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Best Energy Drinks When Sick (A Concise Method)

Best Energy Drinks When Sick (A Concise Method)

Nobody likes being sick and bed-bound, especially when you have work or things to get to. It is very important to take proper medication and get adequate rest while feeling sick as it can make you physically and mentally drained, so to combat the feeling of fatigue and feel a little energized you might turn to energy drinks for support.

Now, of course not all energy drinks are good for you, especially not while you are sick. However, some energy drinks like Monster, Aspire, and REIZE will help you feel better and can be a great mental and physical boost when taken in moderation.

Keep reading to find out more about the best energy drinks to have when you are sick and how they influence your body in this article.

Things To Consider While Buying Energy Drinks When Sick

If the idea of having energy drinks while you’re sick seems odd to you, there’s no need to worry further. Here’s a guide to all the things you need to keep in mind while buying energy drinks for your sick days.

These include:

  • Caffeine Content
  • Sugar Content
  • Vitamin Content
  • Price

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is responsible for giving you a boost in energy and performance in just about any energy drink. Energy drinks have varying amounts of caffeine depending on their brand and style and among them, and you can find caffeine in plenty of other caffeinated beverages such as tea or coffee.

A cup of coffee.
Coffee helps you feel healthy and fresh.

However, when it comes to choosing an energy drink when you’re sick it’s very important to choose an energy drink with the right amount of caffeine. Energy drinks with a good amount of caffeine are usually great to get you through the day, but you probably don’t need the adrenaline rush and anxiousness when you’re sick.

That being said, if you happen to fall sick and can’t afford to stay in bed all day, a can of energy drink might be what you need to keep you energized.

The FDA recommended daily intake of caffeine should be no more than 400mg. Energy drinks contain caffeine ranging between 50 to 300mg. So be wise while choosing your energy drink based on your caffeine tolerance.

Moderation is key when consuming energy drinks when sick, so choose one with a low caffeine content to get all the advantages without experiencing unwanted jitters.


While caffeine plays a key role in defining the standard of an energy drink, having the right sugar content is equally important.

You may get your desired boost in energy and performance from the caffeine in energy drinks but the sugar content also influences the taste and experience of the drink.

That being said, drinking energy drinks with high amounts of sugar and calories could make you feel worse if you’re already feeling sick and tired, so always check the back of the can for nutritional information to find out the amount of sugar in your energy drink.

As a reference, the AHA recommends limiting your daily intake of sugar to 36g for men and 25g for women, so do try to choose energy drinks that contain way less sugar than this amount.

There are plenty of energy drinks in the market that offers low to zero sugar content in their drinks, which are definitely healthier alternatives, although some of them might still contain artificial sweeteners.

Consuming energy drinks containing too much sugar may also lead to a ‘sugar crash’ which will leave you feeling more tired and fatigued than before, which you definitely don’t want on a sick day. So it’s important to consume your energy drink in moderation. Otherwise, it could lead to a number of health issues including:

  • Acne
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Tooth Decay

Other Ingredients

Energy drinks often contain a number of B-vitamins and other beneficial ingredients to increase its nutritional value.

Almost all energy drinks have a combination of B2, B3, B6, and B12 vitamins in their components. Although what should be noted, however, is the amount of caffeine in the energy drink. Besides that, many energy drinks contain ginseng extract, guarana extract, inositol, and other substances that, when eaten in moderation, can be beneficial to your health.

On the flip side, energy drinks often contain ingredients like caffeine and sugar, which can harm your health if taken in high dosages. So do avoid energy drinks that make you too restless on your sick days.

Always consult a medical professional about the ingredients and dosage of your energy drink and be sure that it’s safe to drink energy drinks if you’re on some special medication.


You can easily find a good-quality energy drink without causing a dent in your wallet. There are plenty of good deals on energy drinks that give you an energy boost without costing too high.

Having a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is also better and the same applies to energy drinks besides, you will probably find some really great options within your budget if you do a little research.

Yet don’t feel like you have to compromise with the quality for a better price if you want to feel better on a sick day. To save you some time, check out my article on the best cheap energy drinks for you to choose from.

Can Energy Drinks Help While You’re Sick?

While Energy drinks aren’t going to treat your illness, you can definitely have them in a limited amount to keep you energized for the day.

It’s not the finest feeling in the world to have to go about your day while unwell. That’s when energy drinks come in. Energy drinks might not cure your illness but you will get a boost in energy and mental and physical performance.

But the key here is to take energy drinks in moderation and listen to your body for any signs if you feel the caffeine in the energy drink might be too much for you.

Should You Drink Energy Drinks While Sick?

