6 reasons why REIZE is the drink of choice for Thredbo


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1 – Thredbo skiers are more discerning

Everyone knows that Thredbo skiers are more discerning. We like our runs longer, our black runs steeper and our chairlifts high speed and detachable. We like to get in amongst the trees when the visibility is low and we like the fact that the chairlifts stay open longer when it’s windy.

This discerning nature means that we like our energy drinks brewed to perfection and served up in a nice drinking glass, not out of a can. We like to know that our energy hit has been made just the way we like, whether cold and smooth, cold and fizzy or brewed hot, REIZE (pronounced Rise) gives us the choice. Energy drinks are no longer a one-size fits all experience.

2 – We like to think we’re polar explorers

Let’s face it, even if you’re a beginner skier, when you get the wind in your hair down an empty run you feel like you’re the only person on earth. If you’ve graduated to skiing in amongst the trees, that feeling of freedom is doubled. There’s something about being out in the mountains that brings out the adventurer in all of us, and REIZE is the adventurer’s companion. The guys from Outer Edge realised this when they selected REIZE for their ambitious South Pole world record attempt, scheduled for later this year. Read about it here... and remember you don’t need to go to the South Pole to risk your life! Just head out to the Basin on a windy day.

3 – It’s damn cold in Thredbo

Well it is the snow, of course it’s cold. And when we’re cold, the last thing we want is a cold drink. Nothing beats wrapping your hands around a hot chocolate after a hard day on the snow (even better if it’s got a shot of baileys). Well now you can have your energy drinks hot too. REIZE is the first energy drink of it’s kind in the world that can be served hot. Just mix REIZE Energy Powder with boiling water and you’re set. Add lemon and honey if you like. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with a little nip of something stronger. We think vodka or white rum might do the trick. But remember to drink REIZE responsibly.

REIZE owner Steve sipping a drink at the Frostbite Cafe. He's not the most photogenic guy.

REIZE owner Steve sipping a drink at the Frostbite Cafe. He's not the most photogenic guy.

4 – REIZE supports Aussie skiing and snowboarding

REIZE sponsors a number of Aussie and NZ skiers and snowboarders. Check them out on our athlete’s page. We pride ourselves on supporting local athletes living their dream and achieving their potential.

5 – Nothing is more Aussie then a weekend at Thredbo

Whether it’s getting sunburnt beyond recognition on a hot spring day, or having your face ice blasted at the top of the Kosciusko chair, there’s something distinctly Aussie about a weekend at Thredbo. REIZE Energy Drink is 100% Aussie owned and with a unique taste, there’s something distinctly Aussie about REIZE as well. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re floating amongst the snow gums after a fresh dump of snow.

6 – Skiing is ridiculously expensive

But REIZE is ridiculously good value. From as low as 99c per drink, that leaves more money for a double banga-sanga at the bottom of Crackenback.

If you haven’t tried REIZE yet, then get on board. With free home delivery, and sugar free, it really is the drink of choice for Aussie skiers this winter.

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Written by Steve Macdonald - REIZE Co-Founder and avid Thredbo skier