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Best Energy Drink for Intermittent Fasting (helpful guide)

Best Energy Drink for Intermittent Fasting (helpful guide)

Now you might think, with every new diet in town, there’s always something you would have to give up in return for weight loss or better health. That might include giving up on your favourite burgers, pizzas, snacks, or even energy drinks.

However, intermittent fasting focuses more on when you eat rather than what you eat.

At this point, you might be sceptical as to whether you can still have your favourite energy drink while on an intermittent fast… spoiler alert, you actually can! 

However, keep in mind your goal for intermittent fasting. If it’s to lose weight or to be healthier, then you most probably will want to also be mindful of what you consume during your eating period.

What to drink while on an intermittent fast?

Despite being on a “fast”, there are a few acceptable drinks that you can have during intermittent fasting:

• Water – it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day despite not eating, and I’m sure you know that water has zero calories, sugar, or caffeine, thus it is the healthiest beverage around!

Coffeeblack coffee without sugar or cream can help to curb your appetite and promote metabolism which also helps with weight loss.

Tea – be it green, black or oolong tea, it has been proven to also curb appetite and enhance weight loss. It can also boost the effectiveness of intermittent fasting by promoting gut health, probiotic balance, and cellular detoxification.

Apple cider vinegar – diluting apple cider vinegar in water could promote metabolism that can also help in weight loss, among other medical benefits.

Is it OK to consume sugar on an intermittent fast?

No, you shouldn’t consume sugar during intermittent fasting because it will cause your blood sugar levels to spike – which will break your fast.

Whether you are practising a diet or not, your sugar intake should always be moderate. Consuming a lot of sugar and not utilising it as energy will result in body fats.

It is, therefore, best to consume energy drinks that are sugar-free. However, do be mindful of artificial sweeteners too. If you are looking for a great option, I recommend the REIZE energy drink, which is sugar-free, and thus checks all the right boxes.

Is it OK to consume caffeine on an intermittent fast?

Caffeine is found in a variety of beverages that are recommended for intermittent fasting, such as coffee and tea. You can indeed consume caffeine while on an intermittent fast.

Although there are no specific guidelines as to how much caffeine you can take, you should control your caffeine intake to avoid symptoms such as jittery, anxiousness, headaches, and insomnia.

Energy drinks are often loaded with caffeine to give you an energy boost. Choosing an energy drink that has moderate caffeine content, in line with the recommended daily caffeine intake should be fine.

I personally prefer to get my caffeine from energy drinks rather than from coffee or tea. I just find that it works better on me, especially when I choose an energy drink that has moderate caffeine content, like REIZE

I am able to get my caffeine fix without overdosing, while still maintaining my intermittent fasting.

For a brief, here’s how much the FDA recommends you drink caffeine.

AgeRecommended Daily Amount
Kids60-80 mg
Teenagers 100 mg
18 and above400 mg
Recommended Daily Caffeine Intake

Is it OK to consume calories while on an intermittent fast?

Yes, your body will remain in a fasting state if you drink less than 50 calories

Consuming fewer calories also supports your weight-loss journey, if that is the main reason why you’re on an intermittent fast.

Thus, it is recommended to drink zero-calorie beverages, like water or select energy drinks that have zero or fewer calories.

Sadly, you will have to say goodbye to your go-to frappuccino though.

Can you drink zero-calorie drinks during an intermittent fast?

Yes, you can have your zero-calorie drinks while on your fast. 

It is safe to drink less than 50 calories to remain in a fasted state.

OMAD and Energy Drinks

To ensure you’re still in a fast state, don’t consume sugar and watch your calorie intake. So, as to answer the question of whether or not you can drink your energy drink while on OMAD – yes you still can if you choose wisely! 

One Meal a Day, aka “OMAD” is also another type of diet that people go on to either lose weight or improve their health.

OMAD is quite similar in structure to intermittent fasting, but perhaps a more extreme version. Not only will you not be eating for a certain duration, but there are also guidelines as to what you can consume when you do eat.

As with intermittent fasting, the beverage choices are pretty similar. More water, less sugar, and so on… you get the drill.

But, how about energy drinks? 

There are many energy drinks in the market now that are zero-sugar with little to no calories. I personally prefer REIZE, which is sugar-free and also home delivered. Talk about convenience.

Watch this video for a more detailed discussion about OMAD.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting and Energy Drinks

I’m not here to tell you that you should be drinking sugar-free energy drinks during your fasting window – although if they are sugar-free and low-cal they are probably perfectly fine.

Rather, I’m going to suggest that you stick to the rules during the fasting window and then enjoy an energy drink during your feeding window after you break your fast.

