Best energy drink to burn fat (yay to losing weight!)

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Maybe you woke up suddenly with a realization that you have some fat to burn off. Or you want to get in shape for an upcoming event. Sometimes you just want to be healthier and shed a few pounds while you’re at it. 

Burning off fat sounds easy, but it’s not that simple. There are so many temptations everywhere around us. Fast food, cakes, donuts, sweet frappucinos and energy drinks. 

But wait, what if you can still have energy drinks while on your quest to burn fat

What if I told you that energy drinks can actually help you burn fat? 

Don’t believe me?

Stick around. 

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Energy drinks can help you burn fat, if you choose wisely! 

What to look for in energy drinks 

Caffeine Content 

Caffeine is not only the main ingredient in energy drinks made to boost your energy but also a beneficial component of fat burning. 

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can affect your metabolism by increasing it. A higher metabolic rate will increase the chances of your fat burning. 

Caffeine can actually increase your metabolic rate by 3-11% and fat burning by 29% in lean people and 10% for those obese. 

However, caffeine’s efficacy in fat burning goes down not only with age but also with tolerance. 

We build up tolerance against caffeine with daily consumption. That’s why if we first started out only needing a cup of coffee a day to keep us awake, by maybe a week or two we’ll be needing 2 or 3 cups now. 

The same goes with our metabolic rate and caffeine tolerance. As we build up tolerance against caffeine, our metabolic rate would be decreasing thus we would need more caffeine to keep our metabolic rate up. 

Consuming too much caffeine then would result in a caffeine overdose that would trigger side effects for us. 

So how to overcome this issue? 

My suggestion is to schedule your caffeine consumption, from energy drinks. For example, cut off caffeine for a week every 2 weeks of consuming caffeine. That would then hopefully break whatever caffeine tolerance you’ve built up. 

In short, energy drinks with higher caffeine content can potentially help you burn fat however, do remember to monitor your daily caffeine intake as to not overdose. 

Sugar Content 

Sugar is also another main ingredient in energy drinks that contribute to the energy you get. 

Sugar is generally unhealthy and not only does it hinder your fat from burning but also increases your weight. 

When you’re on the path to fat burning and consuming sugar at the same time, the sugar you consume will be used as energy and your fat won’t be burned then. 

Many energy drinks nowadays are sugar free but do contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are zero calories thus won’t be causing weight gain however, it might affect you mentally. 

What I mean is, you might be thinking artificial sweeteners can give you a “free pass” to indulge in other sugary items which would then would result in weight gain. 

In short, try to abstain from sugar completely, choose energy drinks that are sugar free to help you with your fat burning journey. 


We’ve heard of the saying “beauty is pain”, “no pain no gain” and among others that states we need to “sacrifice” something in return for a better something. 

So we may think that in order to be healthier and burn off fat we may need to invest more in our diet. 

That’s not the case here. Most energy drinks have the same contents – caffeine and sugar. Which is why, it’s possible to opt for the cheaper version as you’ll be getting the same outcome anyway. 

Read on to find out some recommended energy drinks for you to burn fat. 

Energy drinks and dieting 

In order to burn fat, you might be on a certain diet. Energy drinks are still permitted during these diets. 

• Intermittent Fast 

Intermittent fast focuses on the timing of your food intake rather than what you take. It’s therefore okay to have energy drinks (of any sort) during your eating window. 

While your on your fasting window, you are allowed to freely consume caffeine but you need to watch out for your sugar and calorie intake. 

Therefore, you can still have your energy drinks while on an intermittent fast, just make sure to choose an energy drink that is sugar free and low in calories to maintain a fasting state. 

I have previously written on best energy drinks for intermittent fasting, where you check out more information there. 

• Keto Diet 

If you’re on a keto diet, you goal is to consume less carbs and more fat as your body is burning the fat to produce energy. 

Did you know that caffeine is actually beneficial for your keto journey? It could potentially increase plasma ketones in your body. 

The same goes for keto diet, you are still able to enjoy your energy drinks that have lower carbs and sugar content. Excess carbs and sugar would throw your body out of the ketosis state. 

For more information on energy drinks and keto diet, you can check out my previous blog post. 

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Grab a can of energy drink before you go on a run, for effective fat burning

Energy drinks and exercise 

It’s no brainer that exercising is the best way to burn off fat and for a healthier you too. But did you know that energy drinks is a good partner for exercise? 

