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ABE Energy Drink: An Unbiased and Honest Assessment

ABE Energy Drink: An Unbiased and Honest Assessment

The ABE beverage from Applied Nutrition is without a doubt one of the best-tasting energy drinks we’ve ever had from the UK.

You can experience the effects and advantages of the ABE energy drink formula, including a clear energy boost and a slight increase in focus. It has just the right amount of carbonation to give you the full energy drink experience and more than enough flavor to keep you wanting more.

It contains a few performance-enhancing ingredients like citrulline, beta-alanine, and betaine. Additionally, it has 200mg of caffeine, along with zero sugar and calories.

The list of ingredients, nutrients, and other information for Applied Nutrition’s All Black Everything is listed below.

Ingredients In ABE Energy Drink

ABE has a formula that is more akin to a pre-workout than your typical energy drink, with 2g of beta-alanine, 1g of betaine, and 200mg of caffeine.

ABE energy drinks from Applied Nutrition are available in four flavors and have zero calories and no added sugar.

Let’s examine the list of ingredients:

  1. Carbonated Water
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. Citrulline Malate
  4. Betaine Anhydrous
  5. Citric Acid
  6. Natural Flavoring
  7. Sucralose (Sweetener)
  8. Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  9. Caffeine
  10. Taurine, Potassium Sorbate
  11. Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
  12. Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)


It contains a non-essential amino acid, beta-alanine. It is not used by your body to make proteins, in contrast to the majority of other amino acids.

Histidine levels are typically high and beta-alanine levels are low in your muscles, which restricts the production of carnosine. It has been demonstrated that adding beta-alanine to a diet increases carnosine levels in muscles by 80%.

It is a well-liked dietary supplement among lots of athletes and fitness fans. It is often safe and effective and may aid in preventing fatigue and enhancing performance.

Its other possible benefits are:

  1. Reduce exhaustion
  2. Improve muscle mass and strength
  3. Reduce oxidative stress
  4. Aid healthy aging
  5. Improve cardiovascular health
Beta-Alanine and Exercise Performance: The Connection


One of the most prevalent amino acids in many organs is taurine, also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid.

Taurine can be sourced from meat.

It is crucial for some biological processes. The main sources of this conditional amino acid in the diet are fish and meat.

FDA approval for taurine supplements, which are hypertonic injections made of crystalline amino acids, dates back to 1984.

Taurine may improve athletic performance due to its capacity to improve muscle contraction and postpone muscle fatigue.

Other benefits of taurine include:

  1. Improve heart health
  2. Fight diabetes
  3. Offer neuroprotective effects
  4. Support liver health
  5. Benefit hearing

Citric Acid

Famous citrus fruits like lemons contain citric acid. They are the ones giving you the sour, acidic taste.

Citric acid in a manufactured form is frequently added to foods, household products, and dietary supplements.

It has a significant impact on flavor enhancement, especially in the beverage industry because it balances the sweetness of many drinks with a sour, refreshing flavor.

It allows them to fine-tune their dishes and balance off unwelcome natural sweetness, which is why many contemporary chefs use it.

Some known citrus fruits are:

  1. Lemons
  2. Oranges
  3. Grapefruits
  4. Pomelos
  5. Limes

Nutritional Content Of ABE Energy Drink

Nutrients present in ABE
Nutrition Facts of ABE Energy Drink

The absence of calories and sugar makes the ABE energy drink the best option available. Although it is less advantageous because it lacks a variety of vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber.

Take a look at the table of nutrients and their amount per serving.

Ingredients Amount Per Serving 
Calories 0g
Citrulline Malate2.0 mg
Beta-Alanine2.0 mg
Betaine Anhydrous1.0 mg 
Caffeine200 mg
Taurine200 mg
Tyrosine200 mg
Niacin acid B332 mg
Vitamine B1210 µg
The nutritional content of ABE Energy


There are no calories, carbohydrates, or sugar in ABE energy drinks. This makes this beverage an excellent choice for your energy needs.

Energy can be linked to calories. The calorie information is typically provided on food and beverage items.

We need energy, which comes from calories, to move around, stay warm, grow, work, think, and play. Even our blood circulation and digestion depend on the energy provided by calories to function properly.

The recommended calorie content can be as follows:

GenderRecommended Intake
Men2500 per day
Women2000 per day
Recommended calorie intake


There is no sugar in ABE energy drinks. The energy drink ABE uses sucralose as a replacement.

Sugar has benefits, as well as harmful effects.

According to the FDA’s published dietary recommendations, added sugars should make up less than 10% of daily calories.

For instance, approximately 200 calories or 50g of added sugar should be consumed daily if your daily calorie intake is around 2,000.

Although sucralose is used in place of sugar to make it sweet.

Sucralose is a chemically modified substance that has almost no calories and is 600 times sweeter than actual sugar. Sucralose is used in products like yogurt, candy, ice cream, and soda because it has no aftertaste.

It has undergone modifications to enhance taste and make sure that the majority of it quickly exits your body without being stored as a potential energy source.

