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Best Energy Drinks To Get You Hyper (More Energy?)

Best Energy Drinks To Get You Hyper (More Energy?)

There are days when we hit our lowest point, and it feels difficult to even get up and go to work.

In these times, you might want to have a sip of an energy drink. Not only will it bring you back onto your feet, but it’ll also make you feel more cheerful, hyper and excited for whatever you have to face.

If you’re in a state of a much-needed perk, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be discussing how energy drinks can help you, and recommend a few great brands that get you hyper and prepared for action.

Does Caffeine Increase Energy?

Caffeine can indeed increase your energy levels, making you feel more refreshed and awake.

Having caffeine can reduce your sleepiness by supplying you with an energy boost that makes you feel hyper and excited, ready to take on any challenge.

Of course, you must remember that the energy boost doesn’t last forever, and caffeine isn’t actually a substitute for sleep. so make sure to get plenty of rest and only consume caffeine when you feel you really need it.  

To know more about caffeine, check out this video:

Can Caffeine Keep You Awake All Night?

A top view of a cup of coffee on a table.
Caffeine can help you stay up for a long time, so don’t have too much before bed.

Caffeine can certainly keep you awake all night, making it really hard for you to fall asleep, even when you really need to.

If you’re planning to pull an all-nighter or work the late-night shift, having some caffeine can help you stay awake for a long period of time.

But if you’re not, do be warned that having caffeinated beverages too late into the evening will make it difficult for you to go to sleep, and often leads to mild cases of insomnia.

Having too much caffeine before bedtime also can reduce the total hours you spend sleeping, so unless you’re really sure that you need to stay up the whole night, you should probably avoid having that can of Red Bull.

Can Caffeine Help Me Work Out Longer?

Caffeine can indeed help you work out longer as it enhances your endurance.

One of the benefits of caffeine includes improving physical endurance, which means you’ll be able to exercise harder and longer than before.

A study involving 15 participants found that the ingestion of a Red Bull significantly enhanced upper body muscle endurance.

Caffeine doesn’t just improve endurance, but it can also increase muscular strength.

A 2010 study also reported that the consumption of caffeine had a beneficial effect on muscular strength and endurance.

Hence, if you want to work out longer while being completely focused, you can go for an energy drink to give your body and performance a boost.

How Much Time Does It Take For Energy Drinks To Chip In?

It takes around 10 minutes for the effects of caffeine within energy drinks to kick in.

You’ll notice the effects of your caffeine-containing energy drinks within 10 minutes as your alertness increases.

After 30 to 60 minutes since consumption, the caffeine in your bloodstream will reach peak levels. This is when you’ll feel the ‘stronger’ effects of the caffeine as you feel more restless and energized.

How Long Do Energy Drinks Last?

The average amount of time an energy drink will last you is somewhere around 5 hours.

As with most energy drinks, it always goes back to caffeine. Usually, the effects of caffeine can last up to 5 hours in your body.

However, it may differ for everyone, and it could take between 2 and 6 hours for the effects of caffeine in your body to completely wear off.

For most people, it’d take around 12 hours for the caffeine in your bloodstream to entirely clear, though this can vary depending on a number of individual factors.

How Many Energy Drinks Should I Have A Day?

The number of energy drinks you should have in a day depending on the beverage’s caffeine and sugar content, along with your own caffeine tolerance.

The most important thing to note is your caffeine tolerance. After all, getting a caffeine-induced headache isn’t fun at all.

If you can only handle up to 150mg of caffeine in a day, then you should consume less than that amount and make full use of the boost you get.

You shouldn’t try to push your body further than it’s able to since you still can build a tolerance once you’re more used to caffeine.

Besides, you also should consider the caffeine and sugar content of the energy drink. As long as you don’t exceed the FDA’s daily caffeine limit, you’ll be okay.

As for the sugar content, make sure to follow the AHA’s daily limit (25g for women and 36g for men) as well to avoid consuming too many calories.

Once you’ve decided on a manageable amount of caffeine and sugar, then you can decide the number of energy drinks you want to have in one day.

What To Look Out For In An Energy Drink to Get You Hyper?

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is one of the ways to get you hyper, alert and refreshed. This is due to the effects of caffeine on adenosine, sleep-regulating receptors, that prevents you from feeling sleepy.

Caffeine also stimulates your brain to release adrenaline and dopamine which leads to an increased sense of vigilance and wakefulness.

According to this study, the ingestion of caffeine improved vigilance and alertness levels among 24 volunteers.

While caffeine is indeed a great wake-up call, the advantageous effects of caffeine depend on your caffeine metabolism and how you use the benefits of the stimulant to the fullest.

However, you should avoid having too much caffeine. For guidance, the FDA recommends a daily caffeine limit of 400mg for healthy adults. Any more than that, and you might end up with adverse effects like:

  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness and shakiness
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heart rhythm

Therefore, when you’re picking out an energy drink for yourself, you should make sure to take note of the caffeine content stated at the back of the can. Take some time to consider the number of energy drinks you’ll be having in a day and the amount of caffeine in each of them.

You should take your limits into account and adjust accordingly.

Personally, having between 50mg to 100mg per serving is the most ideal amount of caffeine, as it’s just enough to give you a boost, but not too much it might overwhelm you.

