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Best Energy Drinks for Dancers (En Pointe)

Best Energy Drinks for Dancers (En Pointe)

Dance is an amazing way to stay fit and keep healthy. Not only that, but it’s also a good form of expression and a good way to escape from your daily life.

Dancers have a variety of ages, from starting at the young age of 4 years old to going as far as 40 to 50-year-old dancers who do it professionally.

Regardless of what stage you are in your dancer’s life, a good energy drink always hits the spot and with the intense 8-hour schedules of professional dancers, it’s no wonder you need a good energy drink.

Dance comes in so many different styles and so many forms that there’s something for everybody.

From past experience I can tell you for a fact that depending on the type of dance performance that you are doing, you need varying levels of energy and alertness.

And as such you need different types of energy drinks that will cater to those performances.

I can’t cover every dance style performance or we will be here all day but here are 3 styles that is really known to just about everyone.

There is an energy drink that would go for any style you do but you’re going to have to read further to find out what that drink is.

Dance Styles and the perfect energy drink when performing in those styles


A picture of a pair of pointe shoes.
Pointe shoes are a signature of female ballet dancers and to obtain would take a lot of hard work and many years of training in the style!

When it comes to an energy drink for Ballet, I would say go for something that keeps you both alert and gives you a lot of energy.

Ballet is a style that focuses on grace, poise and posture. However, it’s also a dance which is done by multiple soloists, or a group, who share the stage in terms of short dances all compiled.

In any ballet performance, it’s more common to see a soloist do multiple one-to-two-minute solos and then rest and run back out on stage compared to a long haul of an hour of dancing straight on stage.

However, it is important to also remember that Ballet performances are at least 2 hours long and as a ballet dancer you also need to keep up your stamina during that time.

You’ll need the energy during those huge jumps and turns and the continuous strain on your body.

However, you’ll also need to be alert because ballet dancers have to be aware of their bodies and technique at all times. You just cannot come out on stage with a sickled foot.


Contemporary uses the entire body and the floor to create motions that are beautiful and majestic.

When picking an energy drink for contemporary dancers, it’s important to think about that and pick an energy drink that can keep you alert for long periods of time and something that can provide energy that’s more appropriate for stamina.

Contemporary dance is a style that focuses on stamina. With a lot of contemporary dancers, they are often found on stage at the same time in groups.

They would be doing butt rolls and turns as well as a lot of using the floor and the ground to their advantage.

They also spend a lot of time on the stage. In a 1 hour contemporary performance, it’s not uncommon for the dancer to be on stage for the entire hour dancing without ever going backstage.

In a study, it was shown that contemporary dancers need more muscular endurance than ballet dancers.

This is because when on stage for an hour and especially when doing feats of acrobatic tricks, contemporary dancers need to be more alert to how they are dancing and the movements they are executing.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop focuses on strength and hitting it hard which makes some of the moves seem impossible for the human body to achieve.

When choosing an energy drink for hip hop, it’s important to choose something that has is more high intensity in both alertness and energy.

Hip Hop is an energetic and dynamic type of dance that focuses on multiple tricks and the movement of the body in parts.

With hip hop, it’s always high energy and big movements and you can also get your cardio in.

Not going to lie, hip hop is intense because it has such controlled yet such energetic movements that are extremely fast-paced.

And the stops and starts will have you panting during a performance in no time.

However, hip hop performances are also shorter than that of ballet and contemporary.

That’s to keep you up and dancing through those pops and locks.

Should I drink an Energy Drink before an audition/performance?

A picture of 4 girls on stage.
Performances are a great time to be putting your best foot forward.

This really depends on you as a person. This is because some people are unable to process the sugar just before performing.

During an audition, you want to be at your best and in order to do that you need a drink that can keep you at peak performance.

If you are used to drinking energy drinks and do drink them on a normal basis I would say absolutely, go for it. It will help you with your performance and it will help you be at your best.

However, if you’re not used to drinking energy drinks and want to try it for the first time because you think it will help you, then I would advise against it.

This is because you don’t know how your body might react to the energy drink.

Sure, it might help you, but if you’re not used to energy drinks it doesn’t seem like the best time to try one.

