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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Energy Drink Packets

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Energy Drink Packets

Energy drink mix packets like Zipfizz, Celsius On-The-Go, Advocare Spark, and REIZE give ready-to-drink energy drinks a run for their money because of their customizable serving sizes and improved portability and generally lower prices.

But are mixed energy drinks genuinely superior?

Find out which energy drinks are the best for you to try and whether powdered versions offer many advantages over traditional canned versions.

Let’s get going…

What are Energy Drink Packets?

As an alternative to bottled energy drinks, energy drink mix packets or powders provide you the flexibility and control to decide how much of the energy drink mix formula is added to your beverage.

Energy drink mix packets are renowned for their portability more than anything else. If you have the water to mix them, you may carry many servings in your back pocket.

In general, ingesting powdered energy drinks offers the same benefits as bottled energy drinks, including heightened alertness and quicker reflexes.

They are also relatively easy to cook. It’s the same idea if you’ve ever used any other powdered beverages. In essence, pour and blend.

A freshly prepared energy drink is available on demand; all you need to do is combine the necessary amount of powder with water and stir.

Does Energy Drink Packets Work?

Powdered energy drinks function just as well as their canned equivalents and, in some cases, even better because you can precisely measure the right dosages.

Caffeine is a key component of powdered and canned energy drinks that helps increase working memory and reaction time and keeps you alert.

An energy drink packet works just as well as an 8.4 fl. oz. can of Red Bull as long as the proper dosage is used and there is enough water in the mixture.

Are Energy Drink Packets Better?

Energy drink powders and packets are frequently healthier than traditional energy drinks from a health standpoint because you may create servings that are tailored to your unique tolerances.

Additionally, powdered energy drinks are typically more economical because they require less storage space and offer more potent portions, which might increase the cost per drink.

Additionally, most powdered energy drinks frequently don’t have added sugar and aren’t overly carbonated, making them generally healthier for your stomach.

Energy drink mix packets are also more convenient to carry around, so if you wish to blend in, these can be the right choice.

But I should point out that there are substantial packaging differences even among different powdered energy drinks.

While some companies offer highly convenient single-serving sachets that you can easily rip open and use without having to bother about measuring a scoop out of a tub, other brands offer large tubs that aren’t at all portable.

I favor the sachets over the tubs, personally.

Should you Buy Energy Drink Packets in Bulk?

It’s totally up to you whether you choose to buy energy drink powder in packets or tubs with several servings; each packaging option has advantages and disadvantages.


I’ve added the pros and cons of packet energy drink powders below.


Without fumbling with a scoop or measuring tool, packets provide the ideal amount of powder for each serving.

They fit neatly into your back pocket, making them exceedingly easy to transport.


Sachets are probably not as convenient for this as scooping out of a container if you wish to blend non-standard amounts of powder into your beverage.


Below, I’ve added the pros and cons of energy drink powder containers/tubs.


When it comes to choosing your portion size, they provide you with a lot more flexibility.

You are free to make the recommended value your own, halve it, or treble it based on your unique demands.

Due to their enormous quantity, they are also quite practical if you intend to consume that type of energy drink regularly, as it might prevent you from making numerous excursions to the store.


The drawback of containers is that they are not particularly portable.

Allowing customers to mix their own powder into a drink and counting on them to get it correctly every time raises some safety issues as well. There is a potential that someone using more than they should unintentionally make a deadly cocktail.

Sachets are preferable in this aspect because you always know what you’re getting.

Should Gamers Drink Powdered Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks marketed specifically to gamers have increased in popularity.

Energy drinks tend to have a significant positive impact on gamers since they boost alertness and reaction time.

Drinking powdered energy drinks while playing video games is acceptable if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced meal, and don’t spend all of your time in front of the computer or console.

I’ve added a review on a few energy drink packets.

Tried and tested.

What to Look for in Energy Drinks Packets?

The same criteria apply when choosing the best energy drink powders and packs as when choosing any other type of energy drink. The first step in the process is looking at the components listed on the nutrition label.

Caffeine and sugar.
Caffeine and sugar are the two main ingredients of energy drinks (powder or liquid).

You should watch out for the following:


Depending on the brand, most energy drinks contain between 50 and 300mg of caffeine.

The FDA typically approves a daily caffeine intake cap of 400 mg, and any more could lead to adverse effects like:

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety

I personally like to have 50 to 100 mg of caffeine in each serving, which is precisely the right amount to get the job done but not so much that I get jittery and can’t focus.

Everyone metabolizes caffeine at a different rate, so you should figure out what works best for you and modify your servings appropriately.


