are, and have been for over a decade, more law students than there are practicing lawyers? Marketing students are being taught how to market themselves to companies due to a lack of jobs! So what’s the trick? How do you navigate your way through the system? Life hacking! As a student, you're not just life hacking for good living, your career at this point is all about personal development. So, how can you increase the efficiency of your study time, without sacrificing your happiness, and somehow gain employment when its all over? Well, we’ve got a few life hacks that will help with that.

Work and employment

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5? Man, that sucks. I bet your happiness is at an all time low, and you can’t have a life outside of weekends, right? WRONG! There are 24 usable hours in every day to upgrade your happiness! Instead of looking at how you’re stuck, look at the gaps and see what you can do to maximise your daily potential. First off, take a look at the job you’re currently working. How much personal development are you getting there? It’s easy to get lost in the machine and see yourself as just a cog in the corporate drive for productivity. But remember, you’re the most complex computational device ever developed! So look at your workplace and see what you can get out of it! What can you learn? How can you upgrade? Second off, to quote the quintessential philosophers – Wicked Sister - “What do you want to do with your life?” (and the answer should always be “I want to rock!”). Are you where you want to be? If not, how can you bend your workplace to your needs to aid your personal development, and take that next step? It’s all about self improvement! Maybe the answer isn’t where you’re at, and you need to peace out of this corporate cubicle hell with the know-how to start your own business, and show the world just how awesome your homebrew skills are! That’s life hacking! There are secrets to increasing your happiness in every workplace. We just have to show you the life hacks to find them.

About Energy Drinks

Do you want to know all there is to know about energy drinks? You’ve come to the right place. We here at REIZE are committed to sharing all the relevant info you need to know about your favourite go-to beverage. Why? Because it’s our favourite go-to beverage as well! Whether you want to know all the nitty-gritty facts about energy drinks ingredients, origins of energy drinks, varieties and brands, or are just interested in whether or not they do contain bull sperm (spoiler: they don’t), we have the facts for you! Energy drinks, mind and body stimulating beverages loved the world over, come in a range of flavours, styles, and brands. We aim to share all we know about them in our blog posts. Including totally titillating tidbits about taurine - a major ingredient in energy drinks, and not made from the spunk of a bull. Or find out all about how energy drinks give you their signature boost by getting to know the health benefits and side effects of caffeine - both the good and the bad. REIZE are all about balance. REIZE should be your go-to for all things relating to, and about, energy drinks.

Energy drink ingredients

Have you ever wondered what is actually in your energy drink? Is it just some flavourings, water, and a dash of magic? Of course not! REIZE has all the answers, not just about our own energy drink, we investigate other leading brands enjoyed the world over. Find out all you would ever need to know about energy drink ingredients with our articles on the most common ones. Including taurine, guarana, ginseng, B-vitamins, amino acids, preservatives, to name a few. The most common and most effective ingredient, found in basically every ingredient label, is the world’s favourite psychoactive drug: caffeine. Love it or hate it, caffeine is one of the most contested substances in the world. Scientists cannot decide whether they love it or hate it. It has countless health benefits, but devastating side effects if you ingest too much, too frequently. REIZE wants all our consumers to be wise and informed. Which is why we aim to provide all the information and give it to you. Learn about the different side effects and health benefits of these ingredients. Find out what their sources are - both natural and synthetic - and why they were chosen to be included in so many of the world’s favourite energy drink brands.

Facts about energy drinks

How much do you really know about energy drinks? If there was a trivia night focused on the beverage would you be the quizmaster? No? Well, that’s where we come in. We are obsessed with energy drinks, to the extent where we just assume that everyone else is. To that end, we have gathered up all our knowledge about energy drinks and poured them into our blog posts. We've included every fact we believe you’d like to know. Factoid one, and common misconception, the bull semen thing. We have covered this topic again and again and again. It’s like people just love drama and intrigue. Who knew? No energy drink, to our knowledge, contains the semen of a bull. It’s really a myth, taurine gets its name from Taurus like the bull, and taurine can be found in proteins like bull semen, but trust us. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to synthesise taurine in the lab than to try to get it from a bull. Also, not morally wrong. And probably a lot safer - fewer horns and hooves and less excitement. Do you still not accept it? Read up on our articles and then see if the urban legend holds up to the facts.

