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Best Energy Drink for Urine (Good to Know)

Best Energy Drink for Urine (Good to Know)

Urinalysis tests are used to analyze diseases like diabetes and liver disease. That’s why this test has become pretty common in this era.

A urinalysis is a test that looks at a sample of your urine. You can take this voluntary at any laboratory. The result of the test will give you find problems if ever you have kidney problems or infections.

If you’re preparing yourself for a urinalysis test, but end up consuming energy drinks, it can affect the outcome of the test. This might bring you an unwanted result.

So, if you’re preparing for a test for peace of mind, but you still don’t wanna stop consuming energy drinks, I have some suggestions that you can try.

Does Caffeine Affect Urine Color?

Energy drinks are known to have caffeine. Caffeine is a good stimulant, so it’s just understandable you can find this energy booster in many energy drinks in the market.

However, caffeine can have negative effects on your urine color. Getting dehydrated can make your urine appear cloudy. And drinking too much beverage with caffeine can cause this change.

Caffeine is also a known diuretic, which means you’d have to pee more often when you’re regularly consuming caffeinated beverages.

How Much Caffeine is Ideal?

You should know the right amount so you can prevent consuming excessive amounts of caffeine. The FDA advised that the recommended caffeine intake is no more than 400mg a day.

Aside from the fact that it can affect your urine, caffeine can also cause some health problems. It can be in the form of insomnia, anxiety, and headaches if you overconsume.

Can Vitamins Cause Urinary Problems?

Aside from caffeine, energy drinks are also packed with vitamins. Although vitamins are essential to your body, it is capable of irritating your bladder when consumed excessively.

This occurs when you take vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C with combined artificial colors. In general, high-dose vitamins can turn your pee into a bright yellow color.

Different Vitamins in a container,
Check the vitamins on the label.

Effects Of Nutrients On Your Bladder

If your urine happens to be dark brown going purple, you might have a severe problem in your kidney or bladder. These two organs are responsible for urinating. If you don’t take care of these organs, you may experience bleeding or infection.

I suggest you look at these nutrients for your bladder’s health:

FiberHelps maintain bowel health. 
MagnesiumMagnesium is required for a variety of bodily activities, including appropriate muscle and neuron function. It also minimizes bladder muscle spasms and allows the bladder to drain completely during urination.
Vitamin DVitamin D is important for bone health because it aids calcium absorption, but it also benefits the immune system, heart health, blood sugar levels, mood, and yes, even bladder health. 
Vitamins food for your bladder.

Further to the details mentioned above, you may be wondering what fiber has to do with bladder control. The majority of us are deficient in fiber, and our bowel movements are not as regular as they should be. When the bowels are complete, they press against the bladder, causing pressure and the sensation of needing to urinate.

Constipation can also promote incontinence and bladder overactivity. According to research, reducing constipation can help with both urgency and frequency issues.

Furthermore, severe constipation can affect the neurological function of the pelvic floor muscles and increase bladder control issues, even if the person is otherwise healthy.

On the other hand, there’s a study that involves 40 women with occasional incontinence. Those who took magnesium hydroxide twice a day woke up less at night to use the bathroom. They also had better bladder control during the day.

Vitamin D can also help your bladder too. According to a recent study, women over 20 with adequate vitamin D levels were less likely to develop pelvic floor abnormalities. This includes bladder control concerns.

The best approach to gain vitamin D is to get 20-30 minutes of unobstructed sun exposure each day. If this isn’t possible, you can go with a supplement with vitamin D3.

It has been demonstrated to be more absorbable than vitamin D2; you can also try eating more vitamin D-rich foods.

You’ll be glad to know that energy drinks contain some of these nutrients. However, you should never depend on energy drinks for essential nutrients.

What is the Healthy Color of Urine?

Your body is in good condition when the color of your urine ranges from pale yellow to amber.

Urinalysis is not that expensive, but it’ll still cost your money. If you want to check your urine at home while you’re still preparing for the money to go to the hospital, here are the basics you should know.

