6 tips to survive exams at UOW

What a beautiful Uni

What a beautiful Uni

Exam time is almost upon us. I spoke with former UOW students Marty and Steve to get some tips on surviving exams at UOW.

Tip #1 – Cheap Beer and Food

To save yourself time, money and stress, take advantage of this epic deal on at the Uni bar. Grab a $9.50 chicken parma, and upgrade it for an extra $3.10 to get a beer as well. What better way is there to start (or end) exam week?

Tip #2 – Stress Free Parking

No one likes fighting traffic, getting to Uni, and then having to fight for a park. Arrive sometime before 8:30am to avoid stress, parking illegally, or envisioning that smug look on the parking inspector’s face (who you know has been out patrolling all semester, in those stupid commando boots, just waiting to catch you out).

Tip #3 – The Duck Pond

Eat lunch by the duck pond. Chill, indulge in a spot of people watching, kick back and listen to music, whatever – just relax. Alternatively, if you are the sort of person that does not find relaxing all that relaxing (or have just failed an exam) then feel free to hurl some (verbal) abuse at the ducks, who don’t have to deal with such things as exams.

Tip #4 – Escape Distractions

Dog with REIZE

REIZE - the perfect study companion

Get out of the house to study. Unless you enjoy listening to your mum vacuuming/roommate’s arguing/the bin trucks reversing-beep-noise, get out of there and find a library. Further benefits include minimised food/TV/social media based procrastination - as you have to pay for unnecessary snacks, there won’t be a TV, and you don’t want other students seeing how weird your Facebook friends are.

Tip #5– Keep Exercising

Go do some exercise. This one’s pretty obvious and I don’t need to tell you how to do it. However you like to get the blood pumping, get out there and do it. Shameless promotion here, REIZE is a great, sugar-free way to kick-start your workout.

Tip #6–Get some REIZE into ya

REIZE contains Caffeine (to help you study for longer), Taurine (which helps with neurological function), Ginseng (increases stamina and wellbeing) and 6 different B-Vitamins (which do all sorts of good things for you). REIZE is the perfect study-buddy, the perfect exercise partner and is also great as a mixer for the after exam parties.

Good luck in your exams!

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Written by James Booth