Types of energy drinks

The energy drink market is massive, and it is growing year after year. The rising popularity of the beverage and the increased demand from society to be ‘on’ all the time ensures this. There are so many energy drinks brands and styles. And we see that as a checklist for us to go out and explore and compare different styles of energy drinks. In our blog, you’ll find our personal (and honest) reviews of energy drinks, the side effects, flavour, and price range, and more. You can be assured that we will not hold back. We aim to be as unbiased as possible and will give you all the information we can about other energy drink brands and REIZE itself. If you’re interested in the powdered energy drink brands and how they differ from the standard cold fizzy cans, we can think of a few reasons (versatility being the first to come to mind). We want to give our customers all the real info they need to make the best decisions about their favourite energy drinks. From their personal tastes to their budgets. REIZE has you covered.

Energy drink health info

If you have a caffeine intolerance or sensitivity, it should come as no shock that energy drinks are not for you. However, energy drinks can be taken safely as part of a healthy diet. We here at REIZE are all about giving our consumers all the information they want and need to make good decisions about their health and well-being. We know that a healthy lifestyle is all about balancing work and play and being your best self. Energy drinks can give you the boost you need before an exam or to begin your day. Energy drinks can bring an extra oomph to your workout, and give you a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon. How? With the specialised ingredients selected for their mental and physical boosting properties. Some energy drinks include excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar and some are consumed more than the recommended daily intake. Energy drinks can help improve your lifestyle, and well-being, but they shouldn’t be seen as a healthier version of your veggies and fruits. Always read the label and get to know what’s right for your body and your lifestyle. Find out more in our lifestyle blogs and informative articles on the ingredients and side effects of energy drinks. We’ve done the research on energy drink health info, now it’s your turn.

Sports & Adventure

From action sports to personal fitness to extreme adventurers, REIZE Energy Drinks helps athletes perform at their highest level. Sugar-free, most flavoursome. Any adrenaline junky or adventure seeker is bound to have tried some form of action sports to get their fix. Whether you're chasing that dream wave, the secluded dirt track or that perfect jagged rock, we know the hunger, we know the drive, we know the determination that goes into the sport that you live for. We’ve done it all. Surfing, athletics, extreme sports, skydiving, backpacking, hiking, wave jumping, snow boarding, rock climbing, motor cross, BMX racing, racing, swimming…you name it. The point is that we’ve been there, done that. We’ve got the top scoops and tips to keep you punching through your goals all year long. Whether you’re into white water rafting, pumping iron at the gym or just fancy a casual kick around with the boys, whatever tickles your pickle there’s nothing like an extra boost to get you over the line. What's even better is when that boost is packed full of useful energy boosting vitamins and minerals (wink wink).

Extreme sports

Go hard or go home. Not for the faint hearted, extreme sports takes action sports to the next level. Think about those beautifully scenic YouTube videos with some low-fi, deep house track over-layed and you’ll most likely find the protagonist jumping out of a plane; wing-suit flying or free-diving. Don’t be fooled by the song choice, extreme sports are anything but a walk in the park. In fact, you may have guessed it, but the reason the sports are were named extreme sports is due to the fact that such sports often carry high risks of injury and even death when not conducted by a trained person. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the dramatic jumps and falls that classify a sport as extreme (think BASE jumping, bungee jumping, parasailing, skydiving etc). You can make any sport extreme. Simply slot in an unpredictable variant in front of the sport’s name and viola. Take waterfall kayaking for example. Thought kayaking was fun right...not when you're flailing off the edge of a 20 foot waterfall! How about ice climbing, free climbing, freestyle skiing? Feeling risque? Have a peep and see what gets our heart pumping here at REIZE.