B Vitamins

There are eight water-soluble vitamins known as B vitamins, and they are necessary to keep the body functioning normally.

These vitamins help maintain healthy hormonal balance, energy production, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Let’s have a look at the B vitamins present in ABE, alongside their functions.

Vitamin B3It is a micronutrient that your body needs for healthy metabolism, functioning nerves, and antioxidant defense.
Vitamin B12It is a significant nutrient that is necessary for the production of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and a number of other critical processes.
Vitamins Present in ABE

Caffeine Content In ABE Energy Drink

Energy drinks and some supplements contain caffeine, but ABE Energy drink only has 200mg of it per serving.

Caffeine can be sourced from coffee beans.

The FDA advises keeping your caffeine intake to 400mg per day. Anything more might result in the following detrimental effects:

  1. Headaches
  2. Fatigue
  3. Concentration Problems
  4. Irritability
  5. Insomnia
  6. Rapid heart rate
  7. Depression
  8. Mood Swings
  9. Dehydration

I believe that an excess of caffeine and amino acids is the only risk associated with consuming ABE energy drinks.

Flavors Of ABE Energy Drink

The flavors that are offered on the market are as follows:

  1. Bubblegum Crush
  2. Cherry Cola
  3. Fruit Punch
  4. Tropical
  5. Sour Apple
  6. Energy Flavour
  7. Candy Ice Blast
  8. Gin & Tonic
  9. Ice Blue Raz
  10. Sour Gummy Bear
  11. Strawberry Mojito

Orange Burst is impressively citrusy, while Fruit Candy has the sweetest taste of the bunch and is also more candy-like than fruity. The American Grape flavor does have a grape soda-like, almost sugary flavor.

The only one I didn’t find particularly enjoyable was Blue Lagoon, primarily because the blue raspberry flavor is fleeting and lacks the other flavors’ long-lasting power.

Is ABE Energy Drink Bad For You?

ABE energy drinks are generally not harmful to your health if you consume them moderately.

Energy drink consumption in moderation will not hurt you.

However, the concept of “bad” can occasionally be arbitrary for some people. I’m sorry to break the bad news, but if you believe that being good means being healthy, then I disagree.

The ABE energy drink isn’t terrible, but it’s also not a good option for your health. Consequently, I wouldn’t advise you to sip an ABE energy drink after another.

Despite having no sugar, it undoubtedly has 200 mg of caffeine. You can only have a maximum of two drinks per day or you risk exceeding the FDA’s suggested daily caffeine intake limit of 400 mg.

Is ABE worth your money?

Pros And Cons Of ABE Energy Drink

You might experience side effects from the excessive amount of caffeine in ABE energy drink if you consume it excessively or if it’s simply not the right choice for you.

If you drink this beverage in moderation, ABE may provide you with some advantages due to the:

  1. Zero sugar
  2. Zero calories
  3. Presence of vitamins
  4. Clean boost of energy
  5. Variety in flavors

Whereas excessive consumption might deteriorate your health due to the following reasons:

  1. High caffeine content
  2. High amount of amino acids

Price Of ABE Energy Drink

ABE Energy can be bought and consumed in both, powder and can/liquid form, with slight differences in its packaging and price.

A regular 330ml can of ABE costs £1.75 whereas if you buy it as a pack of 6, it would cost you £14.95.

It is also available as a pre-workout drink with its powder sachet costing £1, and a powder box with 30 servings costing $29.95.

I’d say keep a check on online websites like IKY7 Sports and Amazon for ongoing season sales that are much more affordable and wholesome.

Alternatives Of ABE Energy Drink

Runa Clean

Runa contains caffeine that comes from guarana.

As its name suggests, Runa Clean Energy is an energy beverage that emphasizes offering a clean and healthy source of energy.

It contains 2g of 100 percent organic sugar, and the caffeine content is sufficient to give you a respectable boost.


Celcius contains a variety of refreshing flavors.

A fitness beverage called Celsius is marketed as providing you with the wholesome energy you need to maintain your busy lifestyle.

Because it includes healthier ingredients like ginger, guarana, green tea, and seven essential vitamins, it is superior to other products.

It has no added sugar or artificial flavors and 200 mg of caffeine.


REIZE has a low amount of caffeine.

One of the top energy drinks on the market is REIZE. It has 11 calories, 1000 mg of taurine, and 50 mg of caffeine.

You will experience jitter-free, sustained energy thanks to the combination of these ingredients.

You can feel good about the beverage you’re consuming because REIZE is also sugar-free and won’t leave you vulnerable to a variety of negative side effects. Try REIZE now!


  • The energy drink version of ABE from Applied Nutrition is the most delicious one to have tried from a UK sports nutrition company.
  • The ABE energy drink formula has the anticipated effects and advantages, including a clear energy boost and a slight improvement in focus.
  • Although it has 200 mg of caffeine, which is a useful amount, it might not be suitable for everyone. In general, 200 mg of caffeine may be too much for some people, and those who are sensitive to caffeine might experience side effects.
  • One benefit of ABE energy drink is that it doesn’t contain sugar; the sweetness is provided by sucralose.

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