5 tips to take the stress out of moving


They say that after death and divorce, moving is the third most stressful situation for the average person. Now before you call your agent to cancel the move, take a deep breath and think about it. Does it really have to be that gruelling deadline on the calendar? Here are a few tips to help you ease through the anxiety of moving, and hopefully turn it into a day that you’ll look back fondly on in the future.

1. Time to Minimise

As soon as you find out you’re moving, then minimise. Take some time each day to dismantle something you don’t need between now and the move. Got the night in? Put on some tunes after dinner and start pulling those books off the shelf. Sandwich bag all the loose screws when you dismantle it, and gaffer it to the underside of one of the shelf pieces. Try not to buy any new pieces - incredibly tempting because it’ll always look great for the new place! Reward yourself later with redecorating. For now, you’re cutting down. De-cluttering your current space not only cuts down the work on the day, but it mentally prepares you for the move.

2. The Living Check List

This is the most indiscriminative checklist of all time. It will look like a checklist for somebody that’s still learning to be a human and will probably make some good reading afterwards, but your brain is overloaded with plans for moving. It also reminds you that you’ve got a life after this move. Orange juice to buy, lunch with your mother, basketball registration to renew, etc. Everything deserves to make the checklist. Even if you can remember to do these things, as the move gets closer, you’ll find you’ll start becoming more dependent on the list, and you’ll get a small kick out of ticking off an item.

3. Mate’s Rates

It’s funny how after the move, you’ll have those conversations like, ‘Oh, if only I’d known you were moving, I could have given you my boxes!’ Easiest way to counter-act this? Let people know that you’re moving! Get excited! Tell your family, your colleagues, your book club! Start up a Facebook event with the moving dates and you’ll be surprised at what comes up. It might be referrals for a cheap moving company, a loan of someone’s ute, or even some food drop offs on moving day. Best thing you can hope for? Mate’s rates labour. They’re just willing to go that extra mile for you if Murphy’s Law happens and it takes a load off when you’ve got someone there you can trust. Even better to charge glasses with them afterwards.

4. Power Down

It’s the night before the move and there’s nothing else you can check off your list right now. Take the time to chill out. Click on the next episode of that new show you’ve been watching, flip through a magazine and see how much of the puzzle section you can fill out, or even go for an evening swim. The point is, you can’t be thinking about the move or the adrenaline will kick in. Set the alarm for the next day and spend at least 30 mins taking time out for you. You’ve prepped well and deserve it.

5. Dine Fine

Have your meals pencilled in on moving day because there is nothing worse than working on an empty stomach. Opt for your slow burning energy foods over your quick fixes. As convenient and delicious as pizza is, the 3:30pm sugar crash coma will claim you for the afternoon. Set aside some space for a food station and lay out a bowl of fruit, rice crackers, carrots, celery and dip accessible to keep you going in between meals.

For that extra kick without the come down sugar hit, a packet of REIZE sachets will definitely come in handy. More portable than tea or coffee and faster to make, it’s the energy drink you’ll need to get you through the day. Tear open a sachet and just add water!

All up, despite the anxiety and stress that others experience on moving day, there’s no reason why yours can’t be different. If you prep well, stay organised and take the initiate with your friends, it has every possibility of being a productive and fulfilling day that you can tuck away into the good memory album.

Written by Jacinta Lai