Here at REIZE we’re all about healthy competition. Staying on top of your game and motivating yourself all year around can be tough, even for those of us with the talent to back it. Those of us that are lucky enough to have the talent as well as determination still need to put in long hours of training, learning and failing. Sounds rough right? That’s because it is. Generally athletes will train a variety of sports to achieve their full physical potential. This means gruelling schedules and regimented eating schedules to help achieve optimal bodily functioning for physical activity. Any athlete will tell you that consistency is key. But how do we keep from falling off the wagon? What are our limitations? How much of our fitness depends on our state of mind? Do genetics affect how far I can get?

Pro - athletes

Pro-athletes are a force to be reckoned with. Seriously. The lean muscle, raw power and shear determination are next level. We idolise them, and with good reason. They achieve and continue to over achieve feats that we as human beings thought impossible. They test the limits of the human body and raise the benchmark of action sports world wide. In 1972 Belgian cyclist, Eddy Merckx set the record for farthest distance travelled in an hour, reaching speeds of 49.431km an hour around a track in Mexico City. In 1954 Englishman Roger Banniste, became the first runner to beat 4 minutes a mile at Oxford University. Although there are many notable athletic achievements by pro-athletes throughout history, they continue to outdo themselves and break records even today. Just look at the likes of Roger Federer, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. Have are our top sporting moments, favourite pro-athletes and top tips on what it takes to go from zero to hero.

Personal fitness

With the rise of social media, particularly Instagram, everyone who’s anyone has got something to say about health and fitness. Whether they’re pushing some paid promotional product, flaunting their best bits, sharing snaps of their weekly meal prep or posting videos of their favourite work outs, it can all get a little bit too much. And it’s not just social media. It’s on our breakfast TV talk shows, in our magazines and shopping centres. The fitness craze has well and truly hit, and it's here to stay. With so much market saturation it’s hard to keep up with all the latest fads and trends, which is why we at REIZE have got all your go to information on personal fitness. Whether you like to sweat it out in the gym or fancy getting into your Zen zone with a classic downward dog, we explore the in's and out's of how to get the most out of your workout.


Congratulations you've made the deep plunge. You've stuck it to the man and have stridden out on your own to forge your own path and career. But what now? How does an entrepreneur such as yourself manage a startup business? Where to begin? How do you go about running a business? First things first, solidify who you are. What is the aim of your budding business? What are you selling, how are you selling it? Do your due diligence regarding risk management. Don't gamble your life savings and leave yourself or your partner at a huge loss. Be smart with your money. You can't build a business on dreams and ideas. Only actions and work will have positive outcomes. Second, build a team. This can't be a one-person show or you'll go broke and broken in a matter of months. Your team will be the backbone of your business. Giving it a frame and structure. Without a well-functioning backbone, it's difficult to get to where you want to go. And finally, get into action. Put your product/service out there. Engage in social media, send out press releases, tout your product and yourself wherever you go. This business is your baby now. Managing a startup can be tough. But with a little help from REIZE, it may be a little easier.

Startup Business Management

Entrepreneurs are often too busy building their empires and improving their products that they underestimate the value of company culture. Company culture is not just about office game rooms, free snacks, or casual Friday. It’s about how your team works together. It's what your team believes in and what they value the most. In order for your team to collaborate effectively, you need to build a strong company culture. The startup culture has been a phenomenon in recent years where more and more entrepreneurs put a value on their own ideas and created their own business. Smaller teams and tighter budget calls for more creative thinking and collaboration - and more fun overall, even if times are tough. There's nothing like feeling like we are all on a mission together, bringing our product, our voice, our culture, to the world. Showing them what we can do.