I would say it’s better safe than sorry, only drink energy drinks if you are used to them and you are sure they will help you rather than hinder you.

Dancer Nutrition and Health

As a dancer, you need to have a good sense of nutrition. This is because you can often feel the difference when you have had a good meal compared to when something feels off.

Balanced diet

A plate of vegetable salad with eggs on top.
A good diet keeps dancers healthy and fit.

Dancers need a balanced diet. Carbs are a good source of energy for dance-routine stamina. It’s best to choose “healthy carbs” instead of junk carbs. Sweet potatoes are a great choice.

You also need good fats in your diet. I know that as a dance you want to stay away from anything that might make you gain weight, but some fats are essential. Try avocados – not only are they very versatile, but they are also an excellent source of healthy fat.

You also need a combination of proteins and minerals to ensure that you stay healthy and fit. A good combination of all of those should be enough that you start and end each day without too many problems.

Also, remember to put in a daily energy drink mid-way through your workout, it helps you replenish the energy you’ve lost and keeps you alert and energetic.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is so important for any dancer as they lose fluids when they dance by means of sweat.

Even mild dehydration can affect your performance. This is because dehydration for a dancer can affect balance and posture.

You can also end up overheating your body if you don’t drink enough water, especially after being under those stage lights for so long.

While plain water is best for staying hydrated, drinks such as juice and sports drinks can also help.

Though I’d stay away from energy drinks for this one though. Studies have shown that energy drinks can cause dehydration faster in the heat.

Get Massages

As a dancer, each day you are using your muscles to their fullest extent. In fact, you are using your muscles so much you are causing them to tighten.

I would recommend getting a deep tissue massage at least once a week as it helps blood flow and relaxes your muscles.

Not to mention that without the massages, you are more prone to injuries because your body has no means to relax.

Even if you can’t afford a massage, try to roll yourself out each day using tennis balls and rollers.

What to look for in an energy drink?

When looking for an energy drink, you need to consider a number of things such as:

  • Caffeine Content
  • Sugar Levels
  • Price
  • Is it suitable for the intensity I am going at?

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is great for when you need a pick-me-up in the middle of practice.

This is because the caffeine helps you stay alert and ready to go.

For any dancer, a mess-up could mean serious injury and no one wants that.

But you also don’t want to overdose on caffeine and leave yourself feeling worse than you did before.

As such, I would recommend 50mg to 100mg of caffeine per drink, that’s what I consider to be the ideal amount. Enough to give you a nice boost, but not so much that you can’t think straight.

Regardless of how much you drink, try not to go over the FDA‘s guidance of no more than 400mg of caffeine each day.

Sugar Content

Sugar on a table
Sugar contains glucose which is a great energy source.

Sugar is the main source of energy in an energy drink, providing glucose and a great fast energy boost.

However, sugar can also be horrible for your body, especially too much sugar.

Too much sugar can cause major problems such as diabetes and obesity.

As such, the American Health Association has given a maximum amount of sugar that should be consumed by men and women each day.

GenderMaximum daily intake
Men150kcal / 37.5g / 9 tsp
Women100kcal / 25g / 6 tsp
Maximum daily intake

Take note that this also applies to dancers, don’t need to consume so much sugar you start gaining weight or losing your muscle tone.


I do understand that as a professional dancer, it’s difficult to make ends meet, especially if you are a freelance dancer.

As such, when choosing energy drinks you don’t want something that’s so expensive you can’t afford it on your salary. You want something cheap and affordable.

But you also don’t want to forgo the quality of the energy drink which is such a pain.

As such, I personally would recommend REIZE which is only $1 and ships right to your doorstep!

But I’ll elaborate more on that later…

Is it suitable for the intensity I am going at?

A dance class
Dance classes can range from anywhere light to very intense and it’s important to know where your class stands to pick the right energy drink.

Honestly, that’s the biggest question regardless of what style you do. While the style guides are for dancers who do dance professionally (and we are talking 6 to 8 hours a day) the intensity guide is for when you are not dancing as much.

For example, if you were to just be dancing for an hour and as a hobby, I would suggest something lighter with less caffeine and either less sugar or sugar-free.

