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Best Energy Drink for Weight Gain (healthy choices)

Best Energy Drink for Weight Gain (healthy choices)

Top Recommendations: REIZE Energy!

Whether you’re underweight or simply want to gain some size, there’s no denying that exercise is one of the best ways to help you reach your goals.

And what better way to get motivated to work out than to grab an energy drink for a great energy boost?

Energy drinks have a well-known reputation for improving exercise performance and supplying energy when you’re fatigued. This is why these drinks can be beneficial in your journey to gaining a healthy weight.

The important question is which energy drink is best? If you want to know the answer real quick, I think the best energy drinks for weight gain are Mountain Dew Kickstart, Red Bull, Celsius, and REIZE!

But to get a better understanding of what are the best energy drinks for gaining weight and how they work, continue reading…

Can energy drinks help gain weight?

Energy drinks can help if you’re trying to gain weight.

Energy drinks are packed with caffeine that can give you a burst of energy for workouts.

If you want to gain weight, you should be aiming to gain more muscle mass and a healthy amount of body fat. You can gain more muscle weight by working out.

To obtain a healthy amount of body fat, you must have a healthy diet and keep yourself in shape.

When it comes to workouts or even intense exercises, energy drinks can be of great help.

The primary component in energy drinks that supplies your body with a boost of energy is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that affects your brain the most. After you ingest caffeine, you’ll notice positive effects like alertness and a decrease in fatigue.

As caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream, your brain will release adrenaline throughout your body, making you feel excited and ready for action.

It also causes your brain to release dopamine and serotonin, chemical messengers that regulate various functions like your mood, muscle movement, and appetite.

Sometimes you’ll start to feel the effects of caffeine after 10 minutes upon ingestion. But peak caffeine absorption in your bloodstream takes about 45 minutes, meaning it’ll take around that much time for the full effects to kick in.

How do energy drinks help in your workouts?

There are studies showing that energy drinks can improve exercise performance.

A study involving 13 volleyball players reported that the ingestion of an energy drink led to increased physical performance and as a result, improved the players’ accuracy during the match.

Another study from 2016 found that consuming an energy drink before exercise significantly improved running performance in recreational endurance runners.

When you want to work out, you’ll need a lot of energy. And what better way to get it other than from energy drinks?

Energy drinks aren’t just made up of caffeine if you’re wondering. Energy drinks usually contain a number of ingredients including guarana, amino acids like taurine, herbal extracts, B vitamins, and antioxidants that can be beneficial to you.

Plus, energy drinks can also improve your mood and make you feel motivated to work out.

Studies have shown that the combination of ingredients in energy drinks could maintain and even improve mood and performance during exhausting tasks.

I’d recommend drinking an energy drink before you hit the gym. It’s probably best to avoid consuming energy drinks during a workout as they’re usually fizzy and could cause an upset stomach.

Can energy drinks increase muscle mass?

Energy drinks don’t directly increase your muscle mass. What energy drinks can do is supply you with an energy boost to get you into the mood to work out to gain more muscle mass.

Energy drinks contain moderate to high amounts of caffeine which are great for improving your endurance, speed, and power during workouts.

With caffeine and other great ingredients, energy drinks can boost your body’s endurance to push past your regular limits to complete more exercises and perform longer workouts.

A study performed on 15 adults reported that after consuming Red Bull, their upper-body muscle endurance performance significantly increased. Other studies have proven that the ingestion of caffeine increased strength and power performance and the number of repetitions performed during exercise. 

Energy drinks also contain taurine, a type of amino acid.

Taurine is beneficial for physical performance as it can remove waste products that cause exhaustion and muscle burn from your body.

Another study has also shown that taurine can protect muscles from exercise injuries.

Another reason for you to consider using energy drinks for weight gain is that caffeine reduces muscle soreness.

A study performed on nine participants reported that consuming caffeine decreased their muscle pain and soreness after exercise. So, no reason not to push through that last set of squats!

Energy drinks are an awesome choice to get you fired up for your next BODYPUMP class but keep in mind that energy drinks shouldn’t be used for the long haul.

You need to switch them with plain water, sports water, and other beverages suitable for workouts every once in a while.

If you want my advice, practising a healthy lifestyle and taking supplements is a great way to build more muscle.

Is it safe to consume caffeine before a workout?

If I’m trying to gain weight, can I still drink zero-calorie energy drinks?

You can still drink zero-calorie energy drinks even if you’re trying to gain weight. You can drink zero-calorie energy drinks to benefit from the amounts of caffeine in them.

You need to know that even though energy drinks claim to have zero calories, they usually contain other ingredients like artificial sweeteners and non-sugar carbohydrates in them that do contain a small number of calories. This amount typically goes unmentioned on the nutritional labels.

It’s not wrong to drink zero-calorie energy drinks to benefit from their caffeine content.

What can I drink to gain weight fast?

You can try shakes and smoothies to help gain weight fast.

The high calories and nutritious ingredients in smoothies can help in your weight gain effort. However, you should stay away from beverages with little nutrients and calories.

Still, watch what you drink and make sure you’re getting the right nutrients.

How can I increase my weight and energy?

Here are healthy ways to increase weight and energy levels:

  • Eat frequently.
  • Choose food with healthy nutrients.
  • Exercise.
  • Add extra to your diet such as mashed potatoes, soups, and whole grains toast.
  • Drink some energy drinks.

