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Best Energy Drink for Waking up (wake me up)

Best Energy Drink for Waking up (wake me up)

Waking from sleep in the morning sounds easy, but in reality, its a headache for many night owls like me.

Well, this is where energy drinks can make a big difference.

To set you free from this everyday problem, read on and find out how energy drinks can help you wake up!

Do energy drinks help you wake up?

Drinking energy drinks contain caffeine, which will certainly help you to wake up.

This study found that drinking caffeine in the morning reduced fatigue after a lacklustre sleep for around two hours.

The caffeine in energy drinks can give you a boost of energy as well as improve your concentration, which is beneficial for work or intense study.

With that said, when choosing an energy drink for the mornings, the key lies in choosing one with an appropriate caffeine content within the FDA recommendation of 400mg of caffeine per day.

waking up in the morning
Morning battle to wake up

Is it bad to drink an energy drink in the morning?

Because your cortisol levels are elevated when you first wake up, you should normally try to wait at least an hour before drinking a caffeinated energy drink in the morning.

However, if you have low caffeine tolerance, you may be more susceptible to the side effects of caffeine, so I would recommend that you also don’t drink energy drinks on an empty stomach and have them alongside your breakfast.

What can I drink to avoid sleep?

Sleepiness can be blown away with many varieties of drinks such as tea, coffee, alcohol, soda, and of course, energy drinks!

Energy drinks can be your morning company as its caffeine amount and sugar in it can provide you an instant boost to chase away your sleep.

You can also go sugar-free if you’re a no sugar freak like me and want to prevent a sugar crash!

drinks to avoid sleep
Some drinks do help in waking you up

What to look for when buying an Energy drink for waking up

When choosing a suitable morning energy drink, there are several factors you could consider:

  • Caffeine content
  • Sugar content
  • Flavor
  • Price

Caffeine content

Caffeine is probably the most common ingredient used in an energy drink, and its amount can define your choice of energy drink to consume based on your purpose.

As recommended by the FDA, I try to limit my caffeine intake to the maximum recommended amount of 400mg per day.

Put simply, you should always consult the energy drink label for the caffeine content when choosing your morning energy drink as a suitable energy drink can really do wonders to kick start your day correctly!

Caffeine and its varieties
Variety of forms to indulge in Caffeine.

Sugar content

Sugar is a staple ingredient found in various food and beverages, so it’s a no brainer that it’s another key ingredient of energy drinks which you should keep an eye out for when looking for your go-to morning energy drink.

With that said, sugar does not have any health benefits and is detrimental to your health and waistline. Hence, the ADA only recommends a maximum of 9 teaspoons of sugar for men and only 6 for women a day.

Now, the important question is, how much sugar is appropriate for your morning energy drink?

The answer will be to go sugar-free.

Well, these days varieties of zero-sugar energy drinks have become a common sight on the shelves of your local stores, which provides you with a healthier alternative than the sugar-filled originals.

However, I understand that not everyone likes sugar-free drinks. If that’s you, you can still choose an energy drink containing sugar so long as you stick to the ADA recommendations for max sugar intake.


Usually, people might think the flavor is not an important factor to consider when looking for energy drinks. But then again, wouldn’t you rather drink something that suits your taste?

Especially if you’re looking to start your day with an energy drink, I doubt you would want to taste something horrible right? (Though it could probably wake you up too)

Luckily, this is not that big of an issue at all, as stores are filled with varieties of flavored energy drinks, so you probably wouldn’t have too much trouble looking for the one for you.

Although not available in physical stores, I personally love the taste of REIZE Energy drink, which has just the right amount of flavor despite being sugar-free.


Price is undoubtedly something all of us look for and it’s always wise to look for something budget-friendly too.

We can always choose the correct quality energy drink by matching our needs as well as budget.

The only thing to do is to see the right content of ingredients and know the needs of your body and also something that can work like magic as a morning energy drink.

Can you drink energy drinks on an empty stomach in the morning?

The answer might be quoted as “No” as many studies blame caffeine for dehydration, nothing is proven in this area so far.

So you might consume an energy drink in the morning, but it’s probably better to drink some water on an empty stomach before having that energy drink.

Best Energy Drinks To Wake Up In The Morning

BrandCaffeine Content (mg)Sugar Content (g)Calories
Starbucks Double-shot Energy Drink Coffee32.69 26130-210
(Vary due to choice of flavors)
VPX Bang Peach Mango Energy Drink30000
Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix120010-20
(Vary due to choice of flavors)
Here’s a quick breakdown of the energy drinks I’ll be recommending to you

Starbucks Double-shot Energy Drink Coffee

This is one of my favorite morning energy drinks but I would recommend going with it only if you plan to skip sugar for your lunch.

Caffeine-wise, this energy drink is mildly caffeinated, which I think is a suitable amount for the morning. However, this energy drink contains 26g of sugar which is an instant turn-off for no sugar freaks like myself.

With that said, the best part of this drink is that there are varieties of flavors available which would be a treat to your taste buds.

Bang Peach Mango Energy Drink

Bang is a popular energy drink brand and its Peach-Mango energy drink looks to be one of the most suitable choices for your morning energy drink.

Although this energy drink is the highest caffeinated drink on the list here, you can definitely go with it if your body requires an instant boost of energy.

For high caffeine addicts, this can be an everyday drink as it comes with zero sugar and a zero-calorie.

Check out the (very surprising) article I wrote after getting Bang lab tested. The results will blow your mind.

A peach Mango Energy drink
A peach Mango Bang Energy drink

Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix

This drink is also considered to be a healthy option by many and is therefore consumed by a wide population.

Having few calories and no sugar, this energy drink only contains 10-20 calories per serving depending on your flavor, so you can have a few cups of this energy drink without a worry.

Caffeine-wise, this energy drink contains 120mg of caffeine which is a moderate amount, and much less than Bang.

REIZE (a perfect energy drink)

Affordable, convenient, and most importantly energizing, REIZE energy drink can be your simple energy drink solution to wake up with every morning.

REIZE is absolutely perfect to drink in the morning as it comes with 50 mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and only 11 calories per sachet.

The best part of this drink is its convenient packaging, being in powder form instead of a typical can, which allows you to carry it anywhere you go.

Best of all, REIZE energy drink makes quality energy drinks affordable, costing only around $1 per drink including shipping right to your door, which you have to agree is a pretty sweet deal!

REIZE- an every day drink
REIZE- an awesome every day energy drink.

Give REIZE a try today and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is the best energy drink to help you wake up.