Energy drinks can help increase your physical performance giving you the energy to burn off fat. 

Also, taurine in energy drinks is beneficial for your exercise as it can fight muscle fatigue and calm your mind. Mental support is also important in your journey to burn off fat. 

If you wish to partner energy drinks and exercise, try consuming it 45 minutes before, for optimum effectiveness. 

However, I do need to mention that energy drinks are not meant for hydration, during and after exercise, you might want to stay clear of energy drinks if you feel you’ve lost a lot of fluid. 

But once you’re rehydrated, go ahead and grab another can of energy drink to increase your energy levels once again. 

Energy drinks are also great for cardio, half-marathons or gym work-outs

Do energy drinks boost metabolism?

Yes, energy drinks can boost your metabolism.

This is due to the caffeine content in it. Energy drinks with higher caffeine content are more impactful on your metabolism.  

Do energy drinks make you gain weight?

Yes, energy drinks can make you gain weight. 

It primarily depends on the sugar and calorie content of the drink and whether you’re physically active or not. If you’re able to burn off the extra sugar and calories then it might not be a problem. 

Can energy drinks help you to burn fat?

Yes, energy drinks can help you burn fat. 

Once again, the caffeine content in it can boost your metabolism which in turns can help you burn fat. 

Energy drinks can also be your partner by providing you the energy and mental alertness you need to burn off fat at the gym. 

Can Celsius Energy Drink help me to burn fat?

Yes, Celsius Energy Drink can help you burn fat. 

Let’s first look at the contents, 200-300mg of caffeine, zero sugar and only 10 calories. 

The contents look good to me. I personally don’t favor the high caffeine amount it contains, but it might be suitable for you especially if you’ve a higher caffeine tolerance. 

Celsius Energy Drink comes in a few different flavor options and in 3 categories: Originals, Naturals and Celsius Heat. 

Here’s a video review on Celsius Energy Drink: 

The guys in this Youtube video have swallowed the Celsius marketing hook, line and sinker.

Other drinks for fat burning 

• Coffee 

As we’ve established that caffeine can increase metabolism and therefore help with fat burning. Other than energy drinks, coffee is also associated with caffeine. Many too choose coffee as a daily pick me up. 

Coffee can help with fat burning, but make sure you’re not loading it up with sugar and cream, cause that’ll only backfire what you’re trying to lose. 

• Green Tea 

Always associated with health benefits, green tea extends its benefits to fat burning too. 

This is because green tea contains high amounts of catechins, that can accelerate fat burning and boost your metabolism. 

A previous study proved that individuals who drank concentrated green tea over 12 weeks lost up to 7.7 pounds. 

Best energy drinks to burn fat 

Red Bull Total Zero 

A healthier option to the super famous energy drink, Red Bull. Red Bull Total Zero gives you the same taste and nostalgic feeling but without 27g of sugar and 110 calories. 

It contains 80mg of caffeine per 8.4 fl. oz can, a pretty moderate amount especially if you’re on the lower spectrum of caffeine tolerance, like me. 

A more detailed cover on Red Bull Energy Drink can be found on this blog too, where I’ll let you know if Red Bull can really give you wings. 

Check the current price on Amazon


Maybe 80mg of caffeine is too mild for you. How about I triple that amount, Rockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink has 240mg of caffeine with zero sugar and calories. 

The whopping high amount of caffeine isn’t my cup of tea, but it could be yours. 

Of course, a higher caffeine content means a higher metabolic rate, but do exercise caution as you don’t want oncoming side effects that can include jitters and difficulty in sleep. 

Also remember, you’ll develop a caffeine tolerance over time, so you wouldn’t want to have to drink higher dosages of caffeine after this. Our recommended daily caffeine intake is 400mg, 240mg is quite near there

You can check the current price on Amazon

REIZE Energy Drink

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

Now here’s my favorite fat burner enery drink. 

Don’t dismiss it for 50mg of caffeine, I personally find it effective for me. I can drink about 2 cans a day, worry-free. 

It not only provides me great energy to go through my day but also a good gym partner, giving me a steady support and not having me worry about side effects. 

I can also have maybe a third can afterwards as the little caffeine content allows me to get a good night’s rest. The zero sugar and only 11 calories too can put me at ease about gaining weight. 

Best of all, for only about $1 per drink delivered right to your door, it’s the most affordable energy drink on this list and definitely ideal for your to burn off fat without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that it also becomes your favorite energy drink, as it has for me. 

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