8 Affordable Adrenalin Packed Adventures


The saying goes that you always feel the most alive right before you die so this must explain why adrenaline junkies are always so pumped; they’re literally high on life! You don’t have to be a millionaire or do it regularly but it is highly recommended that at least once in your life you scare yourself with an experience so frightening you truly wake up to yourself. So we have explored them all and compiled a list of unconventional adrenaline-pumping experiences you can get your hands on!

1. Volunteer As A Fire Fighter

This experience is not only one of the more inexpensive options but it requires bravery as well as guts. And not only will you find yourself thrill-seeking but you’ll be helping others while you’re at it. Warning: things tend to heat up and some training may be required to participate, depending where you go.

2. Mountain Climbing

While it may take a lot of training, time and stamina, mountain climbing will leave you quite literally breathless when you’re done. This experience is definitely not for the faint-hearted and it is strongly advised that you consider all aspects of this journey before you click ‘book adventure’.

3. Base Jumping

After you’re done scaling that ridiculously high mountain, why not just jump right off? BASE jumping is a sport that involves leaping off stationary buildings and natural platforms with a parachute present. Not only is the experience bound to make your heart race but it will also provide you with some fantastic views!

4. Skydiving

An oldie but a goodie, sky diving has been around for decades and guarantees a thrill no matter how many times you do it. Unlike BASE jumping it typically requires an instructor but on the plus side it’s much safer.

5. Running Of The Bulls

This bucket-list cliché has earnt its place on this list as one of the craziest festivals for thrill seekers. Occurring in San Fermin, Pamplona between July 6th and July 14th, the Running of the Bulls hosts a literal bull-rush through the narrow streets of Spain. It’s no wonder it brings in tens of thousands of tourists each year!

6. Volcano Boarding

A rising trend in Nicaragua, boarders can descend the slope of a volcano that erupted as recently as 1999 at speeds of 80km/hr. An average day includes a hike, gear, guided lessons and complimentary mojitos. The only way it could get better is if you add some REIZE to the mix to give you a real energy kick!

7. Rollercoasters

No matter where you plan to go, rollercoasters rarely disappoint. Some go backwards, others require you to lay down, some have no floor, others include slingshots… They’re all stomach turning really! However, if you’re after the number one experience for thrill rides, try the Takabisha, the world’s steepest rollercoaster; boasting an angle of 121 degrees, a 141ft drop and quite literally translates to ‘domineering’.

8. Ice Swimming

Sometimes the scariest things aren’t the ones that make your stomach turn but the ones that invade other senses; like touch. While there are numerous places to do this, Finland is leading the way with the largest number of participants and the best quality ice pools. Other than being an exhilarating experience the ice pools also have a number of health benefits including lowering stress and fatigue levels.

So there you have it, 8 fool-proof ways to get your heart racing. Just remember to keep a sachet of REIZE handy wherever your adventures may take you so you can add to the feeling of living for the moment.


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