But if you were dancing even more than 8 hours, for example, a dance practice of 12 hours, I would say go for more of both.

Understanding how intense your training is will help you figure out what sort of energy drink you should buy and ensure that you as a dancer are kept fit and healthy and performing to the best of your ability.

Best Energy Drinks for Dancers

In no particular order, here are some good energy drinks for dancers:

Monster Energy Drink

A picture of monster energy drink.
Monster energy drink. For high-intensity workouts.

Monster energy drink contains the following ingredients:

  • 190 calories
  • 179mg of caffeine
  • 54g carbohydrates  
  • 54g sugars
  • 370mg sodium 
  • Vitamin B2
  • B3 Vitamins
  • Vitamin B6
  • B12 vitamins

A large amount of caffeine and high sugar content would suggest that Monster Energy Drink should be only for high-intensity dancers as well as dancers who want a big boost of both energy and alertness.

When it comes down to it, I feel that Monster Energy Drink is great for hip-hop dancers during their performances.

Red Bull

Red Bull is a great overall booster for dancers.

That’s because Red Bull contains a good amount of sugar and caffeine.

Red Bull contains:

  • 110 calories
  • 28g carbohydrates
  • 27g sugars 
  • 80mg of caffeine
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Pantothenic Acid

It has the perfect amount of caffeine for a medium-intensity workout. 80mg per can is a sensible amount for any dancer.

I would also say that for a ballet performance, this is the perfect energy drink as it will give you the right amount of alertness and the energy boost that you need.


A picture of Zipfizz tubes.
Zipfizz has 11 flavors and is slightly lighter in terms of caffeine content AND is sugar-free.

Zipfizz is a great energy drink in the sense that it’s easy to carry around in your dance bag since it is a powdered energy drink.

In terms of ingredients it contains:

 20 calories

• 2g of carbohydrates

• 100mg of caffeine

• 500mg of Vitamin C

• 15 IU of Vitamin E

• 2,150 IU of Vitamin A

• 500mg of Vitamin C

• 0.75mg of Thiamine

• 0.85mg of Riboflavin

• 10mg of Niacin

• 1mg of Vitamin B6

• 200mcg of Folate

• 2,500mg of Vitamin B12

• 5mg of Pantothenic acid

• 60mg of Calcium

• 100mg of Magnesium

• 7.5mg of Zinc

• 35mcg of Selenium

• 0.25mg of Copper

• 950mg of Potassium

• 75mg of Sodium

• 60mcg of Chromium

• 1mg of Manganese

• Grape seed extract

• Green tea extract 

• Guarana

I feel like it’s a great energy drink for lower intensity dancing such as short practices.

I also feel like it’s great for contemporary dance performances as it’s just the right amount of caffeine to keep you alert and with Zipfizz being sugar-free you can guarantee there will be no sugar crashes on stage.

I also really like the fruit flavors of Zipfizz and it tastes great though if you want to compare flavors, check out my post on that.

REIZE (10 out of 10)

A photo of REIZE Energy Drink
REIZE Energy Drink is perfect for any dancer

I would absolutely recommend REIZE Energy Drink for any dancer just because it has the perfect blend of ingredients for a sustained boost that’s not overpowering.

What I mean by that is that REIZE contains 50mg of caffeine and is absolutely sugar-free!

But don’t let that fool you, REIZE has a mix of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and B vitamins.

They all work together to give you a long-lasting energy boost that will make any practice or performance go by with a breeze with the promise of no sugar crash.

To break it down for you, it has a sensible amount of caffeine, but also other ingredients that give you the right energy amount for ballet.

A good amount of caffeine and no sugar not to mention the long-lasting energy boost for contemporary.

The burst of energy and alertness you need for hip hop because of the extra ginseng, taurine, and B vitamins that all work together in harmony.

And an overall great taste for just about any dance style or intensity.

Best of all, REIZE costs only around $1 per drink including shipping to your door.

So don’t you worry about being able to afford it on a freelancer’s salary.

But don’t take my word for it, Give REIZE a shot today and I’ll bet you’ll love it as much as I do.

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