While it may be best to avoid sports drinks in the future to rehydrate after illnesses, the CDC recommends sticking to clear beverages like water or broth and avoiding drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine, as they might dehydrate you even more.

Is Caffeine Good While Your Sick?

When you’re unwell, a cup or two of coffee each day can aid to boost your immune system’s strength while it fights illness. According to a study conducted by psychologists at the University of Bristol, caffeine in coffee also decreases the general grogginess associated with colds.

Individuals with colds said that drinking coffee improved their alertness and performance to the same extent as the healthy group.

How Do You Get Energy When You’re Sick?

Drink. Drink plenty of water, juice, broth, and other clear liquids throughout the day. Staying hydrated aids your immune system’s ability to combat illness. It can also aid in the loosening of mucus and the replacement of fluids lost when blowing your nose. Maintain a healthy supply of beverages at your workstation.

Coffee, caffeinated sodas, and energy drinks, on the other hand, should be avoided. Say “no” to espresso martinis when it’s time to go. Alcohol dehydrates the body as well.

Beverages To Drink While Sick

Energy drinks can be a good source of a quick energy boost when you are sick but still have to produce. However, it is not the most ideal choice of beverage if you’re trying to recover when feeling sick.

The drinks that are good for you while sick are:

  • Water
  • Tea
  • Juice


Water is honestly the best drink you could have while sick. It’s very important to stay hydrated and maintain a water balance in the body to make sure all functions are running smoothly.

Water is the source of life and vitality. You will surely feel better even by drinking plain water. But you can add detoxifiers like lemon and cucumber to your water to improve its taste and efficacy.

Be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water on the days you’re feeling sick.


Drinking hot herbal tea can cure stress, and fatigue cold and also give you a mental refreshment.

A cup of tea.
Any kind of tea helps clear your throat and mind, especially when you are sick.

A cup of lemon and honey-infused hot tea in the morning has several health benefits. It’s good for your overall health and is sure to make you feel better on the days you’re sick and need a pick-me-up.

Drinking tea can also be a good source of caffeine but it is low in quantity so you don’t have to worry much about the side effects.


Drinking fresh fruit juice might also be a good choice of beverage when you’re feeling down. Freshly squeezed orange or apple juice is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for your health. Fresh juice also helps to improve your immune system so your body can combat sickness.

Fresh juice.
A glass of fresh juice will help you rejuvenate all your lost strength.

Best Energy Drinks to Drink while Sick

If you’re thinking of drinking energy drinks while sick, here’s a list of energy drinks that might be good for you:

Monster Ultra Zero

If Monster Energy Drink is your go-to choice of caffeine but you’re not sure if you should drink it while sick, Monster Ultra Zero is a healthy option for you.

A can of Monster energy Zero Ultra
Be careful with the caffeine of Monster Zero Ultra.

Monster Ultra Zero has the same signature sweet taste as all Monster Energy Drinks but without all the sugar and calories. Monster Ultra Zero is completely sugar and calorie-free so you don’t have to worry about the sugar intake with this one.

Although Monster Ultra Zero does have 140mg caffeine which is quite a lot, especially if you’re sick. I personally would recommend going for an energy drink with a lower caffeine content but if you think you have good caffeine tolerance, Monster Ultra Zero might be a good option for you.

If you would like to know more about Monster Energy Drinks, head on over to my Monster Energy Review article for an in-depth guide on everything Monster.


Aspire Energy Drink is a pretty healthy option as it contains natural ingredients along with moderate amounts of caffeine.

Aspire Energy Drink
Aspire Energy Drink could be your sick day companion.

Aspire energy drink contains 80mg caffeine per 12 fl. oz can. It is also sugar and calorie-free which is always good for your health. It also comes with a blend of vitamins, amino acids, green tea, and ginger root extracts.

Aspire was made keeping your health in mind. So it is a perfect drink to have on the days you’re feeling sick. Read my detailed article on Aspire energy drink to learn more about what it means to have this energy drink every day.

REIZE ( 10 out of 10)

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE is perfect for a drink while sick.

REIZE is the only drink you’ll need when you’re sick. It is a powdered energy drink that has a sensible 50mg of caffeine and is completely sugar-free. So you don’t have to worry about added sugar or caffeine when you’re sick.

REIZE is also packed with beneficial ingredients like taurine, ginseng, and B-vitamins to keep you healthy and energized. It also comes in light 4g sachets that are very convenient to carry and use.

Best part? You get all that plus free shipping delivered right to your door for only around $1.

So give REIZE a try today, and you might find it to be the boost you need to get through those sick days.

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