18 years between waves at Padang Padang


We’re throwing down the challenge to the CEO’s of the other energy drink companies to step up and show that they aren’t just grey bearded desk jockeys!

The 2015 winter in the Southern Hemisphere has been one for the history books in the minds of many surfers. Numerous events have dominated the media not just within Australia, but worldwide. The ‘swell of the decade’ saw the west coast of Australia pounded by some of the largest perfect waves in years. The recent shark attack on Mick Fanning during the J-Bay leg of the WSL World tour also springs to mind, as does the XXL sized swell that Teahupoo just enjoyed. But for a REIZE Energy Drink co-founder Marty Spargo it was the same "swell of the decade” that hit Indonesia a couple of days after it hit West Oz that was a personal highlight.

At first none of the team at REIZE believed Marty as he excitedly told us of the pearler he managed to snag. It’s easy to assume someone is taking liberties with the truth when there are no witnesses. But when we saw the photos and heard about first hand eye-witness accounts by one of the world’s greatest bodyboarders, Ben Player, and Padang local superstar, Mega ‘Mr. Padang’ Semadhi, we just had to get the whole story.

Marty recalls the afternoon session as the stuff dreams are made of. It was approaching sunset on a typical clear Bali day, the long period swell was pulsing from the south-west and a gentle offshore breeze had Padang absolutely pumping.

Although the conditions were perfect Marty was never expecting a wave as epic as the one that he got. First experiencing Padang on a bodyboard as a fifteen year old back in 1997 Marty admits that he had hardly gotten a wave out there since then. “I surfed the place in 2012 on a day when Bethany Hamilton was out there and didn’t get a single wave. She was dominating the place and it was really impressive to watch.”

Marty was in Indonesia to escape the Australian winter and decided to go out again, “I went out there on the Saturday and didn’t get a single wave. I was just out there chatting to Ben and getting a suntan!” Knowing that his chances of snagging a wave were pretty slim Marty jumped back in the water again the following day where Ben and Mega were dominating once again, amongst a very thick crowd.

In the water most of the afternoon Marty explained that with such a large crowd it’s hard to get waves at Padang, “You really have to want one and you have to get lucky. The locals rip and they always get the majority of the sets.”

Cold from not moving much and on the verge of cramping up and calling it quits Marty was revved up by 3 time world champion bodyboarder, Ben Player, “Pull your finger out mate and just get one!”.

“Mega got the first wave”, Marty recalls, “Then by chance I was in line for the second. Ben called me in and I had to go. I probably would have gone anyway I reckon, but I couldn’t dog it after Ben called me in! It was completely unplanned, but for some reason I decided to stand up tall and put my wings out as I was heading for the end section. I don’t know why I did it, but I came straight through the end section and was just in shock.”

Marty’s ride only lasted half a minute and had him flying off the end bowl in front of Mega, both just as excited as each other, “Mega was hooting as I shot off the back and I just started swearing because I was so stoked. I think it took him a few seconds to realise I wasn’t having a go at him and was just excited!” Marty said. "I was so happy that I didn't fall off and that I didn't even need to be wearing a good surf board leash after all". 

Apart from Marty’s own recollection we got Mega and Ben’s version of things, just to make sure that Marty hadn’t pulled the wool over our eyes. “That afternoon session was fun. It’s really amazing to see someone in the barrel and make it, makes me feel like I’m in that barrel too. Super stoked to see Marty in that one!” says Mega.

Ben Player recalled the moment he called Marty into his first wave at Padang in 18 years, "This real tasty one popped up and Marty was in the perfect spot, so I just shouted, "Go Spargo! Go!” and he turned around and went it. So stoked to see him get a good one after waiting so long!"

Here at REIZE we think Marty is a legend and a model boss. We just hope he doesn’t have to wait another 18 years for his next wave out there! Can the CEO of your energy drink get barrelled like this?

Written by Jake Bond











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