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BAYA energy drink is Starbucks’ venture into energy drinks. Since the popular chain is well-known for providing caffeine junkies with their daily fix, BAYA is certainly an intriguing brand.

I discuss everything you need to know about BAYA in this article so keep on reading!

BAYA Caffeine & Ingredients

BAYA contains 160 mg of caffeine, which is a moderate amount compared to the FDA’s 400mg daily limit. It also includes 90 calories and 22 g of cane sugar, which may not be suitable for those on diets. In addition, BAYA also has electrolytes and antioxidants like vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, and Lycopene.

Check out the full list of BAYA’s caffeine and ingredients here.

Is BAYA Energy Bad for You?

BAYA Energy is not bad for you as it contains natural caffeine, sugar, and other necessary nutrients in its formula. However, you should moderate your consumption since the drink contains substantial calorie and sugar content that may be detrimental to your health when excessively taken.

I answer whether or not BAYA is bad for you in my article.

BAYA vs Red Bull

Red Bull contains relatively lower caffeine content than BAYA. This makes Red Bull more suitable for more kinds of lifestyles and diets. However, both drinks have substantial sugar content albeit Red Bull has a bit more than BAYA’s. Red Bull also has more B Vitamins than BAYA.

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BAYA vs Celsius

BAYA contains 160mg of caffeine while Celsius contains 200mg of caffeine. However, Celsius Energy has more essential B-Vitamins and nutrients for nourishment. BAYA Energy is also loaded with calories and sugar, whereas Celsius is totally free of them.

Check out my full comparison of BAYA vs Celsius here.

BAYA vs Bang

BAYA Energy has less caffeine compared to Bang Energy so it’s also suitable if you happen to have a lower caffeine tolerance. But BAYA Energy includes a rather hefty amount of sugar and lacks the necessary vitamins and amino acids Bang Energy includes.

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BAYA energy drink review

BAYA has a decent amount of caffeine that will provide a caffeine boost for your activities. However, it does have a lot of calories and sugar that are potentially harmful to your health. It also does not have a lot of beneficial micronutrients compared to other energy drink brands.

More details on my BAYA energy drink review article.

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