That said, it’s completely fine if you happen to prefer stronger energy drinks for a bigger boost.

Whatever your decision might be, as long as you’re mindful of staying within the FDA’s recommended daily limit, you’ll be perfectly alright.

Sugar Content

Many believe that the consumption of sugar leads you to become hyper, over-energetic and restless.

Well, according to this article, that happens to be just a myth. Sugar isn’t the cause of hyperactivity or restlessness after all, but it mainly stems from factors like learning disorders, sleep problems and emotional disturbances.

In fact, sugar can be beneficial to us in some ways. In addition to giving us a brief energy boost, sugar can help enhance exercise performance and supplies fuel to our brains in the form of glucose.

But, you should take care not to have too much sugar. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily sugar intake of 25g and 36 for women and men respectively.

If you have consumed large amounts of sugar continuously, you might develop several health problems in the long run:

  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Cavities
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure

It’s completely fine if you want to indulge in some sugary goodness now and then, but if you’re planning to invest in a regular energy drink, I think you should go for sugar-free ones instead.

Sugar-free energy drinks use artificial sweeteners to substitute sugar, hence they’d still be sweet, though without the conventional sugar rush.

They’re also healthier and come in different flavors and varieties, but if you want a cheat sheet, check out the article I have on the best sugar-free energy drinks for some great options.


When you’re going through the prices of energy drinks, you’ll want to consider brands that are affordable, tasty and effective.

There are some expensive energy drink brands out there that might not be worth your money.

On the other hand, there are also affordable brands that may not work as well as you’d hoped.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, you could spot a few great brands on the discount that you can buy in bulk without comprising your wallet and the quality of your drinks.

If cheap energy drinks are what you’re looking for, have a look at the article I’ve written on the best cheap energy drinks, and just where exactly you can find them.

Best Energy Drinks To Get You Hyper

BrandCaffeine Content (mg)Sugar Content (g)Calories
(16 fl.oz)
(16 fl.oz)
(16 fl.oz)
(4g Serving)
Comparison of the standard values of different energy drink brands.


A close-up of Raze Energy.
Raze is a pre-workout that delivers an explosive boost of energy.

Though it was originally designed as a pre-workout drink, there’s no harm in having a can of Raze to spice up low energy levels and get yourself back into the game.

Since Raze has zero sugar and calories, you won’t have to worry about sugar crashes and unnecessary calories, making this drink a great complement to your lifestyle.  

Raze Energy also contains a special blend of Refresh Performance Complex that consists of various amino acids and a whopping 300mg of caffeine.

Its high caffeine content would be more than enough to get you hyper and rejuvenated, though if your caffeine tolerance isn’t up to it, you should opt for lower-caffeine drinks instead.

If you want to know more about Raze in terms of taste and effect, check out the review article I’ve written on Raze Energy Drink, where I further elaborate on my thoughts on Raze.


There’s nothing that describes energetic and excitable like a rock star, which you’ll become after having a can of Rockstar Energy.

With 160mg of caffeine, you’ll be awake and alert in no time, ready to jump back into action with a full tank of energy. Rockstar also contains 24g of sugar that would give you a temporary sugar rush and boost, revitalizing your mood and mental focus.

Of course, with that much sugar, watch out for the sugar crash that comes after, and make sure to not have Rockstar in one go.

All in all, Rockstar is a good energy drink, but if you want to know if it really works, my review on Rockstar Energy Drinks should prove a good starting point for delving deeper into this particular energy drink.


A close-up of Monster Energy.
Monster can make you feel less tired and more awake.

As a well-established brand, Monster guarantees a superb boost with a rush of sugary sweetness that’ll revivify you from being a walking zombie to an energy-filled action star who’s ready to take on the day.

Monster has a pretty moderate caffeine content that would certainly help improve your energy levels and performance, but if you’re caffeine-sensitive, this drink might not be for you.

Besides, Monster also has a wide variety of flavors for different preferences, taste and energy needs.

You might also want to take note of Monster’s 54g of sugar, so try to avoid having this drink way too often, unless you’re exercising regularly.

Ultimately, Monster provides a great boost with a classic taste, though if you wonder whether it’s healthy for you, find out more from my article discussing if Monster Energy Drinks are bad for you; you’ll definitely find it informative.

REIZE (10 Out Of 10)            

A glass of REIZE on a table in a garden.
An easy pack of energy with the perfect amount of caffeine for your energy needs.

REIZE is a powdered energy drink that comes in light 4g sachets, making it convenient for you whenever and wherever you want to make your energy drink.

With a reasonable 50mg of caffeine, REIZE is additionally sugar-free and has just 11 calories for each serving.

Plus, REIZE is filled with lots of great ingredients like taurine, ginseng and B-group vitamins that combine together to supply you with a smooth energy boost without the dreaded sugar crashes.

As REIZE has moderate caffeine content, it’s suitable for every level of caffeine tolerance (unless you’re very caffeine-sensitive) and won’t leave you reeling from side effects afterwards.

The best part? REIZE ships to your doorstep for only $1 per sachet.

That’s great value for money, and way more affordable compared to other energy drinks.

Give REIZE a try, and you might find that it’s the smartest option to get you hyper and energized for your day.

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