Thankfully, energy drink packs rarely have a lot of sugar in them, but don’t be shocked if you encounter one that does have an excessive quantity.

In addition to being sweet, sugar also stimulates the dopamine receptors in your brain, enhancing your mood and giving you a happy sensation.

The American Heart Association (AHA) advises a daily sugar restriction of 25g for women and 36g for men since there can be too much of a good thing.

Overindulging in sugar can result in a short-term sugar crash that can leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic, which is not what you want from any energy drinks you consume.

There are also long-term health and dietary consequences of ingesting too much sugar, such as:

  • Weight Gain
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Acne
  • Increased risk of depression

Check the serving size to see how much sugar is contained in it, and keep in mind that you may always reduce it if the recommended quantity seems excessive (again, the appeal of mixed-package energy drinks).

Other Ingredients

B-Vitamins are incredibly helpful and are present in the majority of energy drinks.

They help with everything from energy release to oxygen delivery.

Another typical element is taurine, which is frequently credited with helping to support a healthy metabolism and workout performance.

Even more so than ordinary energy drinks, powdered energy drinks contain a wide variety of additional ingredients because they are not constrained by preservatives or water content.

Best Energy Drink Packets

It’s time to expose you to some of my favorite energy drink mix packets now that I’ve covered the crucial information about mixed packet energy drinks:

Energy DrinksCaffeineSugarCalories
Celsius Power Sticks200010
Advocare Spark120mg045
REIZE Energy Drink50011
a list of some fantastic energy drink combinations.


One of the more well-liked powder energy drinks is Zipfizz, which comes in convenient tubes and has a range of tastes.

Each Zipfizz tube contains no sugar and 100mg of caffeine, which is less caffeine than most energy drinks that size, making it perfect even if you have caffeine sensitivity. It should be combined with 16 to 20 fl. oz. of water.

Zipfizz Energy Drink.
Zipfizz Energy Drink.

There are around 14 distinct tastes available, all with a fruity theme, and they come in little tubes. There is a small hitch, though. Since Zipfizz only has roughly 20 calories, you can choose it if you don’t care about gaining weight.

The pricing, which averages $2 per serving, is the only major complaint I have with Zipfizz. Although I enjoy Zipfizz, I think that $2 is a little on the pricey side.

Celsius On-The-Go

With about 200mg of caffeine per serving, Celsius is the least high-caffeinated powdered energy drink. If you’re feeling really depressed and need to do your work right away, it’s a big boost.

Celsius On-The-Go.
Celsius On-The-Go.

But I don’t advise you to consume this beverage twice the recommended amount based on the FDA’s limit.

Like the other beverages on the list, Celsius is sugar-free and has 10 calories and a total of 9 flavors. It is sold in stick pouches and costs $17 for a pack of 14 servings or slightly more than $1 for a single serving.

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark, which is commonly referred to as a supplement powder, makes weight loss promises. Each dose contains 120 mg of caffeine, and it comes in sachets and tubs. It’s free of sugar.

However, the drawback is that this drink has 45 calories per serving, so if you don’t mind gaining weight, go for this beverage.

Advocare Spark Mango Strawberry.
Advocare Spark Mango Strawberry.

If you exercise often, you can easily burn off this amount of calories along with the caffeine it contains, giving you the boost you need.

There are just 10 flavors available, which is fewer than other brands.

The price of a single serving sachet is about $2, and a tub with 42 servings is $55, which may seem expensive but is actually less than $1 per serving.

REIZE (The Best)

Let me introduce you to REIZE Energy Drink if you really want the top energy drink packet mix on the market.

A 4g sachet of the powdered energy drink REIZE is available. It offers just 11 calories per serving, no added sugar, and a reasonable 50 mg of caffeine.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

Taurine, ginseng, and B-group vitamins are also present in REIZE. These helpful components combine to provide a clever mixture that gives you the energy boost you require without the subsequent crash.

The best part is that REIZE may be shipped to your door for just $1 per drink.

So why are you still waiting?

You’ll probably agree with me that REIZE is the best energy drink mix powder if you give it a try today.

The Final Verdict

  • Due to their portability, I favor powdered energy drinks over traditional ones. Powdered energy drinks are great on days when I’m traveling or going on a trek.
  • When selecting a powder for yourself, try to keep an eye on the amounts of sugar and caffeine. Ideally, you’ll select a powder that is affordable. The market is flooded with inexpensive energy drink powders.
  • However, be aware that powdered energy drinks may have drawbacks. Like gaining weight and high blood pressure, of course, if consumed excessively.

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