Startup Culture

Entrepreneurs are often too busy building their empires and improving their products that they underestimate the value of company culture. Company culture is not just about office game rooms, free snacks, or casual Friday. It’s about how your team works together. It's what your team believes in and what they value the most. In order for your team to collaborate effectively, you need to build a strong company culture. The startup culture has been a phenomenon in recent years where more and more entrepreneurs put a value on their own ideas and created their own business. Smaller teams and tighter budget calls for more creative thinking and collaboration - and more fun overall, even if times are tough. There's nothing like feeling like we are all on a mission together, bringing our product, our voice, our culture, to the world. Showing them what we can do.

Marketing on a budget

There is a misconception that because most social medium platforms are free to use that you don't need to allocate a huge amount of your budget to marketing. Sure, you can just use Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? Actually, there is a lot more to it than that. It is impossible to manufacture a viral sensation. It is incredibly difficult to organically grow a following or fanbase without investing in your branding, in your image, in your product. Absolutely utilise those free platforms, but put some money behind them. Create a PR strategy. Network with other businesses in your market. Create genuinely great content on your sites that adheres to SEO strategies. Stay on top of trends. Meet your customers. All of these can cost money, but need not take up your whole budget. Know your value. Know your brand, and put it out there. Trust that if you build it - a great marketing plan - they will come.

Lessons from our founders

Working in a startup is not the same as working for a massive corporate business. An alternative mindset to that stereotypical of the corporate world is necessary. In that environment, salaries are perceived as an "every man for himself, take as much as you can" free-for-all. Things are different when you own a piece of the company. When the company is yours and you pour your savings into it, then you need to prepare yourself for the worst. Right off the bat, you can't expect the profits to come rolling in. Unless you are on the receiving end of some kind of fluke, chances are the first few years could be difficult. Don't drain your resources paying yourself. Check out one of our Salary Counter and face some hard truths about what it means to be an entrepreneur. It is important to understand that you are in it for the long game as a founder. Things won't always be easy. There will be nights that you will rethink and regret everything. You'll worry about wages, bills, deadlines, the people who are counting on you, and how this massive undertaking rests on your shoulders. But, then there are days that you couldn't imagine it any other way. It's a learning curve. Becoming your own boss. Forging your own path. Creating something that is all yours. That's a rush that even REIZE can't give you! (Unless you are the founders!)

Growth hacking Aussie Style

Gone are the old-fashioned business buzzwords of the Elevator Pitch and synergy. Nowadays, it's about disruption and growth hacking. Growth hacking is not just another elusive concept. It's actually pretty self-explanatory. Simply put as a growth hacker, every strategy you execute, every tool you implement and every technique you develop should be informed by your desire for growth. The singular goal of growth hacking is growth. But that isn't a narrow perspective. The best part of growth hacking is its flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man startup or a multinational corporation; growth hacking doesn’t discriminate and anyone can use it. The digital marketplace can be a difficult one to navigate. Marketers spend their days in a battle trying to capture more ground in their target demographics. We are all looking for a competitive advantage. There can be uncompromising targets, constraining budgets, limited resources and a surplus of competitors against a backdrop of advancing tools and platforms. A conventional approach is no longer enough. The only way to survive is to adapt. Whether this involves implementing an entirely new approach or refining a previous effort, there is value in “learning-by-doing”. Success, like most things, will come with a little bit of patience and practice. If nothing else, it will be an adventure.

Gaming Equipment

In this day and age, it's not enough to be the best gamer, you need the best gaming equipment. When fractions of a second mean the difference between life and death, you can't afford to have a delay in your LAN or PC performance (frames per second). What is the point in having amazing hand eye coordination if you are under-gunned with a mouse that belongs in the 1990’s. Here we cover everything from keyboard settings to PC performance benchmarks to CPU to memory to graphic cards. Even heart rate monitors to gauge intense times and clutch plays. Basically, anything that can improve your performance as a gamer lives here. For the latest and greatest, unbiased source of information and opinions on gaming equipment look no further.