People agree that it’s fine to drink black coffee or green tea during your fasting window. However, I’ve been hearing some people say that if you truly want to maximise the benefits of 16/8 fasting you shouldn’t drink anything except for water.

Sugar-free Energy Drinks and Intermittent Fasting

Good news! You can still have your energy drinks, as long as you make sure they are sugar-free (or super low in sugar) and preferably zero calories to keep you in a fasting state.

Be sure to monitor your own body’s reaction to drinking energy drinks while on an intermittent fast and see what works best for you.

Benefits of Energy Drinks on an Intermittent Fast

Consuming an energy drink before you begin your fasting period (or when you break your fasting) might provide you with the perfect amount of energy to last you throughout the day.

It makes perfect sense, if you’re eating less, you may find that you are a little weaker or lacking energy at certain times in the day.

When to drink an energy drink while on an intermittent fast?

If you are someone that works out while on an intermittent fast, you might want to grab an energy drink before or during your workout.

Energy drinks that have BCAAs could be beneficial as consuming 10g of BCAA is recommended, and suitable for someone on a fast who would like to hit the gym.

There are energy drinks on the market that cater to individuals that would like a higher dosage of BCAA’s in their drinks.

An example would be BCAA Zero Energy Drink which is sugar-free and recommends individuals to consume it to supply their muscles with the essential amino acids they need, all while fasting.

How do I get energy while intermittent fasting?

Aside from a few chosen energy drinks, there are a few ways to get energy boost while intermittent fasting.

These include:

  • replenishing with electrolytes
  • eating hearty meals before intermittent fasting
  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • eating healthy organic food
  • drinking coffee or green tea

Best Energy Drinks for Intermittent Fasting

Here are my suggestions for the best energy drinks for an intermittent fast:

XS Energy Drink

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 80mg

Calories: 10

The numbers seem ideal for what I’ve been discussing above in this article. It’s low in calories, contains a moderate amount of caffeine, and is sugar-free.

XS is a suitable partner in your intermittent fasting quest. XS Energy Drink is also available in many flavors and there are even two caffeine-free options:

  • caffeine-free cranberry-grape blast
  • caffeine-free mango pineapple guava

Celsius Energy Drink

The nutrition label on a can of Celsius drink
Celsius “Originals” Nutrition Facts.

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 200mg – 300mg

Calories: 10

Celsius has a higher level of caffeine compared to XS Energy Drink, but similarly has zero sugar and just 10 calories.

It could also be a good choice for those who would like an energy drink while on an intermittent fast, especially if you’re looking for that extra caffeine boost. Celsius Energy Drink does come in 3 different categories:

  • “Originals” (200mg caffeine)
  • “Naturals” (200mg caffeine)
  • “Celsius Heat” (300mg caffeine)

Bang Energy Drink

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 300mg

Calories: 0

Besides the whopping 300mg of caffeine, the zero sugar and calories are pretty tempting. You might want to try this out if you are in need of some super industrial strength for the day!

However, the recommended caffeine intake per day is a maximum of 400mg for an adultYou clearly need to be mindful of your caffeine consumption because a single can of Bang will get you within striking distance of that limit.

Also, Bang Energy Drink advertises that there are BCAAs included in the ingredients. Therefore, this could be preferable to grab before or during your workout session.

However, it should be noted that there are several lawsuits against Bang Energy for issues relating to false and misleading advertising in relation to their ingredients – so do your own research.

If you want to learn more about Bang Energy, everything you could possibly want to know is covered in my other article which I’ve linked to just now.

REIZE Energy Drink

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 50mg

Calories: 11

Seems like we have a winner here. With a sensible amount of caffeine, zero sugar, and only 11 calories per serving, REIZE is easily my first choice when I want an energy drink while intermittent fasting.

I can get my energy from a suitable amount of caffeine without having to worry about a sugar crash afterward and also keep my calorie intake to a minimum.

Not to mention the fact that it ships right to your door for around $1 per drink. That’s amazing value for money compared to the other options listed above.

Other Energy Drinks for Intermittent Fasting

Other than the energy drinks already listed above, there are a few other great energy drinks that you can try while on an intermittent fasting diet such as:

If you’re interested to learn about the best energy drinks for a keto diet you can check out my other article where I cover everything you need to know in a lot of detail.

REIZE Energy Drink (recommended)

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

If you’re looking for an awesome energy drink while on an intermittent fast, I think you really can’t go past REIZE Energy Drink.

With a sensible amount of caffeine and calories and zero sugar, it won’t break your fast.

REIZE also contains tons of great energy-boosting ingredients such as taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins. These additional ingredients work great together to help keep you awake and mentally energised throughout the day.

Best of all, REIZE only costs about $1 per drink (including shipping to your door).

Give REIZE a try today!

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