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Best Energy Drink for GERD (Recommended)

Best Energy Drink for GERD (Recommended)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), more commonly known as chronic acid reflux, is marked by heartburn, indigestion, difficulty swallowing and many more. This condition can be caused by drinking certain food and beverages like alcohol and chocolate.

Learning about and avoiding the triggers of GERD is an essential part of managing the symptoms. So if you’re suffering from GERD, you may be wondering if it’s time to say goodbye to energy drinks.

Good news: there is no proven link that caffeine can cause GERD. However, some caffeinated beverages in certain amounts can exacerbate symptoms.

With that said, GERD can be a bit tricky to navigate, but this article will answer your questions about GERD management and which energy drinks are safe for consumption when you have this condition.

Let’s get started!

What Can I Drink to Get Energy If I Have GERD?

The best way to soothe the symptoms of GERD is to steer clear of triggers like alcohol, citrus juices, and soda. But saying no to everything all the time doesn’t really make one a happy camper, does it?

Well, don’t despair. Here are a few beverages that will give you an energy boost without triggering GERD symptoms!

Ginger tea

Ginger has a natural calming effect on the stomach and can aid in the reduction of stomach acid production.

It’s also caffeine-free and so it will not affect your sleep. I’d recommend adding some honey to your ginger tea—it works wonders when you have reflux!


Smoothies are not only a fun summer drink but are also full of vitamins and minerals. Healthy fruit-based smoothies soothe your stomach and throat and help keep your stomach acids balanced.

However, not just any fruit smoothie will do. It’s best to pick low-acid and high-alkaline ingredients like bananas, chia seeds, and melons. Vegetables like carrots, kale, and beets are also GERD-friendly.

Coconut water 

Speaking of alkaline, coconut water is another topnotch stomach soother. Because it’s high in alkaline, it helps address the acidity of GERD.

Coconut water also helps in the production of electrolytes that ensure balanced pH levels for your body. Time to crack some coconuts and sip that refreshing juice!


Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. Water helps neutralize your stomach acids and relieve GERD symptoms. In general, drinking water also makes the digestive process a lot smoother.

But if you want to put a fun twist to plain water, you can always easily make lemon water, which is another recommended drink for those with GERD.

For more enjoyable drinks to reduce GERD symptoms, watch the video below!

Many beverages can help alleviate GERD and acid reflux.

Can I Drink Energy Drinks If I Have GERD?

Yes, you can have energy drinks even if you have GERD, but moderation is always key.

The high concentrations of caffeine found in energy drinks can irritate your digestive tract. Excessive consumption of energy drinks may result in vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

The high sugar content of energy drinks can also exacerbate symptoms of GERD. Because of this, it’s best to look for low-caffeine and sugar-free energy drinks.

How Does Caffeine Cause GERD?

There is little scientific evidence that confirms that caffeine directly causes GERD.

However, some people with GERD do experience some adverse reactions to caffeinated beverages like coffee. But caffeine may not be the culprit because some darker roasts are less acidic than lighter roasts.

Hence, switching to darker coffee roasts can stop GERD from flaring up, regardless of the coffee’s caffeine content.

While this is not definitive, dropping caffeine may be the right course of action for people who notice that caffeinated drinks trigger their GERD.

How Do Energy Drinks Help When You Have GERD?

Unlike coffee or carbonated drinks, energy drinks aren’t acidic enough to irritate your stomach lining. You can still have your energy boost even if you have GERD.

You can always consume energy drinks in moderate quantities without any adverse reactions. However, it’s always best to pick energy drinks that do not contain caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, and carbonated water.

Best Energy Drinks for GERD

You might be scratching your head right now and thinking, “well where am I gonna get that kind of energy drink?” There are plenty of healthy energy drink brands that fit our criteria, so don’t worry!

Feel the energy rushing with these refreshing and tasty drinks.

Aspire Energy Drink

When comparing Aspire Energy to other sugary and caffeinated energy drinks, it is undeniably healthier, given that it contains only 80mg of caffeine and no sugar or calories.

Aspire Energy’s brand is built around providing healthy energy, which means that its ingredients are derived from natural sources such as caffeine, B-vitamins, and nutrients.

One can of Aspire energy drink peach tea lemonade flavor
Aspire is one of the healthiest energy drinks you’ll find.
Nutritional InformationAspire Energy (12 fl.oz)
Energy0 calories
Protein0 g
Total Fat0 g
Sugar0 g
Sodium60 mg
Calcium26 mg
Caffeine80 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)11 mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)4 mg
Vitamin B63.4 mg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)8 μg
Vitamin B121.7 μg
Choline83 mg
Nutritional Information of Aspire Energy Drink

GURU Organic Energy Drink

Guido’s GURU Energy Drink is made from natural and organic ingredients. It is designed to provide you with the energy you need to achieve great things without jeopardizing your health!

Each can contains 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine, which will give you a little extra pep in your step.

GURU is mostly about Smart Organics. Green tea, ginseng, guarana, and echinacea are among the botanicals used in their original formulation of infused and brewed beverages. In addition, it is Certified Organic by the USDA and Non-GMO Project Verified. 

Nutritional InformationGuru Energy Drink (12 fl. oz)
Calories11 cal
Total fat0 g
Sodium135 mg
Total Carbohydrate3 g
Sugar3 g
Protein0 g
Nutritional Information of Guru Energy Drink

REIZE Energy Drink (10 out of 10)

REIZE is a great powdered energy drink that packs great flavor with beneficial ingredients like Taurine and Ginseng.

Given the fact that REIZE contains only 50 mg of caffeine per sachet, it’s significantly more versatile than most other energy drinks, which typically have much higher amounts of caffeine per serving.

This means that REIZE is the perfect energy drink if you have GERD. It will give you the energy boost you need without overloading you with caffeine and acids that can trigger your condition. Also, because it’s only lightly carbonated, it’s gentle on your stomach.

Not only does it give you the perfect energy boost, but you can also get REIZE shipped right to your door for only around $1 per drink.

That’s outstanding value for money.

Try REIZE today and I’m sure you’ll soon agree that it’s the best energy drink for GERD.

A pack and a glass of Reize energy drink by the beach
REIZE Energy Drink

The Final Verdict

GERD can be a very persistent and debilitating condition that can affect your daily life. If you have GERD, managing the symptoms and knowing which food and drink to stay away from should be the priority.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy beverages! There are plenty of high-alkaline options that won’t trigger your GERD.

However, when it comes to caffeine and energy drinks, there is no evidence that they cause GERD—but some people do have reactions to them.

In this case, you can always pick organic and low-caffeine energy drinks that will quench your thirst but won’t aggravate your GERD.

Lastly, knowing your body is also important. If you are experiencing persistent GERD symptoms when consuming caffeinated drinks, I recommend that you consult your doctor. Your doctor can examine your diet and assist you in identifying potential trigger foods and drinks.