What to Consider When Selecting Energy Drinks for Weight Gain


When it comes to choosing energy drinks, checking the caffeine content is one of the most important things.

Caffeine is what’ll keep you awake and alert for your workouts. Plus, you’ll be able to work out longer and better with the right amount of caffeine.

Personally, I find that 50mg – 100mg of caffeine gives me a great jolt of energy for my workouts without any negative side effects.

However, it sometimes depends on your physiological makeup. The higher your caffeine tolerance, the more you’ll need to feel the full energizing effects.

Just make sure to limit your caffeine intake to around 400mg per day to steer clear of any adverse effects and risk of caffeine overdose.


Sugar is another important factor in choosing energy drinks.

As we know, sugar is detrimental to our health. Yes, it can help you add more weight and fat, but they’re not healthy calories and might lead to health problems like obesity and diabetes.

Most energy drinks contain high levels of sugar. These worrying amounts of sugar can result in sugar crashes and you don’t want that to happen in the middle of your workouts.


Depending on your fitness goals, consuming large amounts of calories can be a good or bad thing.

If you’re underweight and planning to put on some weight, calories in energy drinks could help you for a brief period of time. However, investigate where those calories come from to be on the safe side.

If you’re in the bulking phase, extra calories might be beneficial to you. But I suggest getting your calories from other sources as well, not just from energy drinks. The reason being energy drinks that are high in calories typically have high sugar content too.

Before putting anything into your body, do some research first and decide what’s best for your diet for healthy weight gain.


Choosing energy drinks at a reasonable price is also important.

You don’t want to be spending tons of money on a few cans of energy drinks in a week. Some brands can be ridiculously expensive.

On the contrary, that doesn’t mean you should settle for cheap energy drinks that are of poor quality. You need to keep an eye out for great energy drinks at an affordable price (don’t get ripped off!) that would still provide you with great benefits.

In no particular order, I present…

Best Energy Drinks for Weight Gain

To make things simple, I’ve summed up the key ingredients and prices of the brands here:

Energy Drink BrandsCaloriesCaffeineSugarPrice
Mountain Dew Kickstart8090mg20g≈$2 per 8.4 fl. oz can
Red Bull16080mg27g≈$2 per 12 fl. oz can
Celsius10200mgNone≈$2 per 12 fl.oz can
REIZE1150mgNone≈$1 per 4g sachet
Best Energy Drinks for Weight Gain

Mountain Dew Kickstart

If you’re a huge fan of Mountain Dew, this drink might be for you.

Mountain Dew Kickstart has a good amount of caffeine at 90mg per can and also contains a reasonable amount of sugar at 20g per can.

Mountain Dew Kickstart comes in a variety of flavours so you can have a pick at one that suits your taste buds.

At 80 calories a can, Mountain Dew Kickstart has just the right amount of caffeine and sugar to get your day started with the perfect energy boost.

I would recommend giving the Mountain Dew Kickstart a try in your journey of weight gain. Just remember not to overdo it and limit drinking Mountain Dew to one can a day.

Red Bull

Conveniently packaged, small, and yet potent enough to be a great solution for your energy slump.

Just one small shot is enough to get you revved up and moving. 

Red Bull is a famous energy drink brand that I definitely recommend to help you gain healthy weight. The amount of caffeine is pretty moderate, which could provide you with an energy boost without any crashes later on.

Red Bull is also pretty affordable for one can and won’t burn a hole in your wallet, though I’d say there are other better-value alternatives out there.

A can of Red Bull also has quite a fair amount of calories, which would be useful depending on your reasons to gain weight.

However, I wouldn’t recommend Red Bull as an everyday pre-workout drink since it contains a high level of sugar and might lead to health issues over the long term.


In my opinion, Celsius has way too much caffeine than I’m capable of handling. But if your tolerance is higher, Celsius may be the energy drink for you.

You can consume Celsius on days when you plan to go all-in during your workout sessions for a greater energy boost. One plus about Celsius is that it’s sugar-free so you don’t have to worry about having a sugar crash in the middle of your workout.

With the calorie content on the lower side, you’d think that Celsius wouldn’t be a good option for gaining weight. Not necessarily.

Think about it. After an intense workout session, your metabolism is all fired up and you get really hungry. Time to load up and eat! That’ll help you gain the weight right there.

I’ve written a review on the Celsius energy drink that you can read right here.

REIZE (10 out of 10)

Get REIZE now!

For me, REIZE is the best energy drink that can boost your body to gain more muscle weight and add on healthy body fat.

The combination of 50mg of caffeine and a special mix of taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins gives you a long-lasting energy boost that’ll keep you exercising longer and still leave room in your stomach to fill up on calories.

Plus, at only around $1 including shipping right to your doorstep, REIZE is one of the most affordable energy drinks out there.

REIZE is also sugar-free and low in calories. You won’t need to worry about unnecessary calories and sugar crashes.

Furthermore, REIZE is very customizable – you can mix it into any drink of your liking like juice, coffee, and water since it’s a powdered energy drink. REIZE comes in convenient sachets, ready to bring on the go.

Give REIZE a try and you might find that it becomes your perfect energy-boosting companion on your weight-gaining journey.

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