If you take excessive beta carotene or vitamin C, you may have urine with color going from dark yellow to orange. When beta carotene enters your body, it becomes Vitamin A, which is found in food with yellow or orange colors like carrots and sweet potatoes.

Take note that other ingredients of foods and beverages you consume can affect the color of your urine. These can be from beets, berries, fava beans, and even from the medications you take. So, I suggest you still check with a professional to be sure.

You can watch this video to know the different colors of urine and its implications:

Do Energy Drinks Make Your Pee Smell?

Yes, when you take energy drinks that have high caffeine content and vitamin C. Another factor is how much energy drink you consume per day.

Not all energy drinks are made with natural ingredients. If there are some, they still have artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors on them that can contribute to the smell of your urine.

Aside from these things you the following can also make your pee smell stronger:

  • Some food and drink, like asparagus or coffee.
  • Not drinking enough fluids.
  • Some medicines.
  • Vitamin B6 supplements
Man holding energy drink.
Slow down on energy drinks.

How Can I Make My Urine Smell Less Strong?

Drink enough water, so your urine does not become concentrated. If your urine is dark and smelly, this is often related to dehydration.

I recommend you switch supplements if you notice your energy drink is causing your urine to smell. Aside from that, drink at least 8 liters of water to maintain hydration.

Best Energy Drinks for Your Urine

Based on the data shown above, I think it’s best that you only consume energy drinks with enough caffeine, less beta carotene, and vitamin C.

Here are the energy drinks that I think could help you.


These fitness drinks can accompany you on your active lifestyle while keeping you healthy.

Celsius claims to be free of sugar, fat, and preservatives. Aside from that, it also has nourishing ingredients like ginger root, green tea extract, guarana, and vitamin B. It has 60mg of vitamin C, which is a little lower than the recommended amount.

Celsius energy drinks are thermogenic. This means that it can help increase your heart rate and metabolic rate by raising your body’s temperature. And that means this beverage will help you burn more calories during your workouts.

Go with Celsius if you want a fit and just weight. For more energy drinks that could help you with your weight, check this article.

Anyway, I suggest you drink only a can of Celsius if you’re going to take a urinalysis test so that it doesn’t have any effect on your urine.

Rip It

Rip It is a carbonated drink that comes in two forms. You can go with the 16 fl oz can and the 2 fl. Oz shot variant, which is, by the way, just in the same liquid form.

Each of these contains more or less of the same ingredients, including 160mg of caffeine, 100 calories, and 25g of carbohydrates.

I think this amount of caffeine is pretty high if you’re going to have your urine examined. But you can make some improvement by drinking half before exercise and just drinking the other half after your test.

It is branded as a dietary supplement. This means you cannot use it to substitute for your diet. But it can help your body if you take it along with your diet.

REIZE (The Best)

Reize Sachet poured in a glass
Try REIZE Energy Drink,

It is a healthy 4g powdered energy drink. A single sachet of REIZE contains 50mg of caffeine and 0g of sugar. It means you can drink a REIZE energy drink without worrying about any sugar crash.

REIZE also contains a good amount of B vitamins, taurine and ginseng extract, and 11 calories.

Also, the low amount of caffeine means consuming a sachet of REIZE can give you energy while having no strong effect on your urine.

I can personally attest that REIZE won’t cause any side effects, including changes to your urine’s color and smell. Plus, I find it quite handy to tote around since it comes in convenient 4g sachets.

Get your REIZE now, and have it shipped to your home for only around $1!

Other Notable Mentions


Personally, I think energy drinks with the right amount of caffeine can help your body be healthy. And it’ll not have any strong effect on your urine.

You can also opt for a flexible energy drink, like powdered energy drinks. You can make it less concentrated by adding more water. However, it will affect the energy that it possesses.

Still, this is more appropriate if you want to have a good urinalysis result, and at the same time, you‘ll still get a nice energy boost.

However, if you’re still unsure, you can skip an energy drink for a day and drink more water instead. For more healthy energy